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    i'm liking this hashtag. #glitterboobs.

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    I have a jr designer who is fresh out of school. We hired him in the last month of his graduating term and he has been working full time with us for a couple of weeks now.

    Kid seems happy, but is always out the door at 5.

    Today is the last night of his grad show, it's industry night. He came into work today with a stack of business cards, and asked me if he could work on his portfolio during his lunch break.

    I'm not sure if he's retarded, or if he thinks I'm retarded.

    How would you play this?

    • Give a late project and see how he acts. If he's not committed have a talk and outline some goals.Hayoth
    • And he's a kid.Hayoth
  • utopian1

    SquareSpace = Amateur Hour


    1000 flyers prints to trashcan cos the client played with the content in 30 emails... Put it here, change this, push it to... The final text is...

    Sorry, this was not the definitive one, can you change it now...

    The flyer is on dealer's hands now, i can not do this change now, mate!

    • Shame on you for not sticking to a deadline.i_monk
  • moldero1

    quick questine for any mac pro trashcan users..

    since our internal hard drive is so fucking small (for guys working with video) what external hard drive setup do you guys work with? Ive been using 'WD my passport Ultras' and they only seem to last 6 months or so, the drives (same kind) I use for storage I have no issues with, it seems these things cant handle constant use, I just had another drive today start beeping on me, which basically means its dying, in this case, im losing the drive I set my AE and Premiere cache on, this is the 3rd drive thats crapping out on me in the last 2 months. is there an external drive made to handle constant use and not just for data backup?

    • that shit shouldn't die after 6 months or 2 lol. something else isn't oksted
    • i figured 8-10 hour days constantly reading 4k footage might just be too much for these thingsmoldero
    • or maybe it's just too damn hot where i livemoldero
  • HijoDMaite4

    Pango do you have a girlfriend? If not let's find you one.

    • I hear sea_sea is singledrgs
    • I don't think he's her type.HijoDMaite
    • Are you single, Hijo?monospaced
    • nawh dude I'm married. btw i'm still trying to find my friend a guy, she works at pwc like you mono.HijoDMaite
    • I have some single friends down here Hijo, just depends on her type.capn_ron
    • lol, I know the Pango likes the ladies!HijoDMaite
    • iWood bang pangomoldero
    • he's out on a tinder datefadein11
    • What the hell is this. Lol this is a weird thing to wake up to. Nahhh I just pulled a 48 hour to finish a deadline.pango
    • You banged a chick for 48 hrs?? damn dude.HijoDMaite
    • Lol was I being cynical on Facebook again?pango
    • :-DHijoDMaite
    • and... DID YOU ASSUME MY SEXUALITY?!?pango
    • But yes I like titties and pussies very much.pango
    • Get in the line moldy!pango
    • hahamoldero
    • noWoodHereutopian
  • mugwart1

    Going to be showing The Void in our 2k cinema tonight ... so fucking excited! Not been this excited for a film in year..... not been excited for a film in years come to think about it

    • The horror movie?OBBTKN
    • yep ;-)mugwart
    • "... our 2k cinema"
      Tell me more!
    • ^OBBTKN
    • we have to basement rooms with 2 barco cinema projectors in each. decent screens and a fairly good sound system. hopefuly faux leather seats which pivit back..mugwart
    • we have it booked out every tuesday to run film clubs. So much funmugwart
    • oh that's really cool!monospaced
    • Yes! Enjoy it... Looks like a good setupOBBTKN
    • nice!moldero
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  • fourth3

    I was feeling annoyed with a client, a project, and myself all day.

    Then I figured out a CSS problem I've been trying to solve within squarespace after explaining the problem to a developer. Then got a couple checks in the mail. Both reminders of why we do this shit everyday.

    Back to work

    • If all you do is work or you don't have enough money for a vacation, you're doing it wrong, but work is what we do to live.bainbridge
    • I make my own schedule and spent all of Dec in Indonesia. That being said design takes T I M Efourth
  • pango1


    • Death before decaf.DRIFTMONKEY
    • think of hijosea_sea
    • it's the only thing keeping me awake right now.... i have slept for 36 hours... LOLpango
    • i meant i haven'tpango
    • 48 hrs now! WOOT!pango
    • Why?? Go to sleep before your brain freaks out.sea_sea
    • I see a Caffeine O.D. in your future.HijoDMaite
    • I O.D. on Caffeine every day, in fact, I'm right now as I type thismoldero
  • pango1

    Benfal. Report to principal's office immediately. Benfal to principal office immediately!…

  • detritus0

    At the end of a wholly pointless phonecall just now I fat-thumbed hanging up, instead putting onto speakerphone, which likely caught a large, wearied 'jeeesus christ' before I realised what I'd done.

