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  • PonyBoy3

    "I wish someone famous sexually harassed me."

    —cosmo, former QBN member
    (via IM a few mins ago)

    • Let's make pony famous!!pango
    • ewwwww!!! lol!PonyBoy
    • Two Pump Chumputopian
    • Why do you think he IM you that? :Ppango
    • you can make tons of money publishing the exclusive in cosmoponytanOBBTKN
    • ok, forget me... it's a realy baaad jokeOBBTKN
    • Lolpango
  • section_0140

    Someone in Networking must have implemented a new web filter, because everything (not this site though, lol) is blocked. I'm not asking for every little site I piss off on to be unblocked.

    Guess I'll just have to fire up my proxy server from home in the mornings. You guys really showed me!

  • oey0

    Can someone please share the link fro the digital camera thread?

    I will have some money to invest in material and would like to place a question without starting a new thread.

    l'm also thinking in buying a Epson Perfection V550 scanner and a Intuous to replace my Bamboo.

    • Great scanner. Get some scanning glass as well. Let me know if you want any help on thismugwart
  • imbecile3

    whatever is going on here is amazing…

  • Bennn5

    Saw Roger Waters last night, best show of my life.

    • wow really? best show?sarahfailin
    • you need to see moore shows then. LOL!chukkaphob
    • I mean, yeah, the Roger Waters one is really dope, but best of a lifetime? nah.chukkaphob
    • better than the donkey show?oey
    • Well, easily in my top 5. Still on the high of last evening. It was amazing.Bennn
    • Never thought I would ever see a Pink Floyd member in front of me, they're like unreal to me, Godlike. I litteraly cried during Great Gig In The SkyBennn
    • Last time i felt this was when I saw Radiohead a few years ago, they too were like unreal person to me and couldnt believe they were in front of me.Bennn
    • overratedmonospaced
    • Its not a statement i make, but a very personal thoughtBennn
    • Saw him a few years ago, he puts a fantastic show! One of the best in the business in my opinion.T-Dawg
    • Saw Pink Floyd sans Waters (Gilmour, Mason, Wright) in 1994 and then Waters at Coachella 2008. The show in 1994 was much better.Krassy
    • Still wish I could have seen Gilmour, Mason, Waters, & Wright era Floyd back in the day. Or even Barrett era Floyd! Aaaaah!Krassy
    • Me too, the whole band would have been greater than great. I was still very very impressed by Waters.Bennn
    • One of the last great band. No more bands reach the iconic sphere anymore.Bennn
    • I saw him at Glastonbury a couple of years back. It was not great, meh. Taste is strange.robthelad
    • A lot of it has to do w him, who he is, and not w what the music/show is, Like, OMG, I'm seeing Roget Waters 1/4 of Pink Floyd! This is (or must be) amazing!chukkaphob
    • but yea, he's cool! still!chukkaphob
  • detritus0

    We're now going to Prague. In October. She's Italian and wanted some hint of sun before Winter sets in. Oh well.


    Also, turns out that the booking system I was using didn't actually require passport numbers up front, so that's another massive argument in my future.

    Really annoying thing is that she insisted she was going to book, last week. Somehow she didn't and somehow everything thereafter is my fault.

    • prague looks much better when the weather is shit.hans_glib
    • true - is very atmospheric in a dank fogFax_Benson
    • I went to Prague and didn't pay for a train ticket the whole time... The barriers were open everywhere and never saw an inspector...set
    • My girlfriend at the time went a few months after me and asked for tips. I said don't bother paying for the train. They got arrested on their first day hahahaset
    • She's Italian what would you expect? It obviously your fault. Everything. Forever. I'm Portuguese, I'm always guilty. You will learn to live it it. Adapt.oey
    • ^LOL!oey
    • Any recommendations? It was literally the only viable option given the myriad of constraints we'd had. I know fuck all about the place, hahadetritus
    • 'haha' = dying inside.
      (I've wanted to go for years, but non-specifically and now that it's upon me, I'm perplexed. as often)
    • haha, oey - thanks?

