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  • PonyBoy2

    anyone here using services like or

    Curious how happy you are w/the price / service / quality / freshness / difficulty to cook etc...

    • Mono has blue apron I think.pango
    • On principle alone I would never use one of those services. It almost disgusts me how wasteful they are and the pathetic laziness they represent.monospaced
    • Just a quick glance will tell you that the price to quality and freshness ratios are a disappointment at best. An insult to anyone who can cook.monospaced
    • Wait... Someone here uses it.... I'm pretty sure. Just forgot who... Lolpango
    • For those on a budget... and not a smug twat (lol... calm the fuck down, mono)... feel free to still chime in and not let Chef Smugnuts keep you from sharingPonyBoy
    • Tried it on a promo once. Cancelled the next day. Flavours ranged from 'meh' to 'yuck', and regular pricing wasn't a compelling value.monNom
    • Very happy with GUSTOsinjun
    • We use hellofresh for 3 meals a week and it's alright. I love to cook, but travel a lot for work so sometimes it's just nice to have a no-brainer in the fridge.ben_
    • I question the packaging waste as well but can't complain about the freshness of the food - we buy most of our groceries from a local co-op so it pales inben_
    • comparison to that. All the meals are easy to cook, but I guess that depends on your experience cooking. They have tons of promos all the time, if you wantben_
    • a referral code I'll gladly send you one, but not sure if it works across the border.ben_
    • I've been interested in this sort of thing for a while. Pricing looks good just can't make that leap for some reason.Hayzilla
    • Learn to cook and buy your own ingredients. It's really easy.i_monk
    • @i_monk, be careful, you're coming off as smug ;)monospaced
    • We've used Hello Fresh and have gone back to it a few times because its cheaper than eating out, and easier than planning / buying ingredients for a meal.mantrakid
    • Almost everything we've had has been a delicious meal and has given us ideas for future meals that we do end up just picking up at the grocery store next time.mantrakid
    • On busy weeks with lots of kid activities after school, etc its super convenient—right there in the fridge, ready to make. Hello Fresh: It's a load off.™mantrakid
    • @i_monk Have done for 20yrs mate. Thanks for the tip though. Genius. Looking to try an alternative as even Gordon Ramsay must get bored of his own repertoire.Hayzilla
    • This site seems to be boiling down to just the conceited hipsters who dont watch TV, are Michelin chefs and knit their own wellies. Stifling real peoples chats.Hayzilla
    • Im normal. Im here.mantrakid
    • If you go to Blue Apron's site, you can access all their recipes for free. So, you can cook anything you want without orders.monospaced
    • What do you need these services for if you're even a half decent home cook? Try new recipes if you're bored. Blue Apron isn't sending you anything you haven'ti_monk
    • already cooked yourself or couldn't find in a shop if you knew to look for it, so what's the advantage? Paying more? "Genius" indeed.i_monk
    • I used it on a promo. The meals were decent, but the ease of use is nil. Just get a recipe and go to the store. Plus, it's insanely wasteful.section_014
    • +1 i_monk / section_014 / mono / etc

      they're evil products.
    • If they packed them in returnable, reusable Tiffin Tin like packaging, as some clever mail order/pick up service, I think they'd be ace. But they're redundant.Nairn
    • @hayzilla - if this: "conceited hipsters who dont watch TV" pertains to our exchange the other week, you're hilariously off-target. Like, ridiculously so.Nairn
    • I mean, I may be conceited. But I'm not a hipster who revels in the idea of not watching TV. TV's great. Just not on sunny Sunday summer evenings. For me.Nairn
    • It's a luxury item. However, I cooked a meal with my Mom a few years ago - she had a trial - and it was really cool to just cook with Mom.stoplying
    • ^
      That's how ad campaigns are made.
      "t was really cool to just cook with Mom"
    • If you compare the price you pay to the actual cost of ingredients you get, you'd quickly realize what a ripoff these all are.monospaced
    • The idea is intriguing though. The cheap bastard in me can’t justify it though.monospaced
    • my friend worked at UPS and would take some home if they were open, and it does spoil fast either waycanoe
    • I had a free trial of Hello Fresh about a year ago. I would say avoid them. It's all just door service for people who are too lazy to cook.garbage
    • Which is a quality nobody should have. And I think there was a recent buyout, and they seem desperate to get people back.garbage
    • I think it was because I was an early adopter, but they're spamming me like crazy with offers of $80 of free meals, and it's not even worth it.garbage
    • My wife subscribed for a few months to hello fresh, I ended up doing all the cooking, tons of errors in the recipe printouts. super wasteful packaging.BonSeff
    • cookbooks and youtube videos took its place. Stock up your spice rack and order grub to cook via amazon prime whole foods delivery, just gotta meal plan.BonSeff
    • Go to a market, buy something that looks interesting, google a recipe for it when you get home. Just saved you S&H.i_monk
    • @Bon Yeah the recipes were off on mine as well, and the packaging was a disaster.garbage
    • The only reason I haven't added them to my spam list is that I'm genuinely curious if they will ramp up to $100 of free meals.garbage
    • Whats all the bad packaging chat? What do they do?Hayzilla
    • Blue Apron ships ~10 million pound of plastic packaging a year. Some of these kits ship individually wrapped garlic cloves.i_monk
    • @Hayzilla Hilariously overbagged. In fairness to them they have since made changes, but when I used them it was almost equal parts plastic / food.garbage
    • wow, look at all the fucking smug chefs ;)monospaced
    • Oh, mono... <3
      I got my free box, fuckers... the ingredients look aight... guess I'm making something asian tonight - I'll let you know.
    • Are you appropriating my culture?!

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