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  • bklyndroobeki4

    watching Star Trek Next Gen Season 1

    • keep your eye out for the dudes in skirts!
    • never mind that... it's this that's killing lol me https://m0vie.files.…bklyndroobeki
    • riker is such a slutscarabin
    • to me Tasha Yar was a goddess. my favorite episode is where they all get horny and she hits on mr Datadrgs
    • I fucking love that there are so many ST fans on here... you guys rock.BuddhaHat
    • i always wondered if that was technically considered masturbation or whatscarabin
    • I'm gonna throw a cat amongst the pigeons here and say that while Picard added so much class to all of TNG, DS9's Quark eps were my favourite...BuddhaHat
    • followed in a very close second by the Q episodes... discuss :PBuddhaHat
    • i can't leave out Time's Arrow, too... Data in Mark Twain era US...BuddhaHat
    • Amazed that the kid got to be on the bridge within an episode or 2. loving this showbklyndroobeki
    • *NO SPOILERSbklyndroobeki
    • Shut up, Wesley! lolBuddhaHat
    • I'm glad there are still ppl watching it for the first time over 20 years later... I won't say a word... enjoy!BuddhaHat
    • I believe tech today has taken so much the series & I'm only halfway in ... kind of wild to see. I think Data is awesomebklyndroobeki
    • That series deals with some heavy concepts at times, great episode about Data's rights as a lifeform.BabySnakes
    • which EP?bklyndroobeki
    • I just reached DS9 s3.i_monk
    • "The Measure of a Man" is the ninth episode of the second seasonBabySnakes
    • Season 1, that's before worf became a whiny little bitch, right? Lol…
  • scarabin0

    anybody know anything about baby showers?

    i was invited to one and given an amazon registry. i saw a fraggle rock (which i love) book on it and thought an anniversary edition boxed set of the DVDs would be way cooler so i got that instead. now i'm thinking i may have fucked up some kind of custom and don't wanna look like a one-upping asshole if someone shows up with just the book.

    and am i supposed to gift wrap it?

    are these gifts supposed to be anonymous?

    i've no idea what i'm doing.

    • the thing is tomorrow. pls halpscarabin
    • what the fuck are you talking about scar? i have to check that baby shower stuff...oey
    • i was picturing a baby peeing...fuck what's wrong with me?oey
    • you'll have to gift wrap would be my guess after reading about it for 5 minutes.oey
    • it's a custom here in the US. there's another thing called a bridal shower. i know fuck all about eitherscarabin
    • bridal shower...LOL!oey
    • baby showers are common in Oz, and yes, presents are generally wrapped... They may end up with a Fraggle Rock book AND dvd set though... which is a win!BuddhaHat
    • Most husbands/boyfriends... I know that are invited will usually end up in another room drinking, playing darts etc. it's normally sthg for the mothers in Oz.BuddhaHat
    • you have to hang out with the mothers scar ;)oey
    • ha!scarabin
    • yes, wrap it up and it's not a white elephant so you have the option of adding a to & from card to it. ;)sea_sea
    • do we sit around and watch her open them or just put 'em somewhere and go hang out?scarabin
    • mom-to-be will usually open the gifts in front of everyone. gifts aren't anonymous. you have to scream and giggle as each gift is revealedGnash
    • I was invited to that same shower, you one-upping motherfucker you!bklyndroobeki
    • lol

      practicing my giggle-and-scream now
    • Should have had Amazon gift wrap that shit for $3.…
  • HijoDMaite0

    real talk:

    Does anyone have a good working machine to sell me?

    I'm currently using a Mid 2010 MBP with 8GB Memory and upgraded SSD Drive.

    I browse the web and do all my photo editing. Heavy LightRoom and Photoshop, some InDesign.

    I have $700 right now. I just need something better i don't care the year anything is better I'm sure.

  • bklyndroobeki0

    how much do you pay for a hair cut?
    how often do you go?

