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  • mort_2

    What are your weakest strength sucessessess?

    Strengths: racism, church, mozzarella, earth, guns, swimming, George Clooney, being alone.

    Weaknesses: racism, swimming, magazines, Maltesers.

    Success skills: thinking and forests,

    • Strengths: eating kitkat
      Weaknesses: classic kitkat sold out@7eleven
      Success skills: opening a kitkat
    • this guymonospaced
    • What the what?pango
    • sted I have two words for you : Kitkat Ballsspl33nidoru
    • my spirit animal is a pyramidal kitkat stacked with a gold bar, and a mini toblorone on top.kingsteven
    • I expected George Clooney to be a weaknessdrgs
  • thumb_screws2

    “The apathetic church of pragmatic nihilism” or “the church of apathetic pragmatic nihilists”? My hair and beard are long enough to qualify me to start a cult or religion.

    • i started the anarcho-hedonist movement once. nobody joined :)renderedred
    • Print more pamphlet next time.pango
  • M01XXX3

    I love life. But nothing, really nothing, absolutely nothing matters. There is no real purpose in life. Only what each individual thinks is true. And nothing is true. There is no right or wrong.

    We live on a planet that happened to be somewhere in a goldilock zone in a solar system on the edge of a galaxy. One galaxy of billions in this universe.

    If our planet disappears tomorrow nobody would notice. All our little human lives, aspirations, careers are nothing.

    We're just bacteria and even smaller than that on a cosmic scale. Average human lives are about 70-80 years while this planet will exist for a few more billion years before the sun swallows it and explodes in a supernova.

    And one day even this universe will just disappear before a possible new one is born in a new cycle.

    Life is beautiful but nothing really matters.

    • It gets better.monospaced
    • There therepango
    • There therepango
    • Thanks for the downvotes. Must've really offended you with some philosophy.M01XXX
    • matters to whom? life matters to me and that's enough. in any grander scheme or scale, or in any other context i'm not concerned.SteveJobs
    • If there's something that doesn't matter it's downvotes and upvotes.SteveJobs
    • Why do you feel like a trolldocpoz
    • you need to start wanking again if you were the person ranting about the benefits of giving up wanking as it's clearly not working.fadein11
    • if you weren't that person, my apologies.fadein11
    • Most people here are 40 and 50. They've all gone through that nilistic phase.pango
    • I don’t caremaquito
    • oh honey, you didn't offend anyone ... you're just too basic for thatmonospaced
    • It is true. So all that's left is to care and worry and stress and make it matter. Not sure why down votes.shapesalad
    • Sounds like you just need to buy more followers dude.microkorg
    • Why the downvotes?
      I like M01X's thinking and perspective here.
    • it's all a dream man.pango
    • +1inteliboy
    • we are insignificant - but when you look up at a sky lit with stars that thought can be a positive.hotroddy
    • life is only beautiful to dogs, cats and humans. everything else survives or dieshotroddy
    • We created the intergalactic robot empire so we did well, the humans.docpoz
    • everyone matters until they cease to exist.GuyFawkes
    • life is certainly not beautiful to cats.inteliboy
    • only stardust.helloeatbreathedrive
    • life shits on cats?hotroddy
    • I've always said that the meaning of life is to give your life meaning. Obviously ultimately nothing matters, look how vast the universe is...set
    • ... but of course things 'matter' and have meaning in your own life, if you find the joy and love within it.set
    • no, from a cats perspective, that is.inteliboy
    • I Agree.hotroddy
    • This post went from -8 to +2drgs
    • "I love life" your opening line is all that matters.fadein11
    • As set give your own meaning to life. Optimistic nihilism is ultimately a better way to live than following a premade religion or philosophy.yuekit
    • It's actually a great thing that there is no "big other" judging you...who would really want that given the choice?yuekit
    • There is totally a big other judging you. It's called QBN down votes.pango
  • drgs1

    Had a dream I had two noses and each had a zit right on the tip... Woke up laughing. Dumb brain.

  • i_monk5

    Six more applications sent off...

  • detritus2

    Top Tip:

    If your primary means of communication with a business partner is IM or email, and you spend most of your time being sarcastic dicks to each other - try and ensure the one time you're not being sarcastic dicks to each other is made clear so that no confusion arises.

    I've just been told off for not doing something, when I thought The Other was being a massive sarcastic dick. Going back through the IM exchange now, I'm still not sure at what point the conversation turned literal. Fucking idiots, both.

  • set0

    50,000 GDPR related emails in my inbox this morning from every site I've ever given my email to.

    • I don't know why I said this morning it's 5pmset
  • Bennn1

    If you own or want to own a Fujifilm INSTAX film camera, note that you can buy film on eBay for cheap money.

    Each shot worth normally around 1$, on eBay you can buy 10 packs (100shots) for 12$ .. that's 0,12$ each shot.