    • We had great fun doing a segway tour of the city. You'll curse at the cunts as they go past as they're everywhere... we did.set
    • I recommend it though. A fun way to get your bearings and see the city.set
    • (I assume they're still a thing)set
    • Thanks, will lookseedetritus
    • If I'm honest, I'm kind of glad - I'd rather 'Do' Morocco properly some time, and given the time of year, I'd prefer hearty C.European stodge over falafels.detritus
    • "some hints of sun..." in Prague in October? does not computeOBBTKN
    • My biggest fear was that we'd end up doing some package deal in Fuerteventura etc, just to get Sun. I've never done a package holiday 'cos I'm a snooty cunt...detritus
    • bcn, sevilla, why not lisbon?OBBTKN
    • I could just imagine her horror, on holiday with loads of the Fat Red Northern Boorish Brit drunk fake-suing Hooligans she imagines we all are.detritus
    • I reckon you'd be more likely to run into Germans in Fuertaventura in October.

      Naturally, you'd never get a sun lounger.
    • OB - that's the point, it's perverse. We considered Portugal, but a bit dull. Spain, Italy & France are verboten as they're common ground for both of us.detritus
    • I was actually gunning for Bilbao but she assiduously ignored it every time I mentioned it. Trouble is, it's so late now, flights to anywhere else = $$$detritus
    • I'd've happily gone to Croatia, Greece, Tunisia, Israel, and if she'd..sorry "we'd" booked last week we could've. Now though it's just costly.detritus
    • Hey, set - can you get smoke over there easily? That was the one thing I was looking forward to about Morocco... :\detritus
    • I didn't tryset
    • Ah. Good. I'm glad. Evil stuff - was just asking for Law Enforcement porpoises.detritus
    • No Bilbao? Tell her that the basques have not killed foreigners for a long time... we are civilised and nice people now ;)OBBTKN
    • Vienna >>>> Praguei_monk
    • Another time, perhapsdetritus
    • I really love Austriaset
    • Spent new years in Innsbruck and had the best time ever. Lovely people. Good food. Beautiful scenery. The mountains are just THERE everywhere you lookset
  • PonyBoy3

    Orville... hahaha... I'm enjoying this. :)

  • _niko4

    Being rich doesn't make you a douche but being a douche makes you rich.

  • freedom0

    Think Harvey Weinstein will ever work again?

    • Does he need to? Unless he's in jail, take his money and do other shit.ArmandoEstrada
    • they always work again somehow even if its by proxy via someone elses name.shellie
    • I was expecting (maybe hoping) he might eat a bulletPonyBoy
    • tell us how it tastes Ponyimbecile
    • lol... what did I do to deserve to eat a bullet, imbecile? ...and WOW you've really grown up to be right stinky pile of human shit, dude... congrats!! :DPonyBoy
    • Hopefully not, he shouldn't have been anyway, he abused people in many ways not just sexually. A bona fide sociopath who makes Steve Jobs look likefadein11
    • Mother Theresa. Whats odd is that it wasn't just those close who knew, you only had to read a couple of books about 90's Hollywood to know it all. So strange hefadein11
    • carried on as long as he did.fadein11
    • and yes he had his great work moments (by buying up cheap readymade films off desperate newcomers) but brother Bob bailed him out many times...fadein11
    • The Scream franchise on Bob's Dimension kept Harvey afloat for a long time.fadein11
    • I do feel for all the directors who sold pictures to him based on profit deals, which never materialised because fat slob Harvey was paying for his lavishfadein11
    • lifestyle on the film budgets - so Harvey's films were rarely profitable (after expenses) and directors saw little. There are exceptions of course.fadein11
  • shellie1

    im DJing in the Lower Rsst Side (NYC) at Nurse Betty from 10p-4a with my partner tonight. NY drinks anyone?

    • Cool!!! If I'm close by I'll stop in!!robotron3k
    • ^ sweet!shellie
    • good luckGnash
    • It's Tuesday, though. I'm tired.nb
    • im headed up there now. ill be at Father Knows Best in Brooklyn on Friday.shellie
    • ugh today has been long day, but Friday is even better for me!robotron3k
  • sarahfailin1

    I just saw a guy post this on FB:

    "I've Done It

    If all the men who have sexually harassed or assaulted women wrote "I've Done It" as a status (even in addition to "I Believe You,") then perhaps we could start to comprehend the magnitude of the problem and begin to solve it.

    I have spoken, behaved, and acted inappropriately towards women. I've make every effort to grow, but still I need to learn, to listen, do more to help. Women are not alone in this struggle, and we (men) need to be better so they can just... BE.

    *copy and paste*"

    pretty brave and humble thing to do, imo.

