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  • Bennn24

    Dont want to be over dramatic here, but we've put our cat to sleep this evening, she was 17 y-o.

    I know that kind of stuff looks unimportant for people that dont have animals or that dont love and respect animals. But for people who have a pet that they love, they understand and they understand even more if they have ever put a furry friend to sleep. It's very tough.

    Just wanted to share this with you guys, if you have a pet, love him as much as he love you, their lifes are very short.

    This is the last picture of her before the vet arrive. I'll never take picture of her again :(

    • RIP kitty :(

      sorry about your loss B
    • this is the hardest part of caring for our friends :/scarabin
    • Its a cool last pic Ben! Bummed for you man. :(HijoDMaite
    • :(i_monk
    • <3PonyBoy
    • :(Salarrue
    • sorry to here :(fadein11
    • hear*fadein11
    • I'm sorry for your loss Ben. Euthanasia is so hard when it's your pet. I'm sure you gave her many years of happiness and love.cannonball1978
    • (not that it's ever easy)cannonball1978
    • Benn, sorry she is gone. I am sure she brought many loving moments. the photo shows a really loving girl!capn_ron
    • so sorry bennn.dorf
    • :(Melanie
    • I was surprised at my uncontrolled sobbing while I dug a grave for our cat a few years back. There can be a strong connection between a cat and a person!nuggler
    • Sorry for your loss. I have 2 female siblings, I dread the day I'll have to say goodbye to them :(ernexbcn
    • She had a happy life.
      That is the most important.
    • sorry dude. I want to hug you.sureshot
    • :(loool
    • aw your cat looked so damn wise.inteliboy
    • I've lost a few in the past and feel your pain. Sorry to hear, mate. 17 is a ripe old age for a moggy and I'm sure you provided her with a great life.set
    • I have an old cat too. I hope he lives foreverCalderone2000
    • I had a cat called Smudge. He was so friendly, probably due to his wild cat nip addiction. I loved that junkie cat.mrAtor
    • beautiful cat. RIP, little one.Gnash
    • Sorry man. RIP fella.robthelad
    • 17 wow what a grand ole' beauty. I am sure you gave her the best life she could ever have wished for. RIP little kitty. I am sorry for your loss B.rabbit
    • Thanks a lot everyone for your comments, really appreciatedBennn
    • all the feels manmonospaced
    • I had to put my 16 year old to sleep on december 5th. He was very sick. Sucks but it gets a little easier over time.CygnusZero4
    • Remember, its MUCH harder for us than it is for them. They just go to sleep peacefully like they did 1000s of other times in their lives.CygnusZero4
    • Shit, I wish I could die like they get to. Best way to go.CygnusZero4
    • True Cygnus, thanks. And sorry for your lil friend.Bennn
    • The house is so empty right now, its gonna be tough for a few days for sure, she was a big part of our daily activities around the house.Bennn
    • Sorry for your lossformed
    • We feel you. RIP Kitty.Longcopylover
    • grieve then welcome another into your life. :Djaylarson
    • aw . I'm so sorry. It's the worse feeling. I had to do the same a few years ago. It's OK to grieve.lynley
    • So sorry to hear. What was her name? We've had to put down many over the years, and it's horrible every single time. The hardest was our boy Simba, a fluffyelahon
    • orange Maine Coon. He was 7 or so when my son was born, and they were best buds till the day he died a couple of years ago. Zach still misses him. =(elahon
    • her name was a slang french name that means small bear :)Bennn
    • That's tough Bennn.
      Sorry for your loss
    • RIP
      On s'attache à ces petites bêtes là...
    • Really sorry to hear it man, it's heart-breaking. I was absolutely distraught when we had to put our 19 year old cat down, I know how you're feeling right now.BuddhaHat
    • I hope it gets easier for you soon.BuddhaHat
    • Really sorry for your lose.mugwart
    • Sorry about that, I had to put down two of my kitties in the last year. It's tough.zarkonite
    • Sorry ben, you made a merciful choice. 17 years is a good run.sarahfailin
    • Instead of allowing a natural passing, when old cats are too fatigued and tired to feel any pain, you paid cash to have her killed. Then posted it. Sick FuckBustySaintClaire
    • Beautiful kitty. sorry, for the loss.
      Just lost my dog of 17 yrs as well in Feb. I still hear his barking at times.
    • RIP :(Squiddy
    • If nothing else, this place has compassion when it counts. Sorry about your kitty, Benn.stoplying
    • thank you all again!Bennn
    • like no other....RIP kitty!utopian
    • Sorry to hear. We had to do the same to our old fella on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago...was very hard.
      RIP buddy.
    • Sorry Benn. It's a horrible thing to go through but the right thing to do.MrT
    • Glad you did it at home. We took ours to the Vet...which I REALLY regret now. :(BusterBoy
    • T_Tpango
    • <3 so sorry benn. Hugs to you and your family. That look in her eyes breaks my heart. *hugs favorite kitty.sea_sea
    • My condolences Benn. 17 years is a good run, and she lived like no one. RIP.garbage
    • thanks allBennn
    • what was her name ?srhadden
    • post some silly pics of when she was younger also!srhadden
    • :-(
      so sorry.
    • <3bklyndroobeki
  • utopian11

    I'm going to hospital to say goodbye to mom before we pull plugs on her..this sucks!