  • set0

    I changed my name by deed poll, just for a laugh. I had no idea it was so easy. All you have to do is write up your own deed poll, have it signed by two friends, and bobs your uncle your now Johnny Longcock

    • Aim for the stars bro…
    • "The Legal Deed Poll Service" haha, these companies are charging people for something you can write up yourselfset
    • You should of (sic) changed it to
      CLINT Longcock.
      What a lost opportunity!
    • The best man at my wedding changed his middle name to battleship. Still disappointed he didn't sign his full name on the certificatemugwart
    • lol battleship. I have a silent middle name.set
  • Hayzilla1

    Am I being thick? I can't find the ATLANTA thread here. Tried the filter with no joy. I'm positive there was one here. Must be.

    • Atlanta, GA?…
      There is none for Atlanta the series.
    • Search for overrateddocpoz
    • Yea Atlanta the TV series. I'll leave it then. Not a lot of fans here obvs. I think it is amazing.Hayzilla
    • I liked the michael jackson episode and the offbeat tone of the series but so many episodes go nowhere plotwise and nobody has time for thatdocpoz
    • I got time for that! Refreshing to see a show bucking the formulas.Hayzilla
    • best show on tvinteliboy
    • I don't think it had it's own thread. Check recommended tv series threaddocpoz
    • I really dig It. Think it’s some of the best writing on tv at the momentthumb_screws
  • set3

    I dreamt that we stumbled across this rather grotesque looking pigeon with mammal like feet and really light grey fur. We deduced from inspecting the surroundings and seeing the abundance of pigeons and squirrels sharing the same space that it was a pigeon/squirrel hybrid. It really freaked me out. The feet were hideous.

  • docpoz0

    Is a bus speeding diwn a street, carrying humans and flashing lights, alive? At what point does something that functions begin to be considered living?

    Do we ourselves sometimes function but not live?

    • Westworld thread?DRIFTMONKEY
    • Asimovdocpoz
    • Destruction breeds life eh, Zorg?imbecile
    • Oops...…docpoz
    • Fuck my clipboard!!!docpoz
    • i don't think mere function equals life. life is the ability to sustain perpetual thought and motion though a means of collecting energyimbecile
    • "teach" a machine to protect, repair if possible, and "learn" from gathered data as it "forages" for energy, or "sustinece". i would consider that alive.imbecile
    • throw some "don't hurt humans" programming in there somewhere and i'm sure we'd give them rights.imbecile
    • if life.human() in ['y', 'yes']:
      print("do not harm")
    • Beautiful, imbecile. Beautiful.docpoz
  • chukkaphob2

    McAfee packing a gun during an intervie last week. Haha! This fuckking guy!

    • What's the deal with the tshirt over a dress shirt? Is that an American thing or a nutter thing?Hayzilla
    • 15 year old style thingimbecile
    • ^ to match his maturity level?chukkaphob
  • freedom0

    Does your wife/gf wear makeup?

  • HijoDMaite2

    Yo. I’ve been posting a lot of dumb shit here lately. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m subconsciously venting my disdain for social media in general, especially Facebook. I’ve wrote some stupid shit and posted some lame memes that were at times inflammatory, for no good reason at all. It’s not the experience I want to have here on QBN and it doesn’t feel right.

    Or maybe I just don’t like downvotes which is an even bigger problem lol. Anyway just wanted to say that, and I’m excited to once again be a good QBN citizen. I ignore the shit I don’t agree with on here and that’s the way it should be.

    • Don't be too good, COTD needs yourobotron3k
    • I still we should just have up votes. No down votes. I don't really see the point other than to help spread negativity and separation...?set
    • Still think *set
    • Hijo doesn't post nearly as much as set does, either way, who cares, its only sad here when there's no new posts, Thanks set & HijoLMFAO
    • Nearly as much dumb shit you mean? Haha. Agreed.set
    • Lol shit posting the qbn lifeHijoDMaite
  • pockets1

    is denon the the king of home theater receivers now? My Harman Kardon just took a shit on me


    i kinda want to get a new system.. anyone experience the Klipsch speakers?

    • I needed an integrated amp so I went with Marantz. Good luck.DRIFTMONKEY
    • defecating openly is becoming a thing...robotron3k
    • Have pinkfloyd by you Macintosh.imbecile
    • Denon is one of the best for consumer level equipment, yes. Nothing really wrong with HK though.monospaced
    • *mcintoshimbecile
  • sarahfailin25

    1. open qbn
    2. get distracted
    3. close qbn to get some work done
    4. immediately open qbn again

    • Just did this...ArmandoEstrada
    • it's a way of lifeKrassy
    • open qbn on mobile to see if it has something new insteaddrgs
    • Yup, but still more productive than the same steps with Facebookspot13
    • Sorobotron3k
    • since 2002.sted
    • Since the first day yes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Bennn
    • Lol everydaydesmo
    • well, only for a third of my life...ArchitectofFate
    • Every. Damned. Day.Continuity
    • ♬ It's the ciiiiiircle of life ♬mekk
    • how do you know?ApeRobot
    • Qbn at it's worse:
      Casual racism
      Mysogynistic undertones
      Superiority complexes and egos
      Spam and trolls
    • ^ So not much different than real life, then.Continuity
    • Indeeddocpoz
    • lifemilfhunter
    • I've been on qbn almost half my lifeset
    • still horrified at the revelation you are only 30, I used to call you a millennial as a joke.fadein11
  • shapesalad1

    Woken at 5am to some noise. Go to living room, window open. Laptop gone. Wallet gone. Watch gone. Wacom and backpack gone.