    • LOLpango
    • now you have to do that at the end of all your calls with this person and make it seem like it's your normal sign off.Gnash
    • haha.kona
  • blog-3

    back in the day, all of you, knew everything about me..

    now you know nothing about me..

    meh.. oi

  • scarabin11

    god i wish i had children

    • lolGnash
    • lol yup, perfectly sums it p._niko
    • Hahahahahahahapango
    • I always think of that when I see my tax return. xDsea_sea
    • Me and you alike Scarbs...Between the good luck for upvoting the money pigeon and no children, I'm not living like a pigeon.…
    • I love this notion some have that having kids means you have no disposable income.ETM
    • what is your opportunity cost with kids vs without?dorf
    • kids are expensive.ApeRobot
    • My kids are worth it.Morning_star
    • My kids aren't.... wait I don't have kids!
      YES!!! LOL
    • how much does a newborn cost in these days?drgs
    • On average, US hospital deliveries cost $3,500. Overall, it is aggregative costs & a long term living commitment combined w/ investments for multiple futures.imbecile
    • my problem with kids is that they're detestable boring little fuckers with no boundaries. but i don't have money because i choose to work 3 days a week an dkingsteven
    • ... spend what i get on drugs, booze and synths. and yet somehow look 10 years younger than any of my school mates. children are BS.kingsteven
    • kingsteven "they're detestable boring little fuckers with no boundaries." They need to learn, like you did. Or got bad parents.ApeRobot
    • Having one changed my vision of kids and humans in general.ApeRobot
    • And the darklord knows how much i was "anti-kids" before having one myself.ApeRobot
    • says the person who has kids.
    • kids aren't BS, they are the only path you have for ensuring the survival of your direct bloodline, unless that isn't the kind of thing you're interested inmonospaced
    • yeah, let me end the bloodline my parents and ancestors worked so hard to maintain, and all of this for money, lolGeorgesII
    • Hey mono, stop writing what I'm writing before I post it :)GeorgesII
    • "$4K to start. Subscription rates vary with program involvement. Edu & health plans available. Minimum 18 year contract. Options to extend. Color may vary."imbecile
    • ;)monospaced
    • hahah, srsly... who the fuck wants to maintain their bloodline? i have honestly never heard anyone say that outside of royalty.kingsteven
    • have you considered donating sperm?monospaced
    • also georges, not for money. i get to choose my work based on its social impact and not $$$. i have money and haven't felt like if done a days 'work' in years.kingsteven
    • i don't walk around yelling BREEDERS btw. I just think kids aren't that great and parents are usually a bit brainwashed by the turmoil of their situation...kingsteven
    • ... i know this because i'm the one they call when it goes to shit. i mean, justifying kids via 'bloodlines' if folks used that logic anywhere else they wouldkingsteven
    • be called animalistic, selfish principles. but yet the most reasoned logical people are totally doo-lally when it comes to their kids.kingsteven
    • You've never heard a man say he wants a son to carry on his name, or a child to carry on his line? I find that hard to believe.monospaced
    • I'm certain that experience in this particular arena is absolutely necessary. (FWIW, All kids are shits apart from your own).Morning_star
    • and btw, we are animals ... passing on genetics is the strongest driving force behind most human activity ... so it's not something to be ashamed ofmonospaced
    • rubbers. never with out it!

      LOL "color may very"
    • not at all, it's good parenting that makes good people above all else... bad genes don't make a bad person, the name passing on thing just 'proof of splurt'.kingsteven
    • i meant to write 'bad' genes, because it is kinda moot these days. i've seen my (otherwise exemplary) parents run.kingsteven
    • I'm not even talking about making good or bad people here. It's about legacy. All life on the planet strives toward procreation and survival of the species.monospaced
    • We're not exempt. Also, respectfully, I don't believe you've never heard people say that they want children to pass on their bloodline. It's pretty darn common.monospaced
    • As a father having children is far more rewarding than continuing ones own bloodline lol but I get his point. Thing is I wasn't crazy about the idea until itfadein11
    • happened. Best experience ever despite the relentless hard work :)fadein11
    • And an ongoing experience which gets better I have found so far. Early bit is pretty traumatic haha.fadein11
    • kids are fucking awesome, especially if you have cool ones. I'd live in a cardboard box and eat out of a dumpster just to have them. One bighappy hobo family lo_niko
    • Hey _niko, you have a Cardboard Box? Man, you're lucky.Morning_star
    • Kids can be cool. But some of us have no desire to reproduce or bring another human into this already overpopulated uncertain existence.sea_sea
    • I get its a natural step to follow when you are young and coupled up. but it also takes strength to make the choice to stay childless.sea_sea
    • sure there are only bad parents. No bad kids.
      Let's just say don't ever let me baby sit your kids. Lol
    • good point, sea_sea ... I respect that wholeheartedlymonospaced
    • mono, of course i've heard people say it as a sentiment. and fine as an afterthought in a "well done, your dick worked" kinda way. but kinda meaningless unlesskingsteven
    • you've got a hereditary title or sthg.kingsteven
    • you do have a hereditary title ... your name and your dnamonospaced
    • that sentiment isn't coming from a "well done your dick worked" place, it's a real one many people feel very strongly, and why kids are so important to manymonospaced
    • it's why grandparents want to live to see grandchildren, and why most parents are particular about who you're with, and so much moremonospaced
    • meh. we have 3 boys under the age of 7. expensive, yes. but worth every penny. they give me something that money just can't buy.kona
    • I pay ~$20k per year on daycare / preschool, and about ~$10 per month on tissues for tears / snot.Cosmodrome
    • My family were upper class snobs, I was the last male to carry on so yeah I heard it a lot...continuous bloodline running all the way down from records...mugwart
    • My family were upper class snobs, I was the last male to carry on so yeah I heard it a lot...continuous bloodline running all the way down from records...mugwart
    • My family were upper class snobs, I was the last male to carry on so yeah I heard it a lot...continuous bloodline running all the way down from records...mugwart
    • ... They got a wonderful mixed kid and me waving two fingers up at them!mugwart
    • Gave him a Japanese name as well.