    • fuck..... sorry man...pango
    • damn mansince1979
    • :( sorry, dude :(
    • fuck dude, that's rough. you know you can vent here if you need it...scarabin
    • man that sucks.. peace to you broautoflavour
    • woke up sad with a couple things right now and first thing i read is your post. this is ultra fucked. fuck. sorry to hear that man. stay strong utopian. hugs <3oey
    • hearts out to you and your family.omg
    • stay strong mateOBBTKN
    • sorry to hear.BusterBoy
    • Sorry to hear.Maaku
    • Man, really sorry to hear :(pinkfloyd
    • That's terrible news man. Stay strong the best you can.HijoDMaite
    • at least you get to say goodbye. good luck man.sarahfailin
    • So sorryMrT
    • no words dude...vent here whenever you feel like it.sureshot
    • So sorry to hear this :(
      Vent away on here.
    • I just watched her die in front of me, the heartache.utopian
    • Life is short...If you are fortunate enough to have a mom give her a hug and kiss for me.utopian
    • :(
      My dad had a massive stroke 6 years ago - UK had massive snow so roads were terrible - I got to hospital just in time so he squeezed my hand when nurse said
    • my name - we then watched him die slowly for 12 hours. Horrible. I feel your pain mate. You sounded like you were a great son though this last year from whatfadein11
    • you have said about it on here. It gets easier. Best wishes to you and your family.fadein11
    • It's good that you were present in the moment.cannonball1978
    • xdetritus
    • I've done this twice (father and brother). the definition of heart breaking and the worst...sending lovebabaganush
    • Shit. Sounds awful man. xIanbolton
    • Sorry to hear that. Its tough. Hope you are okDillinger
    • So sorry to hear. My thoughts are with your family.Gnash
    • Sorry to hear utopian. All the best.emphor
    • sorry for your family's loss utopianIRNlun6
    • really sorry to hear about your loss.mugwart
    • :( Sorry to hear, good luck and stay strong.Bennn
    • Oh man so sorry. I'm calling mom.monospaced
    • :( oh man...oey
    • Very sorry to hear that utopian!yuekit
    • :-(Krassy
    • ; _ ;i_monk
    • oh man, so sorry, Utopian. Stay strong. :-(chukkaphob
    • I'm so sorry to hear, good to see others share their stories. Stay strongmartinadolfsson
    • I don't know you, and I can't even imagine how you feel. But my thoughts are with you and your family.Longcopylover
    • Harsh, man. T_TDRIFTMONKEY
    • Feeling for you, man. Reaching out to my mom right now.aslip
    • fuck man, sorryjaylarson
    • damn....condolences utopianstoplying
    • My Deepest condolences, sorry to hear...Please stay strong.antimotion
    • shit man, condolences. please take care.bezoar
    • So sorry man. Stay strong.maquito
    • Oh wow, I'm so sorry for your loss utop :(
    • Sending my condolences my friend.robotron3k
    • Whoa, that's heavy man. Sorry for your loss.garbage
    • That's some heavy shit you're going through. Stay strong, fella!mort_
    • Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all of the love and support.utopian
    • dude, sorry to hear. keep your head up!dbloc
    • really sorry utopian. sending love. if there's anything i/we can do here in NYC... name it.bklyndroobeki
    • hope you're okay. sorry you're going through this.cbass99
    • damn, sorry to hear brother, i went through the same with my dad for about 15 years till he finally past 2 years agomoldero
    • So sorry to hear that utopian.lowimpakt
    • loosing a parent is tough, hope the support from your loved ones bring you peace during this difficult time. my deepest condolences to you...sted
    • Thoughts to the best QBN'er.meffid
    • Hope your hanging in there. I don't know where you are based but please let me know if you need a hand around London way.mugwart
    • fuck. sorry to hear, man. keep your head up.lvl_13
    • Very sorry to hear that utopian.Jetserf
  • HijoDMaite28

    sorry for the vague blog post last night. i consider you guys like a family of sorts so I will share. My father got out of prison last night after 31 years!!! (drug trafficking 1985 Mexico). it's the best day of my life! it's beyond words.

    • awesome!moldero
    • bad hombre? ;)monospaced
    • thats awesome.omg
    • Mierda, es un monton de tiempo. Que bueno, espero que lo disfruten :)Maaku
    • 31 years is a fuckload of timemoldero
    • dios miopinkfloyd
    • yea mono bad hombre, but that was a long time ago.HijoDMaite
    • Holy shit, that's awesome. Did you visit him throughout the years and keep a relationship going? How old were you when he went away?elahon
    • Christ! Hope the next few weeks, months and years go really well for you, man!detritus
    • Wow! That's a long time to be away... glad you got your Dad back, man :)PonyBoy
    • Yes have always visited him in mexico city. I was tenHijoDMaite
    • I wish you guys all the best with your transition.eryx
    • mono that wasnt a nice comment.sureshot
    • congrats! happy dayssureshot
    • fuck yeah!scarabin
    • amazing.lowimpakt
    • Take care man that sounds heavy and exciting at the same time. Sounds like you'll have a hellava holidays approaching.shellie
    • Joine me qbn drinks mexico city in a couple weeks and you'll het to meet him! We can raid his art! he is an oil on canvas painter. really good!HijoDMaite
    • @sureshot, I agree. When that asshole said it the other day it was worse. I was just joking.monospaced
    • @HijoDMaite What a story! Enjoy having your dad back in your life. Happy for you, man!Krassy
    • Please invite him to join QBN and have him post his artwork in the "Show some recent work" thread :DKrassy
    • Yes!! KRASSYHijoDMaite
    • How incredible! congrats on your new life with your dad! so awesome!!!!!chukkaphob
    • Super excited for you, man! Hope he transitions back smoothly, must be super weird and overwhelming for him too!!spl33nidoru
    • damn sonernexbcn
    • This is a very good new, I wish the best to you and your father. I'm honestly kind of shaken, have a great weekend mateGeorgesII
    • @monospace no worries dude. I missed your wink. ♥sureshot
    • The world has changed so much in 30 years. Everyone has computers in their back pockets that puts anything he knew to shame.shellie
    • i hope he enjoys the new world he's stepping into. That must be wild!shellie
    • He was telling me that he hadn't seen a dog in 30 years!! He is eating chinese food his favorite!HijoDMaite
    • This is better than a movie. If you have it in you, making a documentary or writing a book would be awesome. ....Unless it's too heavy to handle emotionally.Krassy
    • a doc would be awesomemoldero
    • wow, he has missed a lot of stuff that's been happening, like tech, internet and stuff, congrats! hope you guys have a good time from now on!feel
    • yeah, he's also missed out on all the epic QBN threads the past 15 years! time for him to catch up :)chukkaphob
    • Congrats, I can't even begin to imagine what that's like for him or you. Agree with others - great opportunity to document something monumental.mg33
    • Pretty mental, congrats manWhiteFace
    • Great News! No matter happens from now on, just being together should be a reason to be happy. Did he keep painting in the jail? I'd love to see some of his arBeeswax
    • 31 years? damnnnnsince1979
    • great news, hijo. all the best to your family.Gnash
    • Nice to start off the weekend with this.bezoar
    • Wow. Congrats on a new beginning for all of you bro. Suerte a tu jefe y no hay otra mas que aprovechar el nuevo presente. Consientan a su jefe.VectorMasked
    • amazing!inteliboy
    • Damn, I wish your father and your family well. Better times ahead.IRNlun6
    • 31 years for making peeps happy. incredibly sad. Hope his future is fun and rewarding. All the best.sothere
    • felicitaciones y buena suerte por tu padre y tu familia, ¡es un buen día!BuddhaHat
    • I'm happy for you:)utopian
    • Holy shit! That is one hell of a long time to be stuck. Wishing you and your father the best, man! Lots of new things to enjoy together.lvl_13
  • SimonFFM23

    Just turned 40 and totally disconnected from the internet for 4 full days. Had the best time in Barcelona. Cheers to everyone!

