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  • fourth2

    I met a girl. Friend of a friend of a friend. First time I've connected with anyone in a really long time. Both introverts. Seemed to hit it off and had a lot in common. couldn't stop talking to one another and we planned a art night this week to get together and do some calligraphy together.

    Now I'm all up in my own head because I've been here before so many times in my 34 years of living. I'm not sure if she's interested at all because she's really fucking pretty. She said we were going to become "new besties". Not the worst thing but you know. Our mutual friends have been ominously quiet and I can tell they're watching real closely. I can't tell if they know something I don't know?

    wish me luck

    • just make sure your penis ready to go for calligraphy night.capn_ron
    • oh dear lord! i forgot a very important space. pen (insert space) is. carry on.capn_ron
    • its called a nibfourth
    • I'm sure your mutual friends have all said 'may the fourth be with you'. I know, I'm funny. Good luck man. Go with it. xIanbolton
    • lol ronscarabin
    • Your friends probably set you up.pango
  • autoflavour3

    decided to start from scratch with my new MacBook Pro instead of migrating my old machine.. which truth be told has been migrated over the last 4 laptops..

    its amazing how much better a computer runs when its not burdened down with years and years of crap you don't need or even know is buried away.

  • detritus0

    I have a friend who has a 'burner phone'.

    Except it's a stock Samsung install and this person has it on all the time, right next to their normal phone, so fuck, useless as per its intent.

    As per the 'probably always on, unless you managed to find the setting' recording and advert-matching above, endemic surveillance is everywhere now, yo; We've wholly-idiotically- complicitly blundered into a near-1984 level of surveillance.

    Fuckers here and everywhere need to start ditching FB and G, building low-tech receiver phone/modules and making grid/darknet networks.

    If people don't start mass-legitimising some level of hackerdom and parallel buy-in to that, we're fucked.

    The Internet - the 'web' - is fucked.

    We need a back-up plan.

    • I 'may' have had a couple too many joints and ciders at this point.detritus
    • "dumb phones"imbecile
    • isn't your second half just referring to ham radio?imbecile
    • no, sorry - meant 'mesh' rather than 'grid'.
      My bad. Smart extended wifi, essentially.
    • My work phone is a 'dumb' phone.
      Works great.
      Except texting.
      I forgot what old texting is like.
    • just don't install everything on your phone, for example: fb and fb messenger is a bad idea...sted
    • I know. I know. This person's paranoid about external interventions... yet uses WhatsApp extensively. I mean, really?detritus
    • I'm trying to convince a client to make a two-phone RF-shielded pouch thing, so that people can have a hard reset point.detritus
    • I agree with this 100% regardless of cider/joints consumed.fadein11
    • Makes sense to me, but surely old texting technology is less secure in someways than even Whatsapp?Ianbolton
    • My weed dealer is paranoid AF about even having a phone, even though you can smell his car all over town.Ianbolton
  • stoplying7

    It was my birthday last Friday and I was flying home from Houston - flight delayed 4 hours. My wife and boys said they would pick me up at the airport and my 4 year old son had a balloon for me.

    From there, we headed to a sushi restaurant about 45 mins away, and my son opened his car window and POOF, the balloon was violently ripped off his wrist and sucked out of the car. Inconsolable hysterics ensued. For 20 minutes.

    So we go to a Toys R Us store to get a replacement balloon - he was that upset.

    Go to sushi joint, they bring us to our table, we're figuring out who is going to sit where and POOF - a ceiling fan gets our second balloon.

    A young couple next to us was just leaving as we sat down and saw the balloon pop. 10 minutes later they come back with a new balloon for my son. All was right in the universe again.

    People can be really good sometimes.

    • lesson learned and reinforced: throw tantrum to get what you want, over and over again :)monospaced
    • lovely story :)fadein11
    • :)sted
    • Over a fucking balloon? You give in like that? :) My parents would haven't even got me the balloon as it would be deemed an 'unnecessary expense' by Dad. hehePonyBoy
    • balloon!!imbecile
    • They all floatdyspl
    • apparently PonyBoy has no idea what a balloons means to ussted
    • The balloon was for me, but my son felt so bad that he lost MY balloon, he was crushed.stoplying
    • Oh!monospaced
    • haha! Now I want a balloon :(PonyBoy
    • Now I feel bad.monospaced
    • no you don't... if I had a balloon you'd be the first to pop it, mono... admit it!! :DPonyBoy
    • lol @monoBennn
    • Happy birthday BTW!mugwart
    • and you didn't tell us?!?!?!pango
    • ^ isnt it uncool to tell people your birthday?mugwart
    • people are usually jerks..but occasionally they aren't.. I like this storyautoflavour
    • nice story but I r3ckon life is still fucked lolsureshot
    • No not really. How else would anyone know your birthday?pango
  • imbecile2

    voice based ads won't be smart until they are connected to cc or bank account info so it will stop offering me stuff I've already purchased... nothing worse than seeing ads for stuff I now own two weeks after buying it

