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    • really? do people not know this?sarahfailin
    • couldnt care lessdrgs
    • Should I?pango
    • Hmmm. I think 1 is Illinois and 4 is Kentucky. So it's either 2, 3 or 5.
      I'll go with 2?
    • I couldn't name a single state on this imageset
    • to be fair Americans are probably the same with Europe/rest of the world!mugwart
    • Wrong comparison: it's asking americans about provinces in europe. How come europeans know every country in the world, and americans no none?derdennis
    • I always think those vids are BS, I know living folks that can't identify half of Europe.kingsteven
    • Also, I know a couple of these but I've never seen that shape (5) or ever heard of West Virginia. Is it new? Haha.kingsteven
    • wrong Mugwart. Me as a Euro-dude can name every state in the US. Let alone Europe. Dif education maybe?sureshot
    • @kingsteven
      You know living people? Impressive ;-)
    • I could accurately pinpoint about 95% of all countries. About 60% of US states. Pretty sure that is well above average though.Hayzilla
    • I sit next to a guy that could only identify 5 British counties though.Hayzilla
    • I could name most countries in the world but US states... maybe 3 or 4 max. As drgs said... who caresset
    • most people in the USA don't care about which state is where either as it doesn't affect them in any waymonospaced
    • I'm with drgs and set on this one. Couldn't even give a fraction of a fuck.Continuity
    • I have a pretty good grasp of all States and most of the countries of the world, it’s sub Saharan Africa that trips me up_niko
    • seriously mono? pretty narrow-minded. imosureshot
    • 2: Born and raised, yet somehow turned out ok.aslip
    • We call that state: Midwest.HijoDMaite
    • yeah, a lot of people simply don't consider state placement on a regular basis, since it doesn't really come up that often ...monospaced
    • ... it's not necessarily a narrow-mindedness, but a lapse in knowledge due to non-use. We all learn these, and most of us have a decent idea of where they are.monospaced
    • maybe "don't care" was a poor choice in words on my part, since it's not really truemonospaced
    • Indiana is where Indianapolis is held. I guess. So I know better than most of you.Beeswax
    • "Indiana was the name of the dog!"robthelad
    • thanks for clarifying Mono!sureshot
    • I just looked at a map of the world, and I think if anyone can name the precise location of most of the countries, that's VERY impressive.monospaced
    • I knew as a kid where Indiana was.

      Because MJ was from Gary !!!
    • Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year.jaylarson
    • Cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information.jaylarson
    • Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving.
    • Hoosier daddy?aslip
    • Illinois. Indiana. Ohio. Kentucky. W. Virginia.
      Never too late for an education gents.
    • I can name all the teletubbiesset
    • I dont believe you!!!!! too damn hard dude ^sureshot
    • Thank you kona. Seems even educated Americans don't know their geography.sarahfailin
    • lol, people forget the geography over timemonospaced
    • Geography fades. Teletubbies stay the same.set
    • lol@set
    • at 3, our son knew all the states. by 4 all the capitals and state flags. by 5 all the countries. i kind of learned by association from him.kona
    • :)
      I still remember everything I learned from ages 3-5
    • I know these as I'm on the 4th season of making the maps for My Lottery Dream Home...MrT
    • How do you know what you've forgotten, mono? Impossibruuuuset
    • Haha. Impossibru.monospaced
    • :)set

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