    • Happy Birthday, Simon!Krassy
    • Do you plan on disconnecting from the internet for 5 days when you turn 50?Krassy
    • I can only encourage everyone to turn their smartphone off and enjoy life. :-)SimonFFM
    • Happy Birthday, dude! Cheers to you!chukkaphob
    • Thank you!SimonFFM
    • HBD, mate!Continuity
    • happy birthday,, did you spent it surrounded by stunning naked women?autoflavour
    • Happy Birthday!Beeswax
    • you're funny, the stunning naked women are my work, I was there for leisure :-)SimonFFM
    • Happy Birthday, thanks for the years of great workmugwart
    • Alles Gute, auf die nächsten 40.Longcopylover
    • Looking good after 4 full days in Barcelona!Ianbolton
    • Prost! And Happy 40th!uan
    • Happy birthday geezer!set
    • Happy birthday mate, may strong erections and a constant flow of nice boobage keep you sane!GeorgesII
    • HBD SimonBennn
    • Three cheers to the man with the best mental wank bank on the planetset
    • Happy birthday Simon! It seems that enjoyed the celebration :))sted
    • Happy Bday mate!umbee54
    • HBD thx for all the photos!fyoucher1
    • Thanks everyone! True, I look ok, but really need to sober up again now :-)SimonFFM
    • Happy Birthday. Life has just begun!MrT
    • Happy 40th!…bezoar
    • Fuck've led a hard life. I'm almost 50 but look younger than you! :)BusterBoy
    • ^ lolfadein11
    • Happy Birthday Simon. I turned 40 at the start of the year - it aint all that bad. :)microkorg
    • hehe, guys, you're all funny. thank you. also for upvoting me. you make me smile!SimonFFM
    • Got these on my 30th and I'll gladly get them for you on your 40th! https://wahlapi.blob…PonyBoy
    • Hehe... Congrats on 40!PonyBoy
    • happy bday!Gnash
    • happy bday, take some pictures of pretty girls when you get a chance!!robotron3k
    • congrats bredrendocpoz
    • Happy birthday Simon!mg33
    • Simon, you are my friend's doppelganger! https://scontent.fsa…Krassy
    • ^ https://scontent.fsa…Krassy
    • Happy birthday Simon, if you ever want to switch places with me, give me a call...yurimon
    • needs more liquify tooldeathboy
    • welcome to the 40'sRamanisky2
    • happy birthdayernexbcn
    • Alles gute Simon!!OBBTKN
    • FFM is my favorite porn search term!DRIFTMONKEY
      HBD! :)
    • Happy Birthday, don't listen to any of the haters here.drake-von-drake
    • Please let me know if you need an assistant!oey
    • Not because of the ladies...seriously :)oey
    • HBD! Alles gute Simon!oey
    • Cheers S!sea_sea
    • ^ lol death... it's BieberFFM!PonyBoy
    • everyone deserves a glam shot on their 40thdeathboy
    • hehe, deathboy, thanks for styling me 'Las Vegas'... you've got great taste ;-)SimonFFM
    • OK, can we get this mug of the home page? Scares the crap out of me every time I go to now. Just have this face staring at me.BusterBoy
    • post something better Busterbaby.sted
    • I've got nothing! :)BusterBoy
    • OK, here you go.…BusterBoy
    • @deathboy dope! bravo!

  • Krassy35

    QBN feels and looks so good today, now that the political nonsense and constant trolling & bickering seem to have decreased significantly.

    Bravo, dudes & dudettes!


    • more design and creativity less bullshit and mediocrity.oey
    • Yes it's kept to the minimal.pango
    • i was hesitant to shove all politics into one box, but yes, it's working!sarahfailin
    • yup. noticed it too. Well done QBNsofakingback
    • true.yurimon
    • true.yurimon
    • truepango
    • trooyurimon
    • agreed!docpoz
    • i second that.yurimon
    • containment of the idiots has definitely helped.fadein11
    • it's like blocking r/the_donald and r/sandersforpresiden... from reddit ♫mekk
    • Agreed, it's a shame it came to that but I am liking the recent hands on mod approach and the results have been positiveterry_cloth
    • what terry_cloth said but better.oey
    • dont be so hard on yourself fadein.yurimon
    • dont be so hard on yourself fadein. give yourself credit for trying.yurimon
    • well done on even messing this thread up yuri... amazing.inteliboy
    • ^selective discrimination.yurimon
    • @yuri - contribute something useful to the site, just once and I may upgrade your status :)fadein11
    • now if yuri/ drake would just fuck off.kingsteven
    • i just did 3d printing thread.yurimon
    • its like someone opened a windowdrgs
    • ^ to evacuate months of un-aired fart smell from a hundred people.Continuity
    • I'll Upvote to thatdee-dubs
    • and still, the entirety of QBN somehow feels that you, drake, are the worst thing to happen when it comes to those threads.monospaced
    • ahem - politics in the wrong thread drekurimong - move along before a strike ;)fadein11
    • Your appreciation is appreciated.Moderator
    • excuse me, drake? you MUST have me confused with someone else... fact remains that everyone thinks you're the worst thing to happen to QBNmonospaced
    • Drake: You really should learn when to stop typing.Moderator
    • if you want to avoid that fact with some bullshit accusations, that only makes you look more butthurt than evermonospaced
    • Drake: Two strikes acquired in less than a week. At this rate your third should be earned within 48 hours, and we can say goodbye to you.Moderator
    • I like this new system!Continuity
    • me too, this is great. http://truthinmedia.…yurimon
    • @yuri, more like a "only shit here" areamonospaced
    • I love how the Politics thread is not on the front page. I used to post in there thinking, "I want to share this, but I feel bad cluttering up the front page"nb
    • Now I feel more free to post in the Politics thread without feeling like I'm an annoyance to the bulk of members (who probably hate it).nb
    • it's funny how when the moderator slaps drake-von-drake's wrist, drake logs off, then logs back in as yurimon and carries one as "someone else." Hahah!chukkaphob
    • Also, the Politics thread clearly states "Political discussion stays within this thread". So I don't feel like patting mods on the back.aiapaec
    • Hey @ORAZAL (aka @aiapaec), don't criticize our beloved moderator(s)! The last 3-4 days on QBN have been glorious!chukkaphob
    • I've let you gloat for a couple days. The honeymoon is over. Take a couple of steps back and make QBN great again.aiapaec
    • Hey! here is where everyone is!!sureshot
    • Shut the fuck up mate, drake you are a pain in the neck dude...just go somewhere far and die...valentim
  • capn_ron30

    I am officially DEBT FREE as of this morning. Paid off $24k in 14 months using Dave Ramsey's baby steps. Last time i was debt free was 18 years old. I'm 41 now. Feels fucking great.

