Daily shoes?

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    The older ones looked better and were more comfortable

    • fucking hell dude! how old are you? and what a fucking taste!oey
    • those top ones -- gaza-strip chic from the 70sGnash
    • Too old be be wearing vans and addidas around (past 20 is about the max there)formed
    • nobody here in any of the shoe threads has any right to be dissing anybody else about their footwear style. Except scarabin.Fax_Benson
    • ^ I'll agree with that. Those first shoes I posted look like crap here, but both are for meetings with clients (casual or dress).formed
    • My "cool" shoes (I am cool, right?) I don't wear daily.formed
    • Mary Mother of Godfadein11
    • LOL @ Fax...speak for yourself...hahaha!oey
    • missing velcrofuturefood
    • wtf?renderedred
    • I believe in true free will and the free will to truly express yourself and except others in the same manner -- that fucking said just not the top one!mugwart
    • ^ LOL!oey
    • Do you sing ♫"It's such a good... feeling... to know you're alive!!"♪ while changing from the second to the third pair?PonyBoy
    • Y’all are trippin. The top ones (the style at least) are driving shoes. I have a couple of pairs and they work well in a bind with jeans.HijoDMaite
    • Middle are ugly son. Bottom mehHijoDMaite
    • These look great. Every guy should have a nice pair of loafers. Those black dress shoes are slick too.monospaced
    • +1 Hijo and +1 mono for positivityoey
    • very poor taste..havent read the comments yetsureshot
    • wow, i heard these shoes give award +10 cringe when you call people 'dude'kingsteven
    • Cool. Both you and my dad have the same taste in shoes.VectorMasked
    • What's wrong with leather loafers? Not sure I dig this particular pair. But, overall, I think they work fine.section_014
    • You can wear whatever you want, but I think you can do better.stoplying
    • The Nike are ok, both shoes are uglyi_was
    • imoi_was
    • Love the diversity! Clearly there is a vast range of folk here, which I personally love.formed
    • I wouldn't be caught dead in most of what was posted here, but to each their own. I try not to look like a hipster/grown skate punk, as a business owner and alformed

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