    Been working on some music and personal projects and had been too relaxed in my backing up lately. Had become too trusting and complacent. Lost 4 months personal creative work.

    Trying not to be bummed out.

    Theft. Just don't do it.

    • that's fucked, im sorry manpockets
    • fuck.detritus
    • fuck! stuff is stuff even if it costs money. but work?...damn! feel for you shapesalad. hope you get back on it soon. peaceoey
    • Yep. Lesson learn back up to cloud constantly. Even for relaxed personal projects and non client work.shapesalad
    • Damn shape..! Insurance??robotron3k
    • Lease up soon?imbecile
    • What a shit thing, man. Sorry.docpoz
    • Woah, very sorry, why not to try to get the files back from thieves? I would cover the town in paper offering money...OBBTKN
    • You seem very rational about it. That certainly sucks but it is just stuff and at least you're OK.set
    • It was pro job to take stuff for money. They're not going respond to me begging for it back.shapesalad
    • Have no insurance. Not a strong believer in it. Just saved extra. Insurance probably wouldn't pay out due to forgetting to lock window.shapesalad
    • Just got to accept there's bad people out there, only a matter of time or bad lucky that we become their victim. So I should have been better preparedshapesalad
    • ... with daily cloud back ups and just in case cloud goes down, hd backups. Sucks to live 'in fear' but feels like you can't be so trusting these days.shapesalad
    • bummer. i'm glad you not too bothered, that's the worst thing about burglary, the sense of violation.hans_glib
    • no dropbox or similar?drgs
    • fuck man... :(pedromendez
    • Where do you live and how did the person get in/ steal your stuff?M01XXX
    • ^ his location is on his profile and the way they got in is written in the notes, columboset
    • Karma will get em.docpoz
    • Yes London but in a house or flat? And how did he open the window? Was it already open?M01XXX
    • He said he left it openset
    • Inspector Morseset
    • I want to know details from him. I assumed he left it open but more details would be interesting.M01XXX
    • Uggh, that's terrible. Fuck that guy. This is why I have dogs.garbage
    • Lisbon. 1st floor. Window/balcony easy to climb up to. Window closed but had forgotten to lock it or only partially locked it.shapesalad
    • Heard them in my dream. Realized not dream. Woke up. Ran to living room. Window open. Heard foot steps running around side street saw nothing. stuff gone.shapesalad
    • Ran out, could see anyone. Went to local police station, they concerned, came to apartment, but no fingerprints or CCTV nearby.shapesalad
    • Hoping they switch it on and connect wifi and it locates it on find iPhone app. Password protected it... anyway.shapesalad
    • It's in the past. Lesson learnt. Don't relax, double check all locks. Double back up everything. New mac on its way.... Today we control. Tomorrow we plan.shapesalad
    • Typo. *couldnt see anyone.shapesalad
    • Windows open fully in Lisbon apartments as it gets hot in summer, different from U.K. Windows. Anyone can fit through them.shapesalad
  • freedom0

    There's a new guy at work who is maybe 5'8" and he's great.

    We don't work together directly though. Someone asked me if I met the "new guy" and my response was "oh, the short guy? yes".

    And then I felt bad.

    If you're a shorter guy or bald, that's often the first thing someone uses to describe you.

    • I'm... short?

      Are you Dutch?
    • or tall
      or fat
      or hairy
      or anything that might be helpful in identifying the person in question
    • @det: 5'8" - effing dwarfish innit.hans_glib
    • at a stag do long ago, a bloke came up to me and said "you're a tall cunt, incha?" which was an unusual greeting to be sure.hans_glib
    • it turned out he was a member of the icf, which explained a lot.hans_glib
    • Anyone under 6' is short.i_monk
    • Come to Europe. We're all midgets here, apparently.

      Well, except hans. He's a tall cunt.
    • I wonder if people refer to you as the shallow, insecure guy? ;)set
    • I'm just joking, it's just human nature. If you're shorter than other people, or if you're the only bald one, or the only black guy...set
    • ... That'll be how your described. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.set
  • colin_s2

    I've been working and wandering my way through Europe for 35 days now. I had a pretty decent route planned until yesterday when I found out about the Schengen agreement.

    I don't know how I missed this in my initial research, but it basically means I can only be within the EU borders for 90 days. I am scheduled to be in Europe for about 112.

    So now I am trying to find a quick gig (I'm using for this entire trip) in Montenegro or Ireland or Albania or something just to take a few weeks and get my passport stamped a couple more times, just to come back within the borders and leave again.

    National borders are some real fuckery. But everything else is dope as fuck.

    • I dealt with this in HK before I moved there a few years ago. I’d go to Macau for a weekend to reset my passport entry date into HK. Enjoy your travels!imbecile