    • Fuck yeah, Congratulations, ron!detritus
    • Thanks detritus. it feels surreal right now.capn_ron
    • Are you going to call and do the scream?HijoDMaite
    • now, what about your folks?monospaced
    • I might see when the next available time is. I would love to though.capn_ron
    • mono, this whole journey to me was so that I can try to help my parents. I wasn't able to help them being in debt. I think it will speak loudly to them.capn_ron
    • my parents situation was a huge factor that started me on this debt free journey.capn_ron
    • awesome capn!GuyFawkes
    • congratsimbecile
    • fuck yeah .... about to try and do the same steps. Congrats dude -- that's one hell of an achievement in this day and agemugwart
    • thanks everyone. i would have never thought i'd be here. always thought debt was just normal to have.capn_ron
    • I'll have a look at this Dave Ramsey's thingy. Thanks for the infonbq
    • nbq, he bases his ideas on religion. I am not religious and it wasn't offensive or anything at all. just a warning.capn_ron
    • good on yad_gitale
    • capn_ron, are you mortgage free?Ramanisky2
    • Hey Ron my wife and I have seriously thought about going all in on this but with teenage daughters at home it’s seems impossible.HijoDMaite
    • I rent Ram. But the next step is to have 3-6 months living expenses in the bank and then save for a down payment on a home.capn_ron
    • I feel ya Hijo, making a budget is the key. makes you think about all your money and where it is going before you get it. you could totally do this.capn_ron
    • Noice!robotron3k
    • thanks robocapn_ron
    • That's a lot to pay off within 14 months, well done. Enjoy your new freedom!pinkfloyd
    • now go make some fucking mistakes ron!jaylarson
    • buy me a rolexpinkfloyd
    • AYE AYE CAPN! Now stay that way!stoplying
    • inspiring, congrats. I'm going to have to look into this. Kind of in the same spot you were.OP31
    • thanks again guys. I am going to stay debt free, and if there is ever a chance of debt it will be a home mortgage only. Time to work on being a millionaire.capn_ron
    • happy for you love. save that monies!sea_sea
    • Dave's on live in like... an hour... are you going to call Dave?!! Do you have a pirate accent? I sure hope so... (congrats btw- Amazing discipline!)PonyBoy
    • Nice one! Debt is a prison without walls.PhanLo
    • I just signed up on his site to do the scream. It says it takes 10-12 weeks for them to get back to you because they only do one an hour. Thanks y'allcapn_ron
    • Invest in Trump propertiesutopian
    • Capn_ron .. I have about $98,000 of debt left .. 18,000 on my new car and 80,000 on my Townhouse. I feel pretty good about that too. ;)Ramanisky2
    • Car was at $35,000 a year ago and townhouse was at $235,000 12 years ago.Ramanisky2
    • hell yeah Ram, you will pay that car off in another year and then you can hammer on the townhouse. can you imagine no mortgage payment??? Baller-tie!capn_ron
    • Indeed, that’s my goal for the next 2 years .. zero debt.Ramanisky2
    • I am 39 with zero debt. It feels awesome. Enjoy all that smooth skin without the hooks in it.cannonball1978
    • Well, technically, you're still in contract to pay your Country's national Debt to the private banking institutions.robthelad
    • super happy for you man! well done!
      my wife and I are 4.5 years away from paying off the mortgage!
    • exador1, its a great feeling to be so closeRamanisky2
  • bjladams28

    picked up the new old truck for fathers day and drove it the 150 mi or so back home, mostly through scenic hwy, country roads and farmland.

    • +1monospaced
    • had to refill the gas tank 3 times ;)monospaced
    • ahah - it's gets about 10 mi/gal, so made it one one full tank.bjladams
    • nice!Krassy
    • that looks awesome.yurimon
    • sweet!moldero
    • that's so americanmekk
    • ♪country road, take me home...♪_niko
    • @mekk - i live here now, might as well indulge in the good things when i can :-)bjladams
    • epic adventure! that's a great truck budkona
    • my first car was a '60s Ford, also 10mpgmonospaced
    • wasn't meant in a bad way :-) enjoy!mekk
    • now that .. is a badass truck.
      does it have a radio or an 8track ??
    • neither, but i don't need thembjladams
    • Killer man. I was trippin on that other pic with your boy and the dog in the front seat. Dog had a bunch if room to walk around, crazy big cabin.HijoDMaite
    • :-) the dog likes to ride, but she's not keen on 1st gear. my oldest son took that ride back w/me yesterday. the only thing to hint that we weren't lost backbjladams
    • ...back in time was his kindle.bjladams
    • NICE!
      This is my never ending project
    • ^ that's beautiful. i've somewhat wished this was a stepside, but not sure it would balance the cab/hood right.bjladams
    • yes !d_gitale
    • Used to have a similar one, modded the engine for extra power. I had to give it up because EVERYONE EVERYWHERE I went wanted to talk about the truck. WTF.zarkonite
    • Love those old Fords!section_014
    • epic truckmicrokorg
    • music?Ramanisky2
    • Allman Brothers and Johnny Cash blastingRamanisky2
    • wow thats a beautinstrmntl
    • @BonSeff http://bringatrailer…fooler
    • Can I borrow it to take some things to the dump?fooler
    • @Ramanisky - i'm deaf, no use for music any morebjladams
    • nice!feel
    • Well that suck bjadams.Ramanisky2
    • He can't hear you, Ram. You need to stare at him, touching his shoulder so he knows you're there and slowly enunciate. Sort of like he's borderline retarded.detritus
    • so nicefadein11
    • you can tell how much of thing of beauty that truck is when no one commented about your hot wife ;)_niko
    • aha, thx @niko. she's been great about pretending to like the truck.bjladams
    • check out those headlights!fooler
    • +docpoz
    • Reminds me of simpler times. Days with my grandfather, hot endless summers, trips to the beach, a long life still ahead of me..SteveJobs
    • You might just be my favorite QBN member, always posting the best stuff. :)sofakingback
    • Beautiful ride dude, livin' the life.BuddhaHat
    • I would upvote twice...and such a nice color.oey
    • cheers - it's been pretty great to drive around. the only real complaint is that I had it detailed and the guy put ArmorAll on the pedals :-/bjladams
  • Ben9919

    They're coming...

    QBN 1" pins and magnets!

  • HijoDMaite33

    Ok guys, he is officially a part of our community thanks to Ben!

    • nice! but don't expose him to this place, hasn't he had enough these past few years!Gnash
    • you really should create a blog or site to document this.Gnash
    • haha awesome

    • Muy bueno +1000!!OBBTKN
    • Lolpango
    • Epic!oey
    • I want a button Ben!!!oey
    • from one prison to anotherdrgs
    • Lol niceset
    • should be green until he's verified
    • Hey cool :-)Bennn
    • Don't do it! he might read one comment from Yuri and walk back inside! (nice to see him smiling though)mugwart
    • drgssince1979
    • That is so cool.Melanie
    • Bienvenido!robotron3k
    • Haha..super awesome! :-) great dadsureshot
    • drgs...whatever...oey
    • create an account for him lol, PapiDJavierernexbcn
    • haha! love it!

    • +++bezoar
    • who is is?omg
  • monospaced17

    I'm getting married today.

  • oey7

    I'm so angry and so pissed right now.
    Today when I woke up after hearing the alarm I let the telefon slip to the floor.

    Thing is it didn't fell in the floor but in a pee jar (for the night) from my girlfriend that was next to the bed and NOT under the bed...

    I was like fuck!

    She immediately said she has nothing to do with it.
    She constantlz leaves things in the florr laying around and one has to be very careful where one steps specially in the dark.

    In this aspect we are different as night and day.
    I'm über angry!!!

    Six months ago she threw me a glass of water that landed on my computer...I couldn't save it and had to buy another one.

    She said it was nothing to do with her...

    This are things that if I was single and living alone wouldn't happen and we are not in a very good phase right now...and now this.

    I feel like telling her to pack her stuff and leave me alone cause for getting fucked like this I prefer to be alone.

    I know that I'm exposing myself but I really need to vent.
    The thing that makes really annoyed is that I don't have money for a new phone right now, I have other plans that I've been delaying...