    • I might start cutting my own hairpinkfloyd
    • $20. I'll go every month or so now. However, I cut my own hair 2002-15.bezoar
    • I haven't paid for a haircut for around 20 yearsmoldero
    • 18 + 7 tiputopian
    • 20. twice a year.pango
    • would have shaved my head but my roommate is bald as well... would be too funny.pango
    • @moldero saved a fortunepinkfloyd
    • 18 plus tip http://astorplacehai…whatthefunk
    • every 3-4 weeks with a shape up in between...whatthefunk
    • wow that's very often compare to me. well i admit i do look like a hobo few months in a year.pango
    • ^ you can cut yourself. takes a few mins with that to cut the side+back. get some scissors to trim top hair. sorted.fruitsalad
    • Every 3 months. $15maquito
    • 6-8 weeks. I have a shaggy phase 3-4 times a year. Found a barber named yuri who cuts hair for $20.monospaced
    • 350kr, about every four weeks or so.face_melter
    • every 8-10 days. i don't even want to say what i'm paying. i find that my friends are doing the same thing. cutting my own soon, just hard to do a high fade onbklyndroobeki
    • yourself.bklyndroobeki
    • no thanks fruitsaladbklyndroobeki
    • i've been doing my own for years https://s-media-cach…scarabin
    • Every 3 hours, someone dies from a clipper.pinkfloyd
    • Every 3-4 weeks, $35 for haircut and beard trim. I don't trim my beard anyone myself; it's well work it having a barber do it.mg33
    • 2 months. $20.dorf
    • I wonder how often Jaylarson cuts his hair.... lolpango
  • HijoDMaite1

    Kind of excited. Here in SoCal we're due for the strongest rain storm in 7 years! They even dubbed it storm "Lucifer" the shit is gonna hit the fan around 6pm here. That's just in time for the end of my home commute.

    All part of the good ole' Pineapple Express!

    Woo hoo bring it!

    Any one in Santa Barbara are or L.A. getting it yet??

    • Gonna call my family in SB an check in!monospaced
    • good to hear. You guys need it!stoplying
    • They've got a river running through the yard, and had to have people work on all the drainage paths around the house and yard in anticipation of this.monospaced
    • hope that damn dam holds upmoldero
    • it hasn't stopped raining here for three hours straight.HijoDMaite
    • Problem is the state won't let the cities build new reservoirs so all that fresh water goes into the oceanHayoth
    • what cities, hayoth?monospaced
    • rained here all day and all night yesterday. blew my power out for a while, had to bust out my camping lightsscarabin
    • https://scontent-lga…scarabin
  • detritus0

    Someone's just sent an email saying that some pieces I cut for them for a job three weeks ago are flawed — a material problem rather than my own incompetence. For once.

    This happened on a previous, exact-same job, to which my culpability in not noticing the material problem was evident, so I took the hit and re-made the affected pieces.

    With this second job, the material was good, and I checked each and every piece before I sent them out. I then contacted him, twice, to enquire as to the quality, to which he said "all the ones I've used so far are fine!".

    And yet here we are, and frankly I'm fucked if I'm doing more for free for him. How do I know he's not mixed up the duds from the first batch, either intentionally or unintentionally? He's a pro guy. but.. wtf didn't he go through them three weeks ago?

    I fucking hate my job sometimes. Often.


    I'll end up re-doing them for free, just to keep the peace.


    • Cool story br..zzzzzzdetritus
    • Take photos of them before they're sent, also once wrapped, and also once boxed maybe?kona
    • Perhaps. I shouldn't have to — this is the first time in many years of doing this I've had this problem. Also, there are many pieces — photoing would take ages!detritus
    • ah fuck.

      welp. he's a dick
    • What do you do? Sorry if I have missed something but thought you were a graphic designer?fadein11
    • This, laser-cutting. Otherwise, sometimes graphic stuff, sometimes web.detritus
    • EIGHT YEARS, MAN — HOW DID YOU NOT FUCKING KNOW?! *sniffs*detritus
    • Go flip his table and kick his chair.pango
  • kona0

    I was running a bit early for work today and I decided to get my car washed at a shop on the way to work.

