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  • SimonFFM23

    Playboy Germany, April 2020
    Playmate series by me — nice 12 pager plus centerfold

    • C Y B E R C U N Tutopian
    • Congrats!zarkonite
    • Nice, Simon!!!PonyBoy
    • Tits!robotron3k
    • If you succeed we succeed!grafician
    • Congrats Simon! You must and should be very proud!Bennn
    • Without the caption, this photo tells a very different story.monNom
    • ^Lol! Congrats Simon!!sarahfailin
    • Looks like your plants are growing very well Simon...OBBTKN
    • j/k, congrats man!!OBBTKN
    • !!!GuyFawkes
    • Congrats!inv
    • Thank you, guys. It was a wonderful production. And I am happy with the photos. And I made it on the QBN frontpage again. Yeah! LolSimonFFM
    • How hard is it to be published by American Playboy?drgs
    • Right on Simon!!lambsy
    • Congrats!!!ApeRobot
    • Playboy America is a quarterly mag while PB Germany appears monthly. The whole team changed last year. I am available for them, too, if they ask me.SimonFFM
    • I know nothing about the business. I imagined Playboy America operates centrally somehow, from models to photographers (ie. not hiring freelancers)drgs
    • lol monNomNairn
    • Nice one.garbage
    • And I am happy to have one over the Coronavirus on the front page! (At least for a moment, Corona lovers).SimonFFM
    • Congrats!!formed
    • What is more special, Simon? QBN or Playboy coverpage?Krassy
    • QBNSimonFFM
    • Krassy
    • YES! SIMON!!! Properly chuffed, mate!zarb0z

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