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  • Fabricio12

    I broke up with someone I trully loved, because I knew he didnt love me back as much... after 1 year and a half of relationship

    I feel the worst I've felt in years, and right now, I cannot finish a ongoing (and very uninspiring) project I started 3 weeks ago.
    I might lose the client and money in the process.

    Im feeling quite lost.

    • It's weird to go from being a duo to being your own self again, but a few months from now you'll feel fine, time does heal everything. Don't wallow in pain,spl33nidoru
    • and start incorporating novelty and excitement in your life right now, do (for yourself) things you've always wanted to do, meet new people, move forward asap.spl33nidoru
    • Sorry to hear that. Time heals buddy. Chin up!Hayzilla
    • Força aí cara! Get out, exercise, it's summer in Brasil...dmay
    • Embrace your feelings, focus on yourself.
      Everything is going to be fine.
    • ^ indeed.mugwart
    • Be honest to your client (they are human, sometimes, as well) - tell them a personal tragedy has happened in your life and can you have an extension.mugwart
    • Morn for a bit, but morn healthy, treat yourself to decent food and treats.
      plan a list of personal improvements.
    • then slowly work on them. You'll be on your feet in no time.mugwart
    • Got divorced a year ago, I was in bad shape for a long time but like Hayzilla said, time heals. Just hang on, you'll feel better eventually :)Maaku
    • my step dad died suddenly I was up to my neck in work & under pressure. A friend helped on project, split work up. You can do really can :)mrAtor
    • Running / exercise can really help. Get that dopamine pumping. Other than that, it just takes time. Hang in there.garbage
    • As many already said: time heals. But time passes faster, when you do a lot of new stuff. You can be sad, but dont' let you hold back.Longcopylover
    • I'm feeling your pain at the moment. It's tough but use it to focus on what you want to do in life. Know it is the right path... Time healsset
    • Sorry to hear this. I hope the pain doesn't last long.CyBrainX
    • Fabrico, sounds like you were involved with a narcissist. They are caustic! This blogger helped me recover also...…robotron3k
    • There is hope, that is for sure. Heal thyself with your mind.robotron3k
    • ^ what he means: "Download Tinder"Maaku
    • Therapist might be good to check in. Sending hugs your way...notype
    • *hug xosea_sea
    • yeah... what robo says. if narcissist seek help. A life time of these people has destroyed myself being.mugwart
    • thanks robo this is really great.mugwart
    • When you're victim of a narcissist it's fucking next level, particularly the shy or covert narcissist. Their technique: love bomb, mirror, abuse, repeat.robotron3k
    • ^ it's fucking vampiric.mugwart
    • (states the bloody obvious)mugwart
    • You'll need a guide. Someone who teach you to what is love. Read books about love and you will be prepared to continue with the next step.BenJah
    • Thank you so much for the advices everyone. This feels so good, that I am not alone somehow in this.Fabricio
    • I feel that I need to seek help, I've had depression some years ago, and right now, I am not functioning alright.Fabricio
    • Thank you so much for all this love <3Fabricio
    • Fabricio, your post also helped me + seeing everyone's advice and replies.
      Glad you shared.

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