    I pull up and pay and casually make my way inside. I dick around with the water shooter they have installed that lets kids like me shoot a stream of water at the passing cars on the conveyer.

    As I'm waiting outside because it's a rather nice morning, I see a mint Jeep Grand Cherokee slowly roll out from the end of the wash and then I notice it... there's no driver.

    As the car is now fully out of the wash the employees notice and full panic run to the front in a fruitless attempt to stop it from rolling into a mint Cadillac SUV.

    The slope of the drive is too steep and there it goes... slow motion... everyones' now running to the car to try and stop it. An employee jumps into the drivers seat door open last second but it's too late as the open drivers door slams into the back of the SUV pinning the guys left leg in the open door. This is bad.

    We all run over now and an employee jumps into the Caddy and moves it forward. Heavy damage to the Jeeps door and and the guys leg is badly bruised.

    It all happened in slow motion but at the same time was over in the blink of an eye.

    We all laughed after that it could have been much worse then we all kind of thought about what might have happened if the car had another 10 feet or so to pick up speed. It might have chopped the guys leg clean off. Fuckn hell.

    • crazy how time plays those slow motion games in our heads with stuff like this that is so quick. scary scene i'm sure.capn_ron
    • lol buddha. I was impressed at how cool the guy who owned the Jeep was. More concerned over everyones safety than he was his car.kona
  • dee-dubs0

    I f*cking hate Transport for London,

    The f*cking sh*t-c*nts pay people to sit there and trawl through CCTV videos so they can retrospectively send out parking/traffic tickets.

    Got one for parking in red route box for like 2 mins while i checked if it was ok to park there (which it wasn't at that time)... Yeah yeah.... 'keep the roads safe and moving', thats what they all about.... however if i just abandoned my car in the middle of the street and blocked the whole f*cking road for the same amount of time I probably wouldn't be staring at a ticket right now...wheres the logic in that???


    rant over

    • they can issue tickets after the fact for parking infractions? I get running red lights or blowing through a stop sign -- but that is ridiculousGnash
    • Yup! I've also had it before for stopping in a box junction (someone cut in-front of me so I had to stop!!)dee-dubs
    • Contest it - it typically costs them more to bother defending it than it does for them to just let it slip.detritus
    • Bidnisset
  • deathboy1

    tomorrows the last day of a cush job that pays the bills. time for some solo excitement sans pornhub


    A client just wrote that they liked A LOT the infographic work i've done for them (not for your friend scarab)... tears on my eyes, It's not something you hear every day...

    Sun is up

    • niceGnash
    • ¡felicitaciones OBB! tienes que sentirte muy feliz :)BuddhaHat
  • pinkfloyd3

    Looks like I quit my job today.

    • Dude where have you been? There are obituaries scattered around QBN, as well as search and rescue squads looking for you.utopian
    • Utopian gave a really nice eulogy too :(

      so whats next?
    • are you not sure you quit, or did something happen? on to bigger and better!!!capn_ron
    • lol @ search and rescue squatdspinkfloyd
    • this is a turning point in my life, hopefully for better things. sending out resumes and will take the time to enjoy the nice weather comingpinkfloyd
    • I might also pursue art or learn codingpinkfloyd
    • Been at the same company for 10 years so this is a big change for mepinkfloyd
    • Things have been unfair to me the last few years, so I need to break off and decided to quit.pinkfloyd
    • yeah take a break man, cool off, take advantage of your newfound time for some personal enrichmentscarabin
    • I hear that Trump has a few cabinet positions open that he's having trouble filling.utopian
    • lolpinkfloyd
    • ^ From last week.utopian
    • Time for another qbn breakpinkfloyd
    • lolpango
    • Change is good, take rest, do things you like and restart working only when you feel ready and pasionated againOBBTKN
    • After working 13 years on the same company, 2 years ago i've done the jump to create my own studio... all for goodOBBTKN
    • good luck, you sound you deserve a break. Not sure what language you learn but let me know if you need a hand learning.mugwart
    • thanks guys. that's great OBBTKNpinkfloyd
    • love ya pinky!utopian
    • utopian, we are BFFpinkfloyd
  • bliznutty1

    my life is dope and I do dope shit

    • it will all end eventually...
    • all the more reason to do dope shitscarabin
    • kanye quote?_niko
  • HijoDMaite3