    So I decided...I'm still with a overheated head...not to have a phone until Xmas!

    • funny story. do you share the bathroom with other tenants? is that why she pees in a jarhotroddy
    • we are 6 in the apartment. she does it out of comodity and also not to make noise during the night.oey
    • pee jar?fadein11
    • yeah man who sleeps with a fucking pee jar? are you 60s hippies?mekk
    • do you get to use the pee jar as well, or it is only for herdrgs
    • anyway, not her fault, as I see itdrgs
    • Pee jar or not. She's not to blame.sureshot
    • Is the phone really dead? Try to dry it first, there are a ton of tuts in net...

      and not her fault, relax and cool your head before making decisions
    • fucking pee jar lolsinjun
    • Pee jar. Pee fucking jar. Cannot unseeset
    • Never mind the piss jar, but 6 people? That would drive me fucking mental.face_melter
    • why are you 6 in an apartament? sorry about your phoneernexbcn
    • I was in a destructive relationship when nothing was her problem & I was constantly at a financial lost. It grinds you down deep into depression and destroys ..mugwart
    • ... your confidence. What I've read seems like the first steps I was in. Tread with care. It might not be her fault for you dropping your phone but the ...mugwart
    • situation should have her feeling some form of 'tenderness' towards your situation.
      Don't enter the same relationship I did. Nearly killed me. Not worth it.
    • This the one about your landlady, mugwart?detritus
    • ha no I've a history of being drawn to abusive people - this was my ex wife. Mother was the worst ;-).
      Lessons learnt, I'm in a good relationship now though.
    • Never mind pee jar or six people, why would anyone ever throw a glass of water, the likelyhood of that going well is slim to noneterry_cloth
    • Shit man, your priorities seem unbalancedrobthelad
    • Seems like she is trying to destroy your life via the use of various liquids. I would be afraid of what is happening next.yuekit
    • why is the pee jar on your side of the bed...ArchitectofFate
    • oey, please write more storiesdrgs
    • Pee jarset
    • yes @DRGS, we need more stories, for... contextrobthelad
    • pee jar, lol.ApeRobot
    • would pics be asking too much?Gnash
    • assume theres a plumbing problem and all 6 are using the pee jar. you drop your phone in it -- is everyone at fault?
    • If an smartphone falls in pee jar in the middle of a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? does it work again after putting it on rice?ernexbcn
    • this post is a hidden ad for iphone 7drgs
    • lesson to be learned is pee jar should be kept in the corner of the room away from the bed.microkorg
    • pee jars should be designed with a funnel shaped top that narrows to a diameter smaller than the average telefon. (this should be in the million-$-idea thread)Gnash
    • is she that loud in the bathroom?monospaced
    • tatami walls?ernexbcn
    • Who cleans the pee jar in the morning?MHDC
    • is this girl worth it? is she mother material? make list of what you need in a relationship and compare. i dont think i could handle a pee jar unless it was ayurimon
    • "I'm so angry and so pissed right now." – A Man, A Woman and a Pee Jar. (Based on Actual Events)MHDC
    • off grid living situation.yurimon
    • A pee jar? OK. That's weird. Proceed as everything is normal.Hayoth
    • Is she a great aim? or does she 'she-pee' ?robthelad
    • Doesn't that stink?monospaced
    • Come for a quick trip to Brazil and relax a bit my friend :)Fabricio
      ya why is the pee jar by your side of the bed?
    • throws a glass of water at you, breaks laptop..'not my fault'...leaves a fucking PEE jar next to your side of the bed 'not my fault'...exador1
    • i think you can see the signs as well as anyone else here can oey.exador1
    • love and emotions can cloud us all. but if this happened to me? I'd be fucking tail-lights out the door.exador1
    • what's the old phrase? lawyer up, hit the gym, delete facebook.exador1
    • in your case, it might easily be 'move out, delete facebook, hit the gym...exador1
    • and there are 6??? 6 people in the apartment? what the fuck dude? what kind of situation are you in?exador1
    • Look man, it's just a phone... and it's just a laptop... material possessions. DO YOU LOVE HER? Be honest.robthelad
    • I swear I read this in a comic booksince1979
    • Is your girlfriend your hand? Would explain quite a lot to me.Longcopylover
    • I'm bemused by the "OMG YOU LIVE WITH 6 PEOPLE?" comments here. Some people live differently. Shocking, I know.detritus
    • I live with 6 people. (That's not even including the voices in my head ;-) !). Be it 5 more than I want to be with. Normal in London.mugwart
    • trainspotting 2dorkKn1ght
    • You are literally pissed with all that pee on your phoneletterhead
    • Our cat uses this clumping liter that absorbs odor and it smells really nice. When she's done, she scratches the little rocks to refreshen the landscape.omg
    • The only problem is the little rocks get stuck to her feet, and it follows her when she jumps out and the rocks get all over the place.omg
    • But maybe your girlfriend can put cat liter in her pee jar and you won't have these problems anymore.omg
    • "Hey Ricky, can you take a couple of these piss jugs when you leave"section_014
    • What does she do if she needs a dump?Kiko
    • "There's gotta be better system than peein in jugs"…
    • LOL @ Kiko...oey
    • "She constantly leaves things in the floor laying around" that's a big no no for me. She seems like a messy type and she didn't even apologize.Beeswax
    • Is this is some Howard Hughes type situation going on?sublocked
    • Actually she doesn't have to apologize Beeswax, it's her way. We're surely different in that and sometimes it pisses me off. We have separate rooms actually.oey
    • And this was in mine. But she still has stuff around has this room used to be hers until one month ago.oey
    • LOL @ sublockedoey
    • Gotta get a pee jar for the crib now.BrokenHD
    • Who throws a glass of water in the general direction of a laptop? Was she dropped as a baby?instrmntl
    • who throws a glass or water at allterry_cloth
    • good pointinstrmntl
    • Whatever, I've got a jizz jug under my bedscruffics
    • Beat the shit out of her, be a man.i_was
    • Lol at Jizz jugset
    • My phone capitalises Jizz. Prioritiesset
    • How can she respond "she has nothing to do with it" when it's her jar and her pee?whatthefunk
    • Oh my.garbage
  • kona27

    A little update on a Tuesday afternoon while I sip coffee outside on our deck.

    I was let go on a Wednesday, had 3 interviews Thursday, 3 on Friday, 2 more on the following Tuesday. By Wednesday I had landed a freelance from home job for 40hrs of my time. By Thursday I had accepted an offer at a household name company 15min from my home.

    I busted ass and finished the freelance job so this week I get to relax and finish a few small to-dos around the house while I wait to start my new contract on the 18th.

    I guess I didn't realize how shitty I felt working at my last gig. I was irritable, restless, anxious,... now, I'm a totally different person and I feel absolutely amazing.

