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  • zaq4

    • 1. Calendar week starts on Wednesdayzaq
    • 2. June always has 30 days (not 31)Krassy
    • 3. Night in one window, day in the doorszaq
    • 4. Wallclock numbers backwardsKrassy
    • i predict 200 subnotesdrgs
    • 5. no sink
      6. no vacuum cord
      7. his mismatched shoes
      8. wheels or lack thereof on his chair
    • 5. floor polishing machine on carpet?
      6. boys shoes dont match
      7. carrots dont grow on trees
    • girl's short/long sleeves
      curtains on the outside of the winow
    • The woman isn't naked while cleaning. And she should've brought him a beer before cleaning the carpet.NBQ00
    • fridge is stocked with cleaning supplies
      carrots don't grow like that
    • his jeans are only rolled on one legimbecile
    • This is supposed to be a 'sarcastic'/ satire (or whatever) anti-sexism piece you numb-nuts, lol. Unless it's really from the 1950's?NBQ00
    • -handle on inside of cupboard where books are.
      -books shouldn't be there
      -door nob on fridge
    • he can do betterhelloeatbreathedrive
    • He's reading Treasure Island by Shakespeare

      Fridge has keyhole and key in the door
    • both water taps are hotdrgs
    • -no cold water faucet
      -left boot on right foot
    • Her shoes are mismatched.comicsans
    • if you follow his eye line he's not reading his book but clearly staring at her tits_niko
    • I'm sorry, SHE can do betterhelloeatbreathedrive
    • "novels"imbecile
    • you guys are numbering things that are not precise, not what's wrong. what's wrong is that this is typically patriarchal. what's wrong is that this is sexism.oey
    • @oey maybe he just sat down after finishing doing the dishes?Krassy
    • Looks to me like a strong independent woman who is proud of her own home. The fact that she has to tolerate to her lazy prick of a cousin is irrelevant.Morning_star
    • the clock is not clock-wiserenderedred
    • @Krassy, which dishes? LOL! ;-)oey
    • Chair and rug don't line up.i_monk
    • LOL @ "her lazy prick of a cousin is irrelevant."mg33
    • 30 days in june
      weeks start on monday, yea I know its sunday in US and A, but thats stupid, even americans call sunday the weekend
    • Oey, explain how it is conclusively patriarchal and sexist.cannonball1978
    • It's night and day ;)sea_sea
    • ^ that was 3 by zaq, doh! and that's not a boy sitting in the chair.sea_sea
    • @ cannon, seriously now? like haven't you ever see an advertising from the 50's and you don't know it's meaning? what kind of message is being passed?oey
    • which roles are supposed to be played? which place each is supposed to occupy? the structures of a marriage?oey
    • and even if they're brothers, wouldn't it be the same stereotype that's suppose to be perpetuated? unless he's a friend you drops by for a visit...oey
    • ...she's still showing her housekeeping skills like it's supposed to be the role of a woman. a good woman. so I have to ask you again, seriously now?oey
    • I don't intend to start a debate. I joked with the fact that it's the same as usual and that's "what's wrong with this picture?"oey
    • for me it's picturing something that I don't stand for. if the question would be "what's wrong in this picture?" maybe I wouldn't have thought about it so much.oey
    • and sorry if i "sound" moral, it's actually not my intention. just explaining myself.oey
    • Both are wearing shoes in the house.mugwart
    • Is this from some sort of Art Director training textbook?shapesalad
    • god damit oey, the dude was toiling in the garden for weeks on end until he made carrots grow from fucking bushes FFS, now he just wants to sit down, relax,_niko
    • ...read a bootleg copy of treasure island by shakespeare while he stares at his wife's tits trying to figure out how long it will take her before she realizes_niko
    • ...that the god damn floor waxer a) can't vacuum a carpet and b) is not even plugged in!!!_niko
    • ^lol at niko!sarahfailin
    • chukkaphob did not post itutopian
    • Lol jesus christ Oey. hahaha. Did you get it out of your system? Just tryna help you get there.cannonball1978
    • The artist shouldn't have listened to the client.MrT
    • But yeah... it totes could be brother and sister... he's doing homework and its her turn to do the chores round the crib.cannonball1978
    • SJW strikes again!Hayoth
    • ^ LOL! critical thinking is not strong in you...oey
    • Arguing to make the image your ideological target does not make you a critical thinkercannonball1978

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