    Seriously!!!......why San Diego, why!? You will not believe what just happened..I went into the 7/11 to get a drink and smokes. When I walked up I noticed these two cops watching a woman who was smoking while getting gas. I saw her and thought, "What an idiot...with the cops right there too." But anyway, I went in and got my soda. As I was checking out, I heard someone screaming. I looked outside and the woman's arm was on fire! She was swinging her arm & running around like crazy! I ran outside and the cops had put her on the ground and were putting the fire out with their coffees! Then they put handcuffs on her and threw her in the police car. I was thinking "She shouldn't have been smoking & pumping gas, but surely she's not going to be arrested for her stupidity, I mean, especially considering the circumstances!! The lady just burned her arm for goodness sake!" So, being the nosy person that I am, I asked them what they were arresting her for... The cop looked me dead in the eye and said ... "WAVING A FIREARM!"

    • lol :) nice punchlineGnash
    • 2 things, though, Hijo; stop smoking and lay off the soda. Did you learn nothing from your stroke?Gnash
    • what part man? didn't know you were in SD.studderine
    • Lol what you guys didnt read the whole thing! LOLHijoDMaite
    • Ok so no more soda and caffeine for me, been done since that day. Only one cup of coffee in morn. Scout's Honor.HijoDMaite
    • smokes.. well i quit for three days last wednesday & started again that weekend. Wife and kids were out of town so i went and drank with my egenerate friends.HijoDMaite
    • @Studder yeah man i live in North County!HijoDMaite
    • LOL? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)DRIFTMONKEY
    • hang in there, hijo :)Gnash
    • Its good. I approve of this joke. I was gonna say: oh god what shitty thing is going on in this city now. lolsofakingback
    • Hmm. Interesting. Your "joke" "story" was posted on a forum more than a month ago: http://www.datehooku…chukkaphob
    • waving a fire arm.... lolpango
    • GentleBear1949 IS hijo!futurefood
    • Sorry, ES hijo...futurefood
    • @futurefood oh, I see. Haha! datehookup member since 2008chukkaphob
    • mannnnbklyndroobeki
    • I got this from facebook. Lol nice one ColumboHijoDMaite
    • Oh i see lol the datehookup site haha.HijoDMaite
    • I'm planning a protest tonight in San D, release the firearm lady!fruitsalad
    • seriously Hijo, cut the sodas.. its poisonBennn
    • @Hijo yeah, you got it from facebook but then added the San Diego part and copied & posted on here as your own to appear clever, funny, and cool. Ts ts ts.chukkaphob
    • pfffff lol grill!pango
  • Maaku0

    I just registered for Dribble after years of stubbornness.
    Y'all have one?

  • GeorgesII0

    Reply to all.

    This happened last christmas, one of my coworker left the company for a direct competitor, so he sent an email to everyone he worked with for years wishing them well.

    I clicked reply and told him, I hope he find a better mood in the other company and so on. nothing hardcore.

    email sent..

    I get a message 5 minute later of my junior telling me I fucked up, the message went to around 300 people in our network, EMEA, Asia and America, everyone got my fuckn reply.

    10 min in and I get a message from the German network CEO,

    this was me before opening the email

    everything ended up for the better though, all the bigshot in the network know me, my linkedin boomed in the christmas period, this thing has become like the joke around here,

    anyways, please check before replying to all :)

    • this reads like a 4chan postinteliboy
    • Oh man, sorry to hear that.Maaku
    • Thought it was only interns and school leavers who made that mistake.fadein11
    • LOLpango
    • My friend was a contractor at a big financial services place in nyc. He wasn't asked to come on board fulltime, so on his last day he sentstoplying
    • ...a scathing email to the entire office (a few hundred people). He's been unemployed since.stoplying
  • sted3

  • inteliboy1

    I've been acting like a freak over the last 24 hours telling everyone about set's post on this CIA doc:…

    I dunno. Real or not real, I don't care, it's blown my mind even as a work of fiction.

