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  • robotron3k7

    Life shouldn't be like this. We were supposed to be grey-haired old men, hanging out, smoking weed, going to shows, talking about girls and adventures. It wasn't supposed to end like this. I'll never see you again.

    • Let’s get beers, smoke a bowl and talk about adventures. I’m not even joking.monospaced
    • Robot, mono, I'll be DJing at nurse bettie this Saturday from 9-midnight then chillin.shellie
    • Past my bedtime. :(monospaced
    • psshhhh. on a Saturday? Granted, I can't really hang with New York late nights. I always take the early DJ set. I'm too old for that shit.shellie
    • Sorry robo :( I feel your pain.sea_sea
    • "Past my bedtime..."
      lol getting old thread.
    • I blame Obama.utopian
    • someone give me a ride from west coast to NY....pango
    • my son gets up with sunrise, so my only chance at a decent nights sleep is going to bed early :)monospaced
    • I wish i was in NYC to meet up with this crew. mono and shellie, 9 pm is all of our bedtimes now, isn't it? I read that in the signs you're getting old thread.capn_ron
    • Even if I could get out for a late night, I don't think I would fit in in a club anymore. My dancing days are like 20 years behind me :)monospaced
    • shellie, what music do you playdrgs
    • Thanks mono, I'll take u up on that when a things settle. Shel I'd love to go hang out, be distracted but it's pos I'll fly to TX for services. Nxt tm thorobotron3k
    • Seems narrow minded, boring, and sexist... oh wait.imbecile
    • Sorry for your loss, robo. I thought at first you were leaving QBN, but now I see you're mourning.monospaced

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