    Bonus point... I still get 6 more weeks of severance while I get paid for the freelance and new job. And yes, I'm enjoying watching my old company drown. :)


    • CongratsHayoth
    • Although, painting our new closet turned seating area is straight bullshit and I'd rather pay some college dope to do it for $50 and a case of Bush Lightkona
    • Thank you Hayoth!kona
    • nice!monospaced
    • nice job kona. things sometimes happen for the better like right now for you.capn_ron
    • sweet!pinkfloyd
    • awesome! well deservedGnash
    • Don't worry... you'll feel shitty again in a few months! (just kidding maybe).BK
    • great!!sureshot
    • Now is the part where I get to say "I told you so!"nocomply
    • Selling candy, getting money.jaylarson
    • damn bro...couldn't be happier for you!!!!exador1
    • I, for one, am glad to your old gruff but lovable self!robotron3k
    • *you're backrobotron3k
    • nice - congrats!pedromendez
    • Nothing's beats watching them fall.
      *cuz "drawn" is a bit too soon...
    • fucking a - well donemugwart
    • Congrats.Longcopylover
    • thanks all!
      I just got the box of my stuff after 3 weeks and I open it to find quite a few pieces broken and pictures bent... fuckers
    • kept my jambox and iphone 6 too. time to throw a flaming bag of poo at their officekona
    • right on man. congrats.fyoucher1
    • Loving your selfrobthelad
    • Nice one Broham! Knew you would land on your feet! You have come a long way from the hobo stabbin days!spendogg
    • awesome Kmoldero
    • I shouldn't be, but i'm actually genuinely annoyed on your behalf about the treatment of your personal items.
      Glad to hear you're feeling the benefit
  • utopian15

    I buried my mother in the pouring rain today...hands down the saddest and longest day of my life. Go hug, call or tell your mother that you love her for me.

    • You're a good guy, Ute.
      I mean, you're a dick, but we all are too.
    • alrightsince1979
    • condolenceseryx
    • that's heavy. hang in there.inteliboy
    • Take care manbezoar
    • My grandmothers recent funeral was in the pouring rain. You can't help but feel the earth is mourning with you. Thoughts are with you and your loved ones.sofakingback
    • thanks utopian. mothers day will have an appreciative perspective for me.hotroddy
    • <3PonyBoy
    • strength from across the pond.sureshot
    • m♥momg
    • Lost mine 3 years ago, my heart goes out to you and yours - rough shit to power throughwhatthefunk
    • my condolencesernexbcn
    • condolencesloool
    • my condolencesCalderone2000
    • Condolences from UK mate xfadein11
    • sending hugs. My sincere condolences.sea_sea
    • This has been extremely painful and heartbreaking for everyone in my family, I appreciate all of the kind words an d thoughts.utopian
    • my dear utopian, my sincere condolences and please feel hugged.oey
    • condolences, my thoughts are with you and your familyGnash
    • hugs bro.. my condolences.robotron3k
    • Sorry to hear about your lossfuturefood
    • so sorry, i hope you all find peace.BonSeff
    • So sorry utopian.mg33
    • :(BusterBoy
    • so sorry bro..autoflavour
    • really sorry - best wishesFax_Benson
    • Sorry to hear that :-( My condolences.riskunlogic
    • My condolences utopBennn
    • Stay strong, she will always be part of you and you a part of her.evil1
    • So sorry for you and your family.stoplying
    • I'm so sorry utopian, hope you've got some days to rest now. All the bestOBBTKN
    • That's heavy :-( So sorry, Utopian! Stay strong.chukkaphob
    • Really sorry. My condolences.Krassy
  • utopian36

    Upvote steak. And the steak will find you within 24 hours.

    • I can get behind this.Continuity
    • lolernexbcn
    • nice, but Ive already got shawarma!sureshot
    • Cow's only eat grass - how do they get protein? Their stomachs contain bacteria, they eat grass to feed the bacterial, the bacteria is what they actually 'eat'.fruitsalad
    • So your grass fed cow steak, should technically be labelled "bacteria" fed. Bacteria protein fed steak. hmm yummy..fruitsalad
    • haha, I've been saying as much to people over the past couple of years, fruity :) "Cows are actually gigacidal bastards"detritus
    • Only quarter piece of steak. Would not bang.fyoucher1
    • lol are you really confused about how the biology allows plants energy to be converted into proteins?monospaced
    • Sorry.monospaced
    • This looks beautiful.monospaced
    • The only thing I would have done is salted that band of fat, so it crisps up nicely. Also, the flames are a bit high.Continuity
    • No, monospaced, I think he gets it entirely, which is why he wrote as much and then made a joke about how it should really be named.detritus
    • Yes I know. That's why I apologized.monospaced
    • -_-set
    • Those flames! Please... Raise the steak a bitOBBTKN
    • and down voted :)oey
    • it's a shit cut of meat, anyway, oeyGnash
  • HijoDMaite25

    What a great day this has been. Seeing my dad out and about has been completely surreal, just like I remember as a kid. :)

    I came just in time to sit on a meeting with my dad and some gallery owners in the city. It's been 15 days since he got out and he has already received offers for exclusive gallery rights. This particular gallery we visited was an area called Santa Fe in Mexico City, it's pretty much the most expensive section of the city. It's a massive penthouse/apartment that has been converted into a gallery showing artists from Mexico by appointment only. They paid him for a painting they sold last week and gifted him a sick coffee table book. They want to have a very large solo expo within a couple months. This is HUGE. It's wonderful to see the fruits of his work of the last 30 years.

    Posting some pics of the space we visited.

    getting info on one of the pieces staying at the gallery.

    this is actually a double sided painting. this one was done using his hands.

    a bedroom in the back is converted to a studio for artists to work. that's all plastic on the floor. they asked him if he would be interested in working there and he said no.

    this artists made this kitty with smoke. loved it!

    all the paintings leaning on the ground are my dads

    even the kitchen is filled with tons of pieces.

    Today we have an interview with Proceso and another with a French press later.

    • wow. seems it is going extremely well. congratulations !d_gitale
    • great first photo of you two! glad you are getting to spend time with him on this journey.capn_ron
    • I REALLY like that red one your Dad's holding upside down - one of his too?detritus
    • Lo más impresionante es que tu padre es autodidácta, porque están chingonas las pinturas.Maaku
    • Yes Dtetritus. Its titled "Los Comicastros"HijoDMaite
    • Yea I love one too.

      Good stuff!
    • I love that one too*set
    • +1Gnash
    • Incredible! You look great in the photo. I have goose bumps. And I feel so emotioned by this. Really cool.oey
    • Look at your smile man! and his! Wow!oey
    • Top one is awesome tooset
    • awesome!moIdero
    • I missed the art bit. so unbelievably exciting. really happy for you.lowimpakt
    • this is pretty coolSquiddy
    • great stuff. glad it's going so wellFax_Benson
    • I'm so glad he chose not to work there. It seems unfit for an artist of his caliber. All people need to see his work, not just the privileged. Un abrazo!sea_sea
    • ok... who is chopping onions?bklyndroobeki
    • HijoDMaite, while life is never an easy straight path - I think everything is going to be okay for your family. Art work looks stellamugwart
    • 8th picture red and black one caught my eye, good stuff all aroundterry_cloth
    • Great story! Wishing you and your father all the best!sothere
    • No one has mentioned that your pink shirt brings out your beast!utopian
    • Awesome! thanks again for sharing dudesureshot
    • Muy bueno!SoulFly
    • So much good feelings out of all of this.CALLES
    • So great to hear this. Best of luck to him!stoplying
  • HijoDMaite0


  • autoflavour12

    Turned 40 today... a few days ago I Changed my birthday on Facebook to 1 Jan .. just thought I would see how it would feel.