  • rabbit1

    My parents (75) handed me and my sister their will today. I am heartbroken. The reality of looking at this thing after a couple of beers is too much. I put the papers back into the envelope, and sealed it, knowing that the next time I open it what the circumstance will be. I had to muddle the papers up, so mums or dads was not first in the envelope. I can't bear the thought. I am so sad right now. I just had to share with someone. Thanks.

    • There has to be more to this whole thing than just this little time we have.rabbit
    • Then again, no there doesn't.rabbit
    • I dont know what to say rabbit, i sympathize and feel the same. just enjoy while they're there. i try to see my mom as often as i can, 1 or 2 times a monthBennn
    • My folks gave me theirs about 15 years ago after certain events brought everything into (very) sharp focus. Thought nothing more about it until recently...face_melter
    • ...given that i'm now in my 40's and you're supposed to have a handle on all this shit. But you never do :/face_melter
    • heavy man. I feel it.inteliboy
    • So... what do you get?robthelad
    • Geez. My parents (72) did the same a few weeks ago. But I didn't look at it. I don't want to know till I have to.Longcopylover
    • I was sad too. But I just know now that I want to spend more time with them. I look at it as a reminder that I am lucky they are still here.Longcopylover
    • *slap
      Stop chewing snot and man yourself up
    • And I am glad about this reminder. Not everyone gets that.Longcopylover
    • im pretty young for my parents age. My mom is 72 this april. This is an important time for them to prepare - for their family. Dont be sad.shellie
    • If anything, they might have gotten to this in their 50s or 60s and you should consider your own living will now too. My sister died at 40. You never know.shellie
    • But its about being in control of your legacy before an emergency. Really bruv nothing sad about that. Most ppl wait entirely too long and it causes somuch painshellie
    • They did it cos they love their family. A wonderful gift!shellie
    • Its great the Will was handed out before any events. You know what is going to happen - enjoy your time to.mugwart
    • My family were upper class c*nts. They devoured each other to get money when my grand parents died. My parents, whom I don't speak, gave all "my" inheritance tomugwart
    • my sisters, cause they didn't love nor trust me.
      If you have family that you love, make sure they know it. Be honest about everything and embrace every moment
    • Sad as it is, be grateful that you have that emotion as it means love was there.mugwart
    • Damn, guys, some heavy shit! Gonna call my folks right now and appreciate the moments we have. Thanks for the reminder.formed
    • I was recently advised to create my own living trust so when the time comes my mother's assets can roll over seamlessly into mine.sea_sea
    • .. also meant I had to think of my own demise, who the hell is ever ready to do that. :/sea_sea
    • Good on your parents. Stay positive rabbit. My father did not prepare a will and it was a fuckin mess when he passed.bezoar
    • It's definitely the responsible thing to do.sea_sea
    • :(Maaku
    • Wow man. Love ya'll! My peoples are right hererabbit
    • Ok i was mid sentence and editing that and now i sound like an idiot. Who cares. Ha. Thanks guys love ya!rabbit
  • i_monk1

    Contract ended today.

  • fourth1

    I've been a working designer for 10+ years and I will never understand:


    • Length of dash and length of gaps in a repeating pattern. Custom dashes. Not that complicated.monospaced
    • We use them for situation plans to show development boundaries - long dash, short dash.face_melter
    • I use it when I want the stroke to be points/circles for example. How to explain this?oey
    • @oey, a zero length stroke is a point, and with rounded ends, it becomes a dot ... I do this all the timemonospaced
    • I use it when something needs to be cut out.robthelad
    • I find them very useful in this situation http://www.folkdance…nb
    • @ mono: exactly. that's what i do.oey
    • https://indesignsecr…bklyndroobeki