    • Or cookie based... same. They kept promoting things I just bought.pango
    • I research a product on Amazon for a long time, purchase one based on reviews. Immediately, Amazon can only recommend that product and only that product.monospaced
    • C'mon, Amazon, you know I literally just bought it, why would I want another one?monospaced
    • I have a patent on this. It was pitched as the anti-recommendation. If someone purchased a golf driver, don't suggest golf driverskona
    • suggest a putter, or long-distance golf balls instead.kona
    • +1. Those ads are the most infuriatingly- worst pieces of shit. I've moaned about as much here and elsewhere before.detritus
    • Or worth. They recommend the same product at cheaper price....after I bought it...pango
  • garbage0

    Piggybacking on scarabin's vinyl Amazon weirdness:

    The missus was going out with friends over the weekend, and I jokingly texted "be sure to wear a condom".

    Pull up an video on my phone a few minutes later and I get slapped with a Trojan ad for the first time ever.

    A friend and I started texting exclusively in Spanish a little while ago, and my ads suddenly hablan espanol.

    [Cue X-Files theme]

    • there's fuckery afootscarabin_net
    • i was having sex w my girl and it sends me condom ads. dirty robot wankersince1979
    • you are all iphone users?sted
    • I mentioned in passing that I wanted swim trunks in a specific style and color, and the next day they were in my feed. Never had an ad like that before.monospaced
    • it's not fuckery.
      your phone mic is listening to everything for key words regarding search and status posting
    • Android here.garbage
    • eavesdroppers; facebook, messenger, etc do not care the platformimbecile
  • since19790

    slept great last night. had some coffee and breakfast
    cuddled w my girl

  • bainbridge0

    I don't have a Linkedin account anymore. Why do I get invitations from people I worked with once to add them?

    • It suggests based on your email. Scary stuff.monospaced
    • Linkedin spamutopian
    • Best thing is when you receive an invitation to join from a person already on your contact list, but on another e-mail address.sr_rosa
    • Linkedin scrapes people's emails - they got caught a while ago and said 'oops! we won't do it again!'
      Fucking lies.
    • lol sr_rosa, I thought I was the only one experiencing thisimbecile
  • pango4

    Shimmy shimmy shimmy yahhh shimmy yeahh ~~

  • autoflavour2

    and there you go.. "You're eligible for special pricing but the system is still being updated. Wait a few minutes, then refresh the screen."

    I did wait..

    and wait..

    and wait..

    and in that time, uTorrent helped me resolve it.

    • LOL.. 7 hours later.. same message. lift your game Microsoft..autoflavour
  • autoflavour1

    been waiting over 20 minutes to be able to check out to purchase Microsoft office.. normally I would have just torrented, but I thought I should maybe buy some of this shit..

    but if the torrent gets in before I can check out, sorry bill, you fucking people screwed you.

  • scarabin2

    last night at the bar i picked this album out of the bin of vinyls and played it on their turntable. took a photo of the cover with my phone because i thought it was interesting.

    today, amazon is -out of the blue- suggesting i buy it. amazon has never suggested i buy vinyl from them before.

    this seems to suggest that amazon somehow knows i was listening to the album last night, which is unlikely because it has never suggested music to me before, or that it knows i took a photo of the album.

    what the fucking fuck

    • Ziggy Stardust and the NSA Photo Recognition Software Licensed by Amazon Prime AI Suggested Purchasing Division from Marsprophetone
    • you haven't googled any detail about the album?sted
    • your microphone and your camera are working for them.renderedred
    • I'm reading increasing anecdata of people having product suggestions from FB and G after conversations within earshot of their phones.detritus
    • @detritus it's real and it works. seriously.renderedred
    • i didn't google shit. so creepyscarabin
    • fast frwrd 3 yrs. same scenario. driving home from bar, at door, what's this? oh just drone-delivered complimentary copy of lp, try it out for 30 days!prophetone
    • They're doing you a favour because it is one of the finest albums ever made. Moonage Daydream sounds incredible on vinyl.face_melter
    • our phones are always recording. There is some anagram shifting through our daily life. I hope you all put your phones in the draw when you have sex!mugwart
    • that and five years, top choons!prophetone
    • a friend was even telling me that they are able to work out where you are in the shops through the sound alone. Hope all this ultrasonic shit is just bluffmugwart
    • one side project it to take out the camera and micorphone chip from my old phone camera. Possibly even the gps.mugwart
    • i have the camera on my tablet and desktop taped off with gaffers but my phone and its microphone? we're screwed.sea_sea
    • This has happened to me too many times to NOT be a thing. I wish they'd just be transparent about it so I can take hammer my phone.5timuli
    • Doesn't bother me. I just laughsince1979
    • Lady Stardust. nut said.
      but yes, creepy.
    • *nuffsofakingback
    • in b4 kanye westsince1979
    • https://noisey.vice.…since1979
    • ultrasonic shit is not bluff. microphones determine passwords based off of the echoes.imbecile
    • yep - I have experienced this also - 1st couple of times I thought it was coincidence but no - ads based on convos have happened too many times now.fadein11
    • AI is here. The future is now.chukkaphob
  • bainbridge1

