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  • loool32

    made a small illustrated book for Aesop's fable "The Fox and The Crow", here are the first 4 pages...

    I'm contemplating to try to send it to some publishers...if anyone has some recommendation about some who might be interested in children-illustrated books drop me a line, i'm pretty uninformed in this search is always there for starters sure...

    • That's really lovely work loool, beautiful.pedromendez
    • Why not set-publish? I know the quality is usually shit but could get you started_niko
    • The problem with set-publishing is that you couldn't distribute digitally via 5G.Nairn
    • nice work loool!Bennn
    • great stuffdopepope
    • Well done on the illustration style looolVandal7
    • the detail to the flora—wow!jaylarson
    • lol nairn.
      jokes aside this is utterly lovely, well done.
    • nice@!utopian
    • it's a tough game. I designed and CD'd a series of books for Fisher-Price. Royalties are small for the illustrators and in FP's case they want 100% buy-out.Gnash
    • you want to find a product developer at a pub house and try and communicate directly with them. Scholastic is always looking for contentGnash
    • coming to them with a tight concept will help. The fact that Aesop is public domain will also help.Gnash
    • Think about wrapping the concept around current hot issues, like global warming, aboriginal perspectives, etc. It may sound a bit cynical but that's how it is.Gnash
    • there are just 2 main distributers of children books in the USA and a ton of competition for shelf space. You need a scholastic-like publisher to get distroGnash
    • Vector Rousseau!CyBrainX
    • ^ oh ya :)Gnash
    • Very nicesea_sea
    • love itmilfhunter
    • Beautiful it isMrT

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