    • what about all the women who have sexually assaulted or harassed other women? or men for that matter? I keep reading equality, but seeing sexism.imbecile
    • i'm sure they can post this too.sarahfailin
    • Women wouldnt do sex, they might do testimonial like, "Yes, I've done it. I sleep/dated/married a guy for his money... But I'm trying to be better."robotron3k
    • who was the one cutting off your testicles?pr2
    • To be fair I think I knew more racists and sexist girls then men. I know more women to take advantage of blokes.
      Not saying it doesn't nor hasn't happened but
    • this momevent is really out of context.mugwart
    • some QBN'ers are out of contextoey
    • lol@pr2 :)PonyBoy
    • Seperation is the new equalityset
    • the left are eating each other alive.inteliboy
    • < omg i'm laughing my ass off. what a dbbliznutty
  • sarahfailin3

    so, I look young for my age. i'm 32. and younger women keep coming after me. like, attractive ones. I'm dating a girl right now, I think she could be 22... but I haven't actually asked. she knows my age.

    ...I personally don't see any problem with dating someone younger as long as they are interesting and I enjoy them, but I do feel a little weird about it. At least I don't look like an old man dating a college girl... thoughts?

    • don't overthink it. that's my only thought. if you're having fun and she is too, just enjoy it.capn_ron
    • I forget ... are you a woman?monospaced
    • username threw me off, but I guess you're a guy since you said you "don't look like an old man"monospaced
    • as you age, the desires / wants of the relationship change. very few older men want to be footloose & fancy free. very few women are trying to settle earlyimbecile
    • I look much younger as well, as fun as it is, it is a waste of both parties time until you make a decision regarding what you wantimbecile
    • lol mono - I've been unsure for ages especially recently.fadein11
    • ;*sarahfailin
    • Wait till about 35, then your choices get exponential, young woman and older as well. A little grey hair is a chick magnet.robotron3k
    • Get them while you still can... That's my gameset
    • get in there, sondrgs
    • Always thought you were a broad.severian
    • 10 years? that's nothing trust me.. hahaSteveJobs
    • I'm 35 yrs old moved in with a 23yr old. Its about as serious as you can get and it works well... you get on with some one or not, simple as that!mugwart
    • If you like her & she likes you - so what what others think.mugwart
    • You're a dude?! Why have I been so nice to you all this time?!?!?pango
    • Also *bragging.pango
    • i sometimes tour with younger men barely 21-23 age. i cannot imagine having a serious romantic relationship with someone 10+ years youngershellie
    • the amount of change you go through from hs, college, and then first starting out on your own, ill let them figure things out a bit first.shellie
    • hahaha - I was flirting too ;-)
      * yes I was ;-) Best thing to happen after 10 years of hell
    • that being aid i got engaged at 22, and left him by 23 after 4 years. he was living a different pace of life him being 32.shellie
    • im SO GLAD i didn't settle down then. i was too young.shellie
    • Women mature faster than men though Shellie so maybe slightly different the other way roundset
    • ^ perhapsshellie
    • How can you be dating someone and not know their age?freedom
    • Same here. My gf is in her early 30s, and lately this 23-year-old has been into me. I keep running into her in random places, it's hard to keep the faith.garbage
    • Well the President of the U.S. is 25 years older than his wife so it's officially OK now.. 25 year gap is the new limit :)yuekit
    • To be honest I think it's always been that way though...even if slightly frowned upon in modern society.yuekit
    • you think she is 22, but there's the possibility she could also be 17.omg
    • embarrassed pango - miss read your message!! Fail!mugwart
    • you should think less and fuck more.oey
    • Women mature faster? in what world?? Just cuz they're not peeing in public doesn't mean they're more mature...zarkonite
    • As the wise Tom Haverford said...
      Half your age plus 7.

      You're good.
    • I had so many funny stories to tell, if QBN wasn't a public area. You'd be amazed...SimonFFM
    • You cannot drop something like this and not share pics!OSFA
    • I agree with OSFA! Simon - I'm sure we can put QBN on the dark web for you ;-)mugwart
    • Yes! Pic or it didn't happen!!pango
    • #MeToopablo28
    • @zarkonite... women definitely mature faster than men. I suggest getting out and meeting moreset
    • ^ Women have to mature faster. This society gives them no other choice.oey
    • lol @ "this society". if anything they mature slower. things are much different than they were when being married with kids before 20 was the normimbecile
  • detritus0

    In the time it took me to walk home, the price on a short trip to Morocco next week doubled. I was supposed to book this morning, but realised when I got into work that I didn't have passport.

