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    • ORAZAL

      You clearly didn't read my text although you have an interest in the subject.

      To answer your questions:

      1. gets mad at users complaining about a handful of users
      2. creates tens of accounts to talk shit and troll people
      3. only after he gets busted creating said accounts claims that it's a "social experiment"
      4. ???
      5. profit?

      - - -

      1. I'll allow it
      2. These accounts were created and retired prior to my getting "mad" at a handful of users. I didn't talk shit but I'll allow you to see it as trolling. If you don't have the data at hand check with your fellow moderators.
      3. I specifically stated in the first paragraphs that it was in no way an experiment or project.
      4. You tell me.
      5. Is the check in the mail?

      I'm not trying to change your perception of me as a troll but I would like there to be some correlation with your perception and the facts.

      Ask Me Anything,