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    • < Nairn's insta video postuan
    • Am I the only one bored of this sort of art - like life drawing classes. What is the purpose of drawing someone naked?shapesalad
    • 1: lovely to see drawing and painting schools all over the place being successful.
      2: I fear the day when fb will start censoring art nipples and bodies.
    • the purpose is to grow, it's fucking difficult and challenging to do.uan
    • skillsHayzilla
    • but where do those skills go?as a species we already nailed image representation of the human form.shapesalad
    • FFS what are you talking about salad! Why become an artist? Why have culture? This is a class, they can do what they want when they master the techniques.Hayzilla
    • @shapesalad... not sure if trolling...dopepope
    • @shapesalad and yet you still can't draw a fucking perfect apple.sted
    • Zoom out, look at the big picture, humans have nailed painted humans naked. We got it. Sorted. climate change etc.. we haven't solved that yet.shapesalad
    • Yeah ok wow such skill, but that's it. we all say wow great, then what, we used more of earth's resources and polluted more for this...shapesalad
    • If you’re an artist and you EVER need to a draw a person for anything, doing this is 100% essential. Jesus.monospaced
    • please be trolling please be trolling, faak dude are you for real? on a designer site?LMFAO what Hayzilla said x100sea_sea
    • I'm with shapesalad, it's great for your own personal development, but it's not artistically interesting to do classical painting and there's no audience for itdrgs
    • What's next? Classical music is dead?Peace out.sea_sea
    • I want everyone in this thread to name your favorite contemporary artists in classical music and classical paintingdrgs
    • I think Humans have nailed watching TV and eating Cheese Burgers, but they still continue to do it...Alum31
    • seriously? complaining about life drawing? idiocracy has truly taken over, even on qbn.inteliboy
    • I miss art school.
      @shape. it's not about the human form, it's about humanity. over time, you get further and further away from karen, sitting there naked
    • you tell so much about a person by how they draw the human form.Gnash
    • Somebody might have nailed painting the human form. But it certainly isn't everyone. People are hard, and it's easy to see where your technical skill is lacksmonNom
    • ...Compared to your perception. We are especially sensitive to subtlety in people. Less so bowls of fruit. Or piles of rockmonNom
    • Paging Ben Adams even tho we don't deserve you.
    • Thank God we don't need to practice any more.Nairn

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