    Soon to be ex girlfriend is really, really not happy with me.


    • use private browsing?imbecile
    • nah, it's the flights. they all jump in price a week before. i tried that.
    • sucks :(imbecile
    • well, it's half term, that's whyhans_glib
    • Yeah, i know hans. I really, really know :(
      But try explaining that to 'er indoors.
      tbf, there are various complicated reasons we have to go now, but...
    • this one here though was a surprisingly cheap deal, esp. 8 days before leaving — £600 for two people for 5 days, including flights. Crazy shit.detritus
    • i was so f'ing elated when i found it because I thought I'd totes saved our asses... and then I fucked it.detritus
  • imbecile2

    i feel like there is some money here waiting for dopepope……

  • Maaku0

    I received a full-time job offer, yesterday afternoon, as a UX designer. My current boss is out for the day, already texted her and sent her an email. It's going to suck if I have to tell her TOMORROW that my last day is Thursday (This is a contract job and I'm off on Fridays).

    • that does suck, but if you are feeling like you will leave them in the dust maybe call and let her know today. then you can chat about it in person tomorrow.capn_ron
    • Giving her an hour, she's probably busy. But yes, thank you!Maaku
    • congrats on the job! forgot to say that.capn_ron

    Seriously thinking on start my workday with wine or beer... looking the mails i am receiving lately from my clients, since in the morning, it seems that I am the only one who is sober

    • hahahaha!oey
    • 1/2 a beer usually starts the day off right...robotron3k
    • if coding avoid at all costs, design is a different story - call your man etc ;)fadein11
  • bainbridge0

    Say you launched a new portfolio site and am sending a general announcement to people you know from your contacts.

    How taboo is it to also send to potential clients and people you respect? As in bcc'ing the general email addresses of brands and magazines and stores you like.

  • since19790

    Okay, I admit I'm annoyed at this whole "mumblecore" genre stupidity. Have these people even heard of Bergman? Mumblecore, like the flat earth movement, was supposed to be a joke. A JOKE.

    The flat earth thing I can handle for some reason. But this.... ERGHHHH

    • wasn't it just the name that was the joke, not the "genre' as a whole?Gnash
    • we are the old school now. get over it. i work with a client who works with what i think are old school rappersshellie
    • and they think hes reduculous bcs he raps in melodies and songs sometimes. i don't like the new thing but its still next.shellie
    • This is not about rap music lolsince1979
    • kekeke my mistake https://en.m.wikiped…shellie
  • shellie2

    If I really went back through my old email accounts, I'd probably find some seriously ridiculous things in there from several different people. Just like old cold cases solved by DNA, these guys aren't ready for the emails, video evidence, and buried reports. I'm just not sure why anyone would leave a digital record of speaking to employees, vendors or peers this way but it happens all the time. This here is just a short and rather mild excerpt of what I dealt with from one particular CD that manages creative for a worldwide luxury brand. This is also at 3 or 4 am. I know some of you think women are being too sensitive, but I'm really looking forward to not having to humor twats like this just to get a check.

    When I push back at these guys, I'm labeled either emotional (because vagina) or angry (because I'm also black). When I don't push back, I'm fun and exotic. Surprise, surprise no more work from this client after I blocked him on FB. He used to text me the worst things, but I changed my phone number years ago. So, he switched to harassing me on FB instead.

    This guy is married. He also knows I've been in a relationship for over a decade. I've never dated him, his friends or anyone he knows. But, he's known me for 15+ years (in a professional sense). He's a fucking slime ball and I get the chills just thinking about his lame forced hugs.