    Not having a bunch of acquaintances wishing u happy birthday over Facebook is actually kind of refreshing.

    • happy birthday!…Beeswax
    • happy bday :)Gnash
    • + happy birthday auto!moldero
    • Woot!! HBD!!pango
    • happy b-day!!!capn_ron
    • BHD@#matested
    • Happy Birthday! Get to bed early!robotron3k
    • HBD auto!
      I will die inside the day i'll hit 40. Can't manage aging.
    • Happy Birthday, I bet you are having a hell of a time right now. ;)keewee
    • '77 Classicbliznutty
    • Happy Birthday, welcome to the fucked knees club!MrT
    • Have you decided what your going to do for your mid life crisis??eryx
    • Cheers!sea_sea
    • join the club! congrats my dude!sureshot
    • Congrats, leaving the all-the-day-in-pains thing aside... you're in the best years of your life, hbd!OBBTKN
    • Have a bunch of random birthday wishes on here instead. Happy birthday!set
    • Alles gute zum Geburtstag!Continuity
    • 40s is the new 30s!yuekit
    • HB!mugwart
    • *strikes autoflavour off the listdrgs
    • nothing wrong with being 40. congrats!SimonFFM
    • what a pineapplerobthelad
    • Happy birthday!fadein11
    • Happy bd! I did the same with FB, btw.. . Felt good. I even realised that some old acquaintances remembered my bday despite FB not telling them.maquito
    • Only added my birthday this year... just in time for my 40th :D Happy B'day Auto!ShaneHolley
    • Happy Birthday, Grandpa!stoplying
    • Happy Birthday!!kona
    • Happy Birthday!uan
    • baha. now you've got people on QBN wishing you happy birthday instead! hope you had a good one!scarabin_net
    • Happy Birthday, Random Internet Acquaintance!
    • Happy Birthday, dude. Have fun this weekend.Maaku
    • turned 39.bklyndroobeki
    • Happy birthday Frank!cannonball1978
    • awwwwww. shux.. thanks you weirdos..autoflavour
  • kona9


    Sooner than expected, but as expected, my role was eliminated yesterday afternoon. No more than an hour after my boss pushed me to deliver a mockup for one of their brand websites that they're paying an external agency to develop. You're welcome.

    As expected, the engineering manager thinks his team of 4 backend app developers can design and UX the remaining 60% of the app. Even with the component library I built, there's not a snowballs chance in hell.

    So I sit here this early am questioning the universe and my place in it's vastness. I feel like a total failure and I'm not sure I want to design again. Fuck me. I'm having a hard time looking my eldest son in the eye for fear that he sees the failure in mine.

    • sorry to hear that buddy. don't beat yourself up over it.scruffics
    • This event does not define you, start looking right away. Show your son you are cool under pressure. Good luck brother.HijoDMaite
    • 'Role Eliminated' as in sacked, or taken off that project? Sorry to hear, man, but it sounded like a socio-political clusterfuck rather than a criticism of you.detritus
    • I think a lot of us can totally comprehend. Been there also... Sadly you can't influence shit like this, you're just getting fucked by douches, not your fault.grotesk_neue
    • I wouldn't take it to heart, and certainly not as a failure. It's quite clear financial scrimping and idiots are involved, as always.set
    • It's been a long time since I've seen your work, but from memory I don't have you down as one of the lacklustre fucks, and you've always exuded competencedetritus
    • whats your experience and where are you based? We need developers over here. Can up your name/cv forwardmugwart
    • ive worked with c"nts like this. Its heart breaking and soul destroying. Fuck them. You put your all into it and so you can look at yourself in the mirror.mugwart
    • also look at your son in the eye and tell him you did all you could but sometimes there is dishonesty and the only way to be is raw honest.mugwart
    • someone told me that football (i hate!) teams lost there meanings when it was all about winning. it used to be sticking with your team through ups and downs.mugwart
    • You failed nothing - eng. mgr thinks he can do it? Take pleasure watching him and his motley crew drown. You know you're better than they are, thus you win.face_melter
    • Spent a week busting on an image, along with the guys who built the model. Looks great. Day before deadline client decides to get a 'known' studio to do them...face_melter
    • ...instead. We shout FUCK! and reluctantly send them the 3D. Took the cunts three months! Client is happy, I guess. Was told by proj. mgr...face_melter
    • ...that he preferred my image(s) to the pro place but they bullshitted themselves into the job and bamboozled the client. Everyone hates their work.face_melter
    • The world is full of cunts, but there are always people who recognise and appreciate good, decent, work.face_melter
    • ^ yep! This.mugwart
    • Don't let this set back get to you too much. Companies are so often full of bullshit politics. When things like this happen they v.often lead to much betterfadein11
    • things and it will all be forgotten soon. Onwards and upwards!fadein11
    • Stay positive man, go for a bike ride, take time for you, energize and come back to market with new ideas!OBBTKN
    • damn kona that sucks ... I hate saying the usual 'things always turn out' but ... things always turn out buddy .. keep your head up always.Ramanisky2
    • you should quit that fucking place.sted
    • damnmoldero
    • That sucks but can happen to everyone. Have a beer, be sad for a while, think what you could do different (or better) next time. Then get up and look forward.Longcopylover
    • But don't let you hold back or pull down, it's not worth it.Longcopylover
    • failure is a stepping-stone to successsince1979
    • this is your chance to get something better. They did you a favor. Don't let the down part stop you. More money and more design satisfaction headed your way.capn_ron
    • Fuck that shit, Kona. Talent always lands on its feet. Keep your head up!BonSeff
    • Thanks guys. I really appreciate the kind words. I'm a UI/UX Designer/Manager with almost 18years exp. My portfolio is boxofsharpies.comkona
    • which if course as the universe works... is down right now. dreamhost is down. This is too much.kona
    • Get to the gym, get some rest, get up early, because your new job is getting a job. You'll be back at it soon!robotron3k
    • Keep your head upgarbage
    • Dude! You are anything but a failure! For real. I gotta tell you something: We've both been on this site for a long time.nocomply
    • I've always look up to you as older, wiser, and most definitely stronger. I've read reports of your ups and downs before.nocomply
    • You got a lot of brains and you will most definitely rise again. And soon. And probably somewhere better!nocomply
    • You know you're value. And others see it in you too. Just not that shite gig you were at.nocomply
    • *your. D'oh!nocomply
    • Sounds like they did you a favour. Your team sounded downright dysfunctional.monNom
    • if it helps, i'll put your site up on my mt grid acct. email me.BonSeff
    • bonseff@gmail.comBonSeff
    • Their fucking loss. All I can tell you is that you don't need anyone. Go out on your own or partner with a couple of good people and crush it._niko
    • one og to another. I always remember your story of how you got your nickname, I ride a kona as well :)_niko
    • Thanks guys! and wow, thank you nocomply for that, what a pick me up. I already have a few things going which is pretty incredible...kona
    • ^ wordBonSeff
    • Does anyone know where I can grab a UI mockup of iphones to showcase some work? maybe something along the lines of https://cdn.freebies…kona
    • grr.
    • you're one of the good ones Kona. and one of the reasons i stick around here. seriously.
      you'll bounce back higher than before. trust.
    • thank you ex! that means a lot!kona
    • sorry to hear, Doug. sounds like you were dealing with a bunch of bullshit at the job lately :\ iPhone PSD mock…lvl_13
    • good luck kona! bet you are going to shake this one off in style.
      https://freebiesbug.… ?
    • not sure if you were looking for the one you posted, because it's a freebie from https://freebiesbug.…
      maybe make a thread for mockups
    • Send them a bag of dicks.
    • #mkgarobotron3k
    • Sorry to hear that Doug but you know what they say... your best job is your next job. Industry is still in serious need of people at all levels in Chicago,mg33
    • I'm sure you'll find something you're perfect for. Work your connections and work your muscles.…mg33
    • I got laid off on Xmas Eve three years ago thanks to a nasty board room battle. I was in debt, burnt out and angry. I now run my own show. Be lucky dude.monoboy
    • You should be able to find work asap with that portfolio. The only downside is the 18 years of experience (I know, I know). Agencies and recruiters usually wantMaaku
    • a cheap junior designer.Maaku
    • Monoboy. Damn! Christmas Eve? You really pissed someone off.pango
    • damn sorryCALLES
    • they did you a favour, this is an opportunity to pick a new team that will let you shine and do even better work. Nice effing portfolio btw, you'll be fine!zarkonite
    • dicksbymail. that's the best $15 i've ever spent. thanks again all. some great pick me up stories. this is the community i love!kona
    • http://media3.giphy.…pango
    • Doug, I don't post a lot, but I'm on qbn all the time. I fondly remember, years ago, your hobo-bashing days. Chin up. You shall bash again, sir!bulletfactory
    • just a job dude. time to get a better oneMilan
    • I'm willing to bet that if you look your son in the eyes, he sees nothin but the best fucking dude on the planet.Cosmodrome
    • And if you do look him in the eye, let me know how the fuck you got his attention.Cosmodrome
    • Sorry to hear, kona. There is a shift going on w dev thinking they can do w/o design. It's pompous and shortsighted. Bad leadership. Nothing to do w you._salisae_
    • Hey man- get in touch - I'd like to help if I canriteshpatel
  • maquito30

