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    I've been working out of my studio here in Knoxville for the last 5+ years and a smaller one on the same block for the few years prior to that. I've just paid the last rent here and have sold our house and am packing up the fam to move back to NZ.

    It feels kind of bittersweet... I love it here, but also excited to change things up a bit. Business has grown and is steady enough that I don't need to be here anymore.

    We're moving to a pretty small community on an Island about an hour off the coast; there are a few small towns scattered about and while i'm looking fwd to finding a new studio to work from i'm more excited to slow my pace down and have less irons in the fire.

    • what about the truck??!?!?!hans_glib
    • godspeed to you. sounds greatGnash
    • the truck is going to my dad for now - he wants to do some bodywork on it.bjladams
    • Wait. I'm totally lost here. Knoxville is in the States right? You're moving to New Zealand right? What you mean move back?oey
    • plus LOL @ hans. plus what Gnash said.
      dude, I love your work and pictures. One of the few things I miss in having a Flickr account. Wish you the best!
    • All the best with the move. Sounds idyllic where you are going!microkorg
    • Do you still have my print?pinkfloyd
    • oey - wife and I moved here to Tn in 2005 from nz.bjladams
    • I still have our print :-)bjladams
    • My dad is always telling me to move to NZ as there's no one there... well this ruins that! ;-)shapesalad
    • yaypinkfloyd
    • Been following your work on insta for a while - love your style. best of luck with the move. :)pedromendez
    • beautiful. best of luck.docpoz
    • obligatory upvoteimbecile
    • There goes my Tennessee trip! lol jk Looking forward to the next adventures. Don't unplug, I still want to commission a portrait with my pets from you! xDsea_sea
    • I'll be in LA in a month, Sea - we should get beer and maybe juice boxes for the kidsbjladams
    • awesome, can't wait to see photos of your new island lifestyle!canoe
    • its better than old zealand for sure!pango
    • Sweet! I volunteer as tribute and or tour guide if needed. lol :Dsea_sea
    • Judging by that bottom photo, I'd call this a big-time win. Congrats!nocomply
    • Congrats Ben. The wife and I are planning our exit now as well. So long rat race!noRGB
    • sounds fantastic! happy for you!SimonFFM
    • cheers all - def looking fwd to it.bjladams
    • Good luck with the move. If you’re ever in Australia ...MrOneHundred
    • I went back to AKL from London a few years back, but found it all too parochial and left for NY. I hope downshifting from Knoxville will be a little easier!hardhat
    • Good luck to you and the family Ben!JerseyRaindog
    • Awesome! Godspeed!Krassy
    • Very cool! best wisheschukkaphob

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