    • Ewnb
    • I would very carefully (VERY carefully) try to send some anonymous screenshots to his wife.nb
    • It would be really scary and difficult to send them, though, because he could maybe figure it out and you don't want thatnb
    • But goddamn, if my partner was behaving this way I would want to know!nb
    • Aside from the fact that this guys is gross -- it must be brutal to have to navigate these kind of interactions all the time.Gnash
    • "interactions' is being too kind here, sorry. You handled it well, though.Gnash
    • i just thought it would help for you all too see what's casually happening to your female counterparts.shellie
    • sadly ive found much later some of my female mentors fucked to get crucial career boosting jobs or promotions.shellie
    • but my my vuew has changed. they may not have had much choice but to be fucked.shellie
    • why haven't u told him he creeps u out and just block his ass. he does it because he knows he can get away with it. shut that shit down. unless u are trying todeathboy
    • get something from it. than put up with it and try to come out on the top. really its not a single sided gender thing. flirtation-sex all a stupid short cut husdeathboy
    • tle. all about what u value. sucks but doing the right thing these days usually ends up with fiscal implications...deathboy
    • i said no so many times deathboy. and i did block him right after this convo. that's why there are other ppl doing MY work right now. what's the solution?shellie
    • deathboy didn't even bother to read the post, he just went straight to telling you how to solve the problem. A real fucking classic genius bro move! Good grief.nb
    • "why haven't u told him he creeps u out and just block his ass." ^ scroll up. i said why are you bring so weird all the time i hate it. dont. stop. then blockedshellie
    • no work though, deathboy. so luxury brand is off limits to me now? is that so? explain fairness there.shellie
    • also why do i change my phone number just to get this on Facebook years later. just checked, he even initiated that. im not "asking" for this.shellie
    • we just happen to work in the same territory. we also worked at like 4 different agencies along the way at the in passing, before or after each other.shellie
    • id love to never see him again but you know what that's not posdible. i work the territory i work. im pretty tough so things aren't as easy for meshellie
    • im 100% sure ive been fired for standing up to blatant dickhole behavior from superiors and also hired by women or competitors who saw those situations unfold.shellie
    • blimey, what a fucking creephans_glib
    • This is disgusting to read. I'm really, really sorry you had to go through this, Shellz. :\Continuity
    • that's terrible. beyond unacceptable. sad to think that a person feels this is somehow a conducive method of communication, let alone polite or respectable.imbecile
    • that's fucked up Shellie. my wife and I were just talking about this. I'm lucky in that I've never had to face something like this. In my life, atleast halfexador1
    • the time, I've reported to female boss's. Never had a bad experience. Ever. wife is a highschool teacher, and over her 20 year career thus far, she'sexador1
    • seen a ton of it. It can take many shapes. For some it's the condescending vibes. for some it's creepy come-ones like Shellie experienced...exador1
    • I have my fingers crossed that somehow we've crossed a threshold...that with Cosby, Fox news guy and now Harvey, this shit is now being exposed in the light...exador1
    • because it's fucking ridiculous. As a guy, I've had any number of 'bullying' moments in my career (thankfully long ago now) but NEVER have i ever had to put upexador1
    • losing a contract or getting fired because I wouldn't fuck someone or flirt with them or something...jesus christ....exador1
    • Unfortunately, dipshits like this need a stronger swat on the nose than “stop”cannonball1978
    • I get a crush and I get a crush going bad. I've been on the bad end (not stalking) just acted very out of character.
      It was from a time when I was being abused
    • by my ex wife and i was starting to execpt this. Point being I learnted to see that these emotions can make people go little out of character and people -mugwart
    • experienceing this should be honest and firm and not misleading....mugwart
    • but in your case they acted like dicks so defo email to wifes/ partners ;-Pmugwart
  • fourth0

    I've been freelancing/contracting all year and its been great. By great I mean I've been doing minimal work and making good money (the tax write offs make it worth it). I've also been maximizing my free time. Traveling, working remotely and pursuing hobbies.

    My recruiter set me up with an interview for a very lucrative full time position. Mellow company that pays really fucking well. Stable industry. Let me emphasize A LOT OF MONEY. like bonuses out the ass at the end of the year. This is on top of Christmas bonus, pension, and all the other good stuff.

    For some reason I'm not all the interested? am I crazy? I really value my time and freedom right now. I have no kids or spouse or even a pet. And I'd have to stay in my current city that is ok but I've been having fun exploring and working remotely.

    I did really well in the interview. Figures since I was in an ambivalent mood about it all.

    • is it possible to talk to them about the idea of melding both worlds? Some remote work time, since you have proven you can do that.capn_ron
    • ^ it's sure worth a try.Gnash
    • another way to look at it is use this gig to finance your next life phase. take the LOT OF MONEY and invest wisely - have a clear goal for the next step.Gnash
    • another way to look at it is use this gig to finance your next life phase. take the LOT OF MONEY and invest wisely - have a clear goal for the next step.Gnash
    • (if you didn't get it the first time...)Gnash