    Upvote if you'd like qbn better off without fucking politic related threads.

    • things were good before political related subject spills out of the political thread.pango
    • Drake's head will explode without Hillary and or Obama memes splattered across every thread.utopian
    • yeah its shitsureshot
    • Where's Yurimon?Ianbolton
    • +1 maquitoContinuity
    • yes. maquito for presidentsofakingback
    • it's political season in the USdocpoz
    • that seems to be the situation.sureshot
    • lolmaquito
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    • you guys are ruthlessmaquito
    • Why not have a function similar to NSFW that allows us to flag posts as Political. It would – at least – keep it off the front page.nb
    • notice this topic comes up after trump wins the primary.yurimon
    • i don't understand, why hasn't this been fixed? where are the mods?inteliboy
    • We need a more powerfull webmastersureshot
    • I can not believe you actually think this has ANYTHING to do with Trump... Yuri, IDGAF about ANY politician; even less about US presidential candidates.maquito
    • You know I live in Uruguay, don't you?maquito
    • i know. a refugee?yurimon
    • Yuri stop insulting people and go back to your slum, the flood is coming.sted
    • Or, just start flagging political posts as NSFW?nb
    • Or, just get your hearts of your dainty lil sleeves and move on to the next thread?
    • QBN is better off without people deciding without what QBN would be better offdrgs
    • ^drake-von-drake
    • dont try to home-sted me broh. wheres that humor plugin?yurimon
    • < Mary Whitehouse.Morning_star
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    • Alexander just go back to your cars and being a lazy webmaster and leave QBN.sted
    • The vote has spoken!!pango
  • PonyBoy13

    lost my pup of nearly 16 years today... she died in my arms about 3 hours ago

    last night the wife and I rushed her to the vet... we were told they didn't want to put her down / felt good about her and sent her home w/us after taking blood etc. Didn't even have time to get the tests back... poor thing went from bad to horrible... she was gone before I could even get her back to the vet (not even a mile from home).

    Anyway... going to miss you Penny (Penelope)... such a fun pup over the years.

    This is her about 2 months ago (not even) hanging w/Ollie—

    • damn Pony. sorry for your loss. these little pups are such a big part of our lives it is the same emotions as losing a family member.capn_ron
    • Hang in there. so sorry :(Gnash
    • awe sorry man, she looks like a rescue i lost about 3 years ago, she was 14GuyFawkes
    • sorry pony!utopian
    • Sorry for your loss :*(pockets
    • Awe man that’s rough. My sympathies.monospaced
    • Wonderful looking pup, cute lil' tail. Sorry for your loss, cheers to Penny.garbage
    • So tough .. sorry for your loss PonyBoyRamanisky2
    • Thanks, All... missing her something painful... fucking hate this part where you see and hear her everywhere :(PonyBoy
    • So sorry Kevin :(OBBTKN
    • I feels. Hang in there pal. Sounds like you had a great time together.set
    • Sorry for your loss. Bye Penny.Longcopylover
    • Sorry for your loss matefadein11
    • ahr man that sucks. hugs from Londonmugwart
    • I'm sorry for your loss Pony :(ernexbcn
    • Sorry for your loss Pony, I know the feeling :(Bennn
    • sorry to hear that :(loool
    • that sucks bud, remember the good times. My best buddy is nearly 15 and her health is starting to go downhill. Sucks.flashbender
    • SUCKS Pony! find some good pics and frame them. :-(HijoDMaite
    • Sympathynbq
    • UGH so sorry to hear that! I've been there. Just remember the amazing life you gave her that she might not have had otherwise.GM278
    • Sorry to hear, losing pets is awful, their the fucking best. It does sound like she had pretty good innings with you. Remember the good times.thumb_screws
    • Oh man, I'm so sorrymartinadolfsson
    • My heart bleeds for you. I'm so sorry. Penny is adorable.FawnDog
    • 16 years is a great age, that's what love does for a dog.mrAtor
    • :(moldero
    • Sending condolences for your lossrobotron3k
    • :(pinkfloyd
    • Man, I feel for you, so sorry. My pup is 12 and losing the function of his rear legs and it's getting worse every day. I'm in the same boat...davey_g
    • boo. sucks. you kept things going for 16. damn. bravo. hopefully she suffer too much on the way out.jaylarson
    • Thank you, All... <3PonyBoy