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  • HijoDMaite11

    This has been a lot of fun and is really working for my marketing on Facebook and Instagram! I sold three prints in one week and have a bunch of interest so far! I've only shown a total of 10 images and I'm still finding freebie mockups.

    I also booked an engagement and a wedding!

    Utopian thank you so much for hooking me up man! Send me an email with your address, there is a print coming your way!

    • stellar way to give non-visual people a glimpse into how the print would look in their home or office! well done Hijo.capn_ron
    • That's awesome congrats ... Those look amazing.Ramanisky2
    • NICE! This would have been better as it's own thread. Now we can't find the whole story without going through pages of blog....nb
    • Here is an additional 481 MB of poster related mockups for you to download. I'm happy to hear that you are killing it!…
    • All good things.DRIFTMONKEY
    • i'm all over this like a rat on cheez! thanks guys!jaylarson
    • the hell people buy prints? and here i only get 30c a download doing stock. im doin it wrongdeathboy
    • wouldn't even be able to sell that photo on stock because of the person without a model release...deathboy
    • Deathboy i think it has to show a recognizable face, or else its fair game. Jay i cant wait to see your shit dude!HijoDMaite
    • naw its more involved than just that. take my word that photo wouldnt be sold as stock without model release.deathboy
    • whats the cost of a print that size and how many of a run? sizes?. this has peaked my interest. i can only print 13x19 at home @ $1deathboy
    • i have local print shop that does very pro work, www.northcoastphoto... we're in socal and their biggest clientele is in nyc.HijoDMaite
    • and im also using i compare prices. my local shop i pay tax, and adorama i pay shipping. plus adorama has more paper options.HijoDMaite
    • Thank you Utopian!HijoDMaite
    • and its directly through social media, not on a wall of a coffee shop already printed? small thumbnails and people buy prints? this is cray craydeathboy
    • Should have bikini girls in the photo. Sex sells man. Sex sells.pango
    • all my landscapes are of north county san diego. so i sell to current residents or ex-pats that feel nostalgia. targeting some coffee shops but not yet.HijoDMaite
    • These look great hijo! ;)sea_sea
    • super nicesureshot
    • Looks really pro, nice wonyuekit
    • Nice one!set
    • Congrats Hijo!Bennn
    • If it's of interest - Threadless are about to start offering prints/canvas to Artist stores.microkorg
    • Hey Hijo, nice stuff. I lived in San Diego for 17 years and have moved..Would love a print of OB..either Newport Ave or the Peir or Dog Beach.Will pay of coursecbass99
    • Hey this is so dope, I'm going to steal it and try to sell more prints.nb
    • i'm starting a thread..HijoDMaite
    • cbass99 nothing good from that area so far, i plan on getting down there and shooting the cliffs and streets soon though.HijoDMaite
    • Utopian is the fucking man!moldero

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