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  • shaft-7

    I don't mean to twist the knife but I learned early on that when a woman says "I don't want to have kids" she means "I haven't found the father for my kids yet", even if she doesn't realise and admit it yet, even to herself.

    Also, it took me very long to understand having kids is not an important part of life — it's the only thing that really matters in the end.

    • Not sure this is totally true. I know loads of women who have no intentions of ever having kidsIanbolton
    • My partner had no intention whatsoever of ever having kids. Now we have one and she's a surprisingly great mother.*shrug*Nairn
    • Of course it's not "totally" true. It's just how it often is. "Don't want kids" usually means "yet" or "with you". Same goes for men, of course.shaft
    • As for women not wanting kids - not all Darwin Award contestants go with a bang, some exclude themselves from the gene pool with a whimper.shaft
    • That's a bit of a dick thing to say, but hey, there are fuck-all women on QBN these days so harm done, I guess.Nairn
    • *so no harm done, ffs.Nairn
    • I fully disagree.SimonFFM
    • I don't think you're right, shaft. Looks like you do not want to accept other peoples opinions and project them back to your own insecurities.mekk
    • I know 2 women who were in very longterm relations and very happily - and determined to be - childless. Lots of travel and social fun.Gnash
    • One met a guy on a shoot (she was a make-up artist) and within 6 months had left her current guy and was pregnant. Now has 3 kids. He was the ‘guy,” she saidGnash
    • Similar story with the other woman. Both in their late 30s at the time. Anecdotal, I know, but shaft has a valid pointGnash
    • Uhm, no.zarkonite
    • Her point is a philosophical one but id have no way of knowing if is just mecannonball1978
    • @shaft, re: 'same goes for men'
      I have absolutely no intention — nor did I ever — of spawning. That scene isn't for me, regardless of the woman involved.
    • A woman chimes in: "Learned early on" like when you were 14? Only thing? Many are childless by choice. And being a parent is a life-long, partner-project.BustySaintClaire
    • What a weird way to look at life. My long-term girlfriend and I are anti-natalists. Not everyone dreams of being a parent.garbage
    • anatalic, surely?Nairn
    • anatalistic?Nairn
    • annihilatory?Nairn
    • Fuck you, NatalieGnash
    • Lol, it's always Natalie's fault.garbage
    • https://en.wikipedia…garbage
    • My philosophy is that all good cunts should have at least one kid. Propagate your genes, otherwise you're just living to consume, if you're not a Worthy.Nairn
    • I used to be a 'suicide for gaia' kind of guy, but then saw the worthless multitudes crotchspawning all over the place, and figured some balance was required.Nairn
    • I have a best friend who Won't Have Kids, and so it'll fuck his Otherwise Very Good relationship. I find it such a shame, because he'd have so much to offerNairn
    • it annoys me that there'll be 16 shithead children against the 0 that a friend who is clever, successful, smart and humble will ever not create.Nairn
    • Western/Moden societies have negative growth rates, so having 'a' kid isn't necessarily selfish and anti-Gaia. So many smart people not passing on thatNairn
    • </incoherent deathboy ranting>Nairn
    • Absolutely NOT true! I told my now husband when we were dating that if he evert wanted kids he should go date someone else. Still childless after 15 years!mapleT
    • @op. maybe she simply just don't want kids? instead of you thinking she doesn't know what she wants?pango
    • Some people don't want or can't have kids.
      I appreciate that is your experience shaft, but not everyone is driven to pass on their genetics.
    • Especially if you have dud genes.thumb_screws
    • Holy fkn shit.. "..It's the only thing that really matters in the end." THAT has to be the most insensitive and ignorant comment today. SMdHsea_sea
    • don't worry someone else will top it tomorrow. but for today, you win.
    • I don't have kids and I'm grateful for it everyday.CyBrainX
    • How odd for me - I'd never heard the term before and today the BBC has an article on anti-natalists…Nairn
    • It is brutally insensitive and "a dick thing to say", I apologise for my inconsiderate honesty.shaft
    • lol @nairn. I've been one since my early 20s, but funny how life works that way. To paraphrase Lewis Black:garbage
    • "Your friend tells you that there's a bear shittin' in the woods. You're like 'That's crazy.' And the next day the bear is following you around."garbage
    • To be clear I'm not militant about it. I just don't like kids and have zero paternal instincts.garbage
    • To be clear, I hate kid.pango
    • lol, love you pangz.garbage

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