      Any way having kids is the best, hardest thing in your life!

      My kid is the fucking greatest
    • Lol my parent freaks out every time I bring home a none Asian girl. It's really fun. Lolpango
    • I got the "you're going to be alone when you're old" scare from my mom for a while. Seriously that's a shitty way to try to get me to want kids.sea_sea
    • Had to be very direct and clear once and for all. No grandkids for my mom, I understand her feelings but in this case have to honor my own self.sea_sea
    • sea_sea, I consider you a unicorn. :Dimbecile
    • "you're going to be alone when you're old" no you won't, you will have more old fuckers around you than any other generation in human history.sted
    • @sea_sea -- tell your mum so will she ;-)mugwart
    • Sted I thought you were going to say I was going to be surrounded by all of you here. xD oh and <3 @Imbecile! lolsea_sea
    • Mug, I'm an only child, so in my mother's culture, I have the "responsibility" take care of her. To be honest that scares me more than having children.sea_sea

    ^ It's interesting how perspective can affect happiness. My best friend of 30 years is also early 40's, in fantastic shape, runs iron man, travels the world, and is hugely successful in his career. However, he sees himself as a failure for never getting married and having a family. Over the years, it's manifested into crippling depression. It's hard to talk with him sometimes because the conversation always turns dark. I love him, but I wish he shared your perspective.

    • Why does he not try now? men are still healthily fertile until their 50s before they need concern themsevles aboutgenetic mishappery.detritus
    • he's definitely good to go to get a life partner. imo better for his happiness to start looking for her now.imbecile
    • Aye, exactly. If he's rich and healthy, he's likely got another 40 years in him —
      he gets to enjoy the best of all worlds.
    • We need tech to provide the same option for women.detritus
    • i think that's the blowback, when young women are much more valuable than men, when men get older and more e$tabli$hed become more valuable than women.robotron3k
    • there are no absolutes with such things, robodetritus
    • Time to get a young trophy wife, sounds like your friend is two steps away from the american dream.zarkonite
    • Tell your friend I'm single. lolsea_sea
    • lol SEAsureshot
    • haha, seaGnash
    • We cannot judge ourselves by other people's standards.robthelad
    • your friend is going through a crisis, because he realize that with all the success he has had, when you have nobody to share them with, what's the point..GeorgesII
    • or, more simply:
      'the grass is always greener'
    • @Georges, exactly!monospaced
    • The plight of a lifelong narcissistcanoe
  • imbecile0

    Recently attended the 40th birthday of a close friend from childhood. He's always been cool, non judgemental, great with his family. We've remained friends throughout the years. Some people in attendance were the popular preppy kids from 20+ years ago. That time has not treated them well... It was nice to be single, in shape, without kids, enjoying a little career success as I heard stories of balding, weight gain, divorce and remarriage that all aged these people 10-20 faster than myself.

  • robotron3k-2

    Wow the Samsung S8 is one smooth machine... def the iPhone 6 killer!

    • nonsense iPhone died a long time agomonospaced
    • Innovation never sleepsutopian
    • Innovation always sheeps!detritus
    • fucking hate samsung...more than apple ... if that is possible for a linux nerd ...mugwart
  • since19790

    theater > VR

  • scarabin1

    something i just noticed

    • always knew that cat was metal as fuckGnash
    • meow mix predates septic flesh by 20 yearsimbecile
    • totally. just thought the similarity was funnyscarabin
    • metal transcends timeGnash
    • now hit play on both and try synching them up. lolsea_sea
    • ^ i totally tried that :)Gnash
    • lolgrotesk_neue