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  • Beeswax0

    A friend of mine has nice hotel on the aegean coast of Turkey.
    They were in contact with this agent from Manchester who would bring them a group of travelers for this summer.

    She called in today and cancelled the reservations.

    Hotel's name is ISIS, the egyptian god.

    • ouch_niko
    • That's going to be a tough sell for Westerners for a while, sadly (for history).
      It's a shame we call those sad muppets ISIS, rather than Daesh.
    • I used to think Isis was the prettiest name, and had even considered it as a name for a future daughter. Oh well.monospaced
    • I still think it's a pretty name. Total shame.monospaced
    • even archer had to change it ffS_niko
    • do it mono - don't let them winFax_Benson
    • :)monospaced
  • MrT0

    Do you think they did this themselves or the printer does it somehow? Anyone seen it before?

    I would have asked myself but I burned the bridge at the time by pointing out it's afternoon tea, not high tea.

    • I'm a shit linkerMrT
    • looks home done to me by the uneven nature. Maybe some form of hammering the edges to get that effect.capn_ron
    • i like the filename :)scarabin
    • Looks like they took a stack of the cards and repeatedly put a ruler along the side and twatted it with a hammer.detritus
    • I think 'twatted it with a hammer' is the proper print term?detritus
    • yes, it is. I have a twat hammer, actuallyGnash
    • Twatted It With A Hammer Of The Day™
      or TIWAHOTD™ for short
    • Awesome. I've sent that spec to a printer to price. Watch this space...MrT
  • detritus0

    23:46 and receiving client calls, and actually picking up and talking.

    i'm doing something massively wrong with my life.

    • *22:46* sorry.
      not that that's much better.
  • kona5


    Same guy I mentioned above emails me today "We may have a problem with the app. Very poor visibility with brightness situation"

    I thought maybe the guy had stumbled upon a bug or some design flaw we hadn't thought of so I go find him to investigate.

    He says "Yeah see, watch, this is a HUGE usability flaw and totally unintuitive." He then proceeds to bring up his iPhones brightness window and turns it to zero...

    "See... I can't see our app anymore!"

    'I'll look into it' I tell him as I walk away. Knowing this asshole, he's going around telling his bosses that there is a usability flaw with our app.

    I'm damn near tempted to set up a meeting where he walks us through the flaw so his bosses can see first hand the helmet he is.

    • you have to set up a meeting. that would be so fun. then open any other app and do the same thing for the whole room.capn_ron
    • please, please do.detritus
    • Best to be upfront with your bosses beforehand though and confirm to them that your App is damn-near useless when the user's eyes are closed. Just in casedetritus
    • lol, do it!OBBTKN
    • lol @ "unintuitive"monospaced
    • Set up a meeting as this guy has created a 'stink'. Mention him in the email subject. Then in the meeting ask him to demonstrate and be as shocked as the othersmugwart
    • Is he in marketing, sounds like something someone in marketing would say/do...whatthefunk
    • Kona brother, you have no time for tools like this, take him outside and kick him in the nuts. He deserves no less._niko
    • improve the visibility, tweak the contrast to make it visible at minimum brightness and make his concerns go away. don't fucking fight, make it a win for your..uan
    • call in the meeting and present the improved UX design you worked out.uan
    • might be a valid point.doesnotexist
    • I agree with uan. If the app is not visible on an iPhone at min brightness, there is indeed a visual flaw. Numerous users will have difficulty viewing it.imbecile
    • You need to livestream this meeting
      Just DO IT!!!
    • Yo kona...I just got a bona.utopian
    • So up the contrast and make it a non issue and accessible. That guy still overreacted and could have just approached it in a constructive way.monospaced
    • lol at the earnest replies, you miserable fuds.face_melter
    • haha...omg
    • lol@fuds. The text is black on a white background. No fucking idea how to tweak the contrast any more than that.kona
    • oh, well then, fuck that guy.imbecile
    • seriously? lolmonospaced
    • Yep. He's being obnoxious for absolutely no reason other than to be obnoxious. Even the secondary text that's #505f6f shows up clear as day.kona
    • The only unintuitive part, which you should remind him of, is turning the brightness all the way down for no reason.monospaced
  • sarahfailin1

    Just watched Cornell West on Bill Maher, and is he getting crazy? I used to really respect the guy but he's so theatrical now. I think he has been on CNN too long.

  • fourth1

    You know how procrastinating all day is much more tiring than just doing the work? It's 5:00 and I still had tons of shit to do. I was at market and picked up a can of sugary Yerba mate. At 6 I'm behind the computer again nodding off so I say fuck it and slam the whole Yerba.

    After getting all my work done and even taking a couple of rips from the vape I'm still wide awake and updating my portfolio (a task I've put off for 3 months) at 1am.

    Time to buy some loose leaf Yerba mate.

    • tell me more - does it really give a good energy boost? I know v.little about these things. I've always chosen the unhealthy option (not that this isfadein11
    • necessarily healthy). I need this is my life if it works. So much procrastination and lack of drive for coding sites lately.fadein11
    • It's like a strong tea or coffee - you can feel it, but it's not speed or khat.detritus
    • is it edgy like too much coffee? I don't find coffee helps my focus if I have too muchfadein11
    • yerba is clean, the high is way cleaner than coffee, i wish i still had access to the real stuffmoldero
    • *googles Yerba...pango
    • the stimulation from the mate is crystal clear and there is no crash and it doesn't affect sleep. worked an 8 hour day straight today.fourth
    • Just a little note: Some studies suggest mate is a carcinogen. What isn't, though?garbage
  • bainbridge0

    Who do you put for references on a job application?

