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  • georgesIII1

    what is he thinking

    • that he want to dieApeRobot
    • Kill meOBBTKN
    • "you forget the cheeseburger stack"Bluejam
    • his heart isn't beating anymore.omg
    • fuck saladMrT
    • "Bring Me Solo and the Wookie"autoflavour
    • Mental illnessBennn
    • 'im hungry'digitdaily
    • "Vote Trump and be a winner like me"face_melter
    • 'Vote trump...' - Sadly this guy's a Brit.detritus
    • this is a both a mental and physical diseasebliznutty
    • Lol autoterry_cloth
    • he eats like no onegarbage
    • "what will other people think of me when they see this photo"drgs
    • "stop starring like I'm a freak of nature, stop judging me, leave me alone to eat all this" :(feel
    • do i see a nicotine patch? i heard you gain a little weight after you quit smokingasspop
    • Maybe I shouldn't have had that last slice of pizza?monoboy
    • It's cool I'll go for a run tomorrow.
      It's cool.
    • "how the fuck am I going to get up to heat my Pot Noodle?"fadein11
    • How the fuck can these fat fucks afford to eat all this shit though? It's not cheap (as in £) food and I presume he's utterly incapable of effort, so no work?detritus
    • ^ a lot of them work as prostitutes.fadein11
    • i wonder what it's like when he takes a shit..bliznutty
    • i think Ape nailed it.sarahfailin
    • I am not going to try and make a joke. Most funny things have been mentioned...sureshot
    • @detrius you pay for his food and for everything else. Tax money at work. This thing eats tax money.chukkaphob
    • reversedutopian
    • @chukka, that makes no sensemonospaced
    • Maybe he's independently wealthy? Maybe he invented the Gameboy. Ever think of that, you judgemental fuckers.face_melter
    • @utopian LOLchukkaphob
    • @mono I agree it makes no sense, but it's the reality. In the UK obesity is legally deemed a disability. Disability = tax-funded benefits.chukkaphob
    • ^ so full of shit.fadein11
    • LOLsureshot
    • @fadein11, the only 2 full of ish here are you and that thing in the picchukkaphob
    • who delivers the slop to this pig?Milan
    • Just one more wafer thin mint!Turboslacker
    • @chukkaphob - blah.fadein11
    • chukkaphob vs fadein11 threadOZARAL
    • His tits say Nooo
      But his mouth says Yeessss
    • @OZARAL nah, he likes me too much, and on the other hand i don't find his statements informed or intriguing at all. We good :-Dchukkaphob

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