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  • SimonFFM32

    Me for Playboy Germany December 2017 issue.

    I produced photos and video of the Playmate on two days in Paris. Stunning girl. Unfortunately I may not show the copyrighted images, so here's only a photo of me with the magazine.


    • lolscruffics
    • p.s. I look like my father :-)SimonFFM
    • Fuck ya, man that's an incredible life achievement. We've all seen you progress, so fucking happy for you dude.mugwart
    • @mugwart Thanks so much! It's my 16th or something publication and still it always feels special. Prob cause some ppl still see me as the sleezy nud pic guy...SimonFFM
    • nudeSimonFFM
    • out of context its exactly how this pic looks likedrgs
    • You might be a sleazy nude guy, but you're *our* sleazy nude guy. ;)

      I kid, I kid. This is a beautiful thing, Simon, Glückwünsche!
    • :-)SimonFFM
    • I've worked for an old sleazy nude photographer and he was apparently 'renowned' (in his time)... you seem professional so own it!!mugwart
    • @mugwart You worked for Terry?SimonFFM
    • Congrats Simon! Your hard work pays offBennn
    • Good!!! Well done man!maquito
    • congratulations!ernexbcn
    • Congrats!!formed
    • lol @ "so you worked for Terry?"
      Cheers man
    • well done, sir.Gnash
    • *sigh, unzips.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Our beloved "Chick of the Day" pervs are busting their nuts or have strange boners right about now.utopian
    • Well done mate!zarb0z
    • Thank you guys!SimonFFM
    • contgrats! just saw the model is promoting you and PB in instagram, small big world we live in :)uan
    • Yes, nice of her: @deadly_nightshade_p...SimonFFM
    • lol no not Terry. Someone older!mugwart
    • Wow, David? ... ;-) I‘ll stop guessing...SimonFFM
    • kudos man!!!renderedred
    • this is fantastic dudesureshot
    • she's okay.since1979
    • haha great photo :) (actually it is)
      love this girl at the end, first i was like meeh. nice work :)
    • Simon!!! Congrats! <3PonyBoy
    • Congrats Simon!
      Some of your work must've been influenced & inspired by the glorious COTD thread? hahah
    • There's inspiration on QBN for sure. Not in one specific thread only though.

      Thank you for your kind words!
    • Is that an Advent Calendar on the desk?robthelad
    • Yes, it's an advent calendar. I opened all doors to see where a photo of mine is. It's one from last years production in Ibiza...SimonFFM
    • hell yeah Simon. That is a huge achievement. you can quit now and just go live on an island and retire! Well done!capn_ron

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