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  • dbloc3

    • Ha!Turboslacker
    • Lol that's asking to be stolen by millenials who does know how to drive stick.pango
    • I am a millennial and I definately drive stick every day and learned on manual, although I recently switched back. It's like riding a bike.shellie
    • there was a time in the US where most cars didn't have auto gearboxes? Don't think so..mekk
    • also... so what if you drive stick? is that really the only way to make your self feel better?pango
    • are you an amazing driver? or do you just know how to drive stick?pango
    • I can drive manual (and am in the US), but would never buy one for a daily driver. It's fucking tedious every day.section_014
    • Guys relax it's a joke. Besides millennials can't drive auto either, they only get around with uber lol._niko
    • what millennial (or anyone for that matter) would steal a stock af yellow jeep? the best thing about that jeep is the santa cruz sticker.kona
    • Bex can't park for shit.stoplying
    • vintage millennials in this threadimbecile
    • i see millennials riding scooters, then dropping them anywhere lol.futurefood
    • The reason ageism is so popular is that it's about the only bigotry not considered taboo.CyBrainX

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