  • PonyBoy0

    Red Sox & Yankees tonight at Fenway...

    We want to go make a day of it in Boston but supposedly there is another North Carolina type 'white protest' scheduled there today. This really fucking blows cuz neither my wife nor I have wandered Boston in over 10 years... and there's no way we're missing that game...

    ... fuck whitey. // :)

    • They're supposed to take over the fucking Boston Common... RIGHT where we wanted to go wander... MOTHER FUCKERS.PonyBoy
    • Saw the news in a deli. Looks like the white supremacist showing pales in comparison to the crowds of anti-racist people. You should be fine.monospaced
    • Yeah... totally fizzled out... people are out enjoying no the city like it was any other day.PonyBoy
    • -noPonyBoy
  • sofas0

    "The Swedish word uppgivenhetssyndrom sounds like what it is: a syndrome in which kids have given up on life. That's what several hundred children and adolescents have done — literally checked out of the world for months or years. They go to bed and don't get up. They're unable to move, eat, drink, speak or respond. All of the victims of the disorder, sometimes called resignation syndrome, have been youngsters seeking asylum after a traumatic migration, mostly from former Soviet and Yugoslav states. And all of them live in Sweden."…

  • mugwart4

    Blocked my mother's mobile number on my birthday. I used to hate birthdays but now my only family is my GF and my son every card I get means the world to me.

    The world is going to shit. If anyone has family reach out and fucking love their indifferences and challenges they inflict.

    Fuck I hate sounding a hippy

  • sea_sea2

    Been sifting through resumes, interviewing and hiring people for the past few weeks. Now the training process. I see no end. Drinks.

    • flip a coin! let fate decide!mugwart
    • hire 1 more person than needed. and fire him at the end of the week just to show the rest you mean business!pango
    • ^thispinkfloyd
    • Done and done.sea_sea
    • Lol @pangobklyndroobeki
  • Bennn0

    I have a pic on flickr thats getting lots of views and like since 3 days... It must be linked somewhere, but I have no way to know where.

    • maybe try google reverse image searchpinkfloyd
    • paste the url of that imagested
    • 4chan?pablo28
    •… this one?sted
    • Reverse image search, or, search the web for the full url. It may take a bit to show up if it's new, but you should be able to find it.mg33
    • Boobs?pango
    • You can find out what links to a page by googling "link:your_url"monNom
    • Ben it probably made explorer look for an email or within the comments for a congrats on explore.HijoDMaite
    • Yep my pic has been added to the group "in explore" by an admin inviteBennn
  • sarahfailin3

    i got a foam roller earlier this year and i fucking love it! it's like a free massage whenever you want.

    the other day i got high and was just rolling out for like 40 minutes. amazing.

    • https://media.giphy.…pockets
    • haha pocketsdetritus
    • lol, I have one, I should use it more oftenpinkfloyd
    • got one too—I've been in physical therapy for my upper spine for a few months—my foam roller has been a blissful addition to getting my spine to move / popPonyBoy
    • #FoamRollersHelp

      ...just showing some solidarity w/something I actually know something about :)
    • Rumble rollers are even more violently awesome. You also might want to add compression bands and lacrosse balls to your arsenal.Gucci
    • Oh yeah? I use wood logs from trees. The bark really gets in there.cannonball1978
    • The gf's yoga mat wound tightly around an extra long rolling pin works wonders...but yea, something proper would be nicefuturefood
    • Haha! thank youfuturefood
    • I bought one too...imbecile
    • U r a catsince1979
  • section_0140

    This dude was in the office and overheard him say his age to someone. He's 2 years younger than me, and I had him at least 10 years older.

    Nice little Friday pick-me-up.