    • No one at your current employer is a good place to start...MrT
    • My first boss from a while back with whom I am good friendsdrgs
  • drgs0

    Tinder should have a feature where you can leave a review with a 0-5 star rating, and read other people's reviews

    • No sense. All reviews would be negative, either sincere or out of spite. Also dudes giving 0 to anyone who couldn't shag.sr_rosa
    • That's the point, don't waste time on those who cant shagdrgs
    • I'm sure all the people you've dated and didn't shag also felt their time wasted.sr_rosa
    • Woah, watch out for the literality polis here.detritus
    • My service is immaculate, like my ebay profiledrgs
    • IDK, not wanting to put more time than necessary seems like a red flag for laziness.sr_rosa
    • Maybe a rating on who messages back and who doesntrobotron3k
    • reviews of drgs would be: too narcissistic. kept sending pics of physique. sex may have been good if he wasn't preoccupied admiring himself in the mirrorimbecile
  • desmo1

    Some of my co-workers are young as shit:

    1) Didn't know Will Smith was a rapper before Fresh Prince or that Jazz was an actual DJ.

    2) Didn't know Michael Jackson's song PYT

    Fuck, I'm getting old.

    • just 2 more reasons to envy the youngFax_Benson
    • i didnt know these thingsdrgs
    • Pyt?pango
    • no one knows about pyt because it was the 6th single released from thriller in 1982 for fuck sake. thriller, beat it, & billie jean are the top 3 people know.imbecile
  • cbass990

    Girl at work didn't know who Fleetwood Mac is, Chris Cornell or Van Halen...

    • Is she 12?utopian
    • 24cbass99
    • how good are you at 60-70s music?drgs
    • pretty good actuallymonospaced
    • how good are you at 60-70s music at the age of 24?drgs
    • *weredrgs
    • about the same, but my parents are pretty cool so maybe I'm not the right casemonospaced
    • When I heard about Cornell's death, my first thought was "Oh no, I really liked the Stone Temple Pilots once upon a time"
    • A bunch didn't know who prince was either_niko
    • last week I worked with a 30 y/o editor who had never heard of Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics and Tears for Fearsspl33nidoru
    • drgs, what mono said.cbass99
    • Fleetwood Mac, the original blues formation or the crap band that has followed?ApeRobot
    • lol at music snobsset
    • CC sucked then, now, alive and dead.imbecile
  • mugwart2

    Monday morning fail - the NSFW was right next to the blog feed...damn it..

    • :)fadein11
    • Yea I just went there as well. *Shudderset
    • That was my fault...MrT
  • shellie0

    Going to Atlanta in 2 weeks. It will be my first time actually being able to touch the city. I've only been flown in for less than 24 hours in the past and saw nothing but the venue I worked in. Any suggestions for my one day off?

    • Ramanisky will be your personal tour guide.utopian
    • Haha thnx Utopian.
      unfortunately I'll be in Florida for a week.
  • drgs1

    made a note to myself to go to the hardware store, but dont remember what for...
    I'm going anyway, what should I buy?

  • scarabin3

    workin' on my disco butterfly collection

    • (and misc)scarabin
    • cool, how do you catch 'em?moldero
    • i buy and trade from dealersscarabin
    • I'll bet you have something in common to talk about with every person in the worlddrgs
    • I used to know a lepidopterist. He had a shop next to my restaurant. He was a brit expat named carrol. He hated that name and made everyone call him, Mac.Gnash
  • utopian0

    How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace…

  • HijoDMaite0

    Last weekend the news came that a girl I went to high school with was found dead in her condo. Jenny was the owner of a hip little breakfast spot by the beach. She had struggled with drugs for a long time and had her three children taken from her while the dad had full custody. The last three or four years had been huge for her as she had started to clean her life up, opened up her own business and was making leaps and bounds in gaining the respect of her family and friends. The restaurant had good food too and she was on a first name basis with most of her patrons.

    The sad news came on Mother's Day when police found her, another woman and a man (all friends, same age) All three were dead from an obvious heroin overdose. Probably a "bad batch" as they call it. So fucking sad, everyone thought she was clean, but knew she was struggling to pay the overhead at her business. Apparently the neighbors in the area were aware of who the dealer is since they've seen him around the neighborhood hanging out at shady hours. This time the neighbors took action and when they saw him they chased him, cornered him in an alley, and proceeded to beat the shit out of him before calling the cops.

    Heroin is alive and well here in North County San Diego and it's a fucked up drug. I read about other places in the nation where heroin epidemics are happening and think maybe poverty and gang activity is rampant there. You wouldn't think about these things if you cruised our beach town on any given weekend, but man beneath the surface there is a dark, dark side and this shit is killing young people all the time. In the last year I have known two people to die from a Heroin OD and I know one guy that's currently addicted. Mind you I have been out of the party scene and even drinking scene for about six years now.

    • Heroin destroyed an entire generation in 80's in my country, everything i read about this opioid epidemic in US, remembers those times... sad timesOBBTKN
    • Obviously authorities are not doing their best on this, people need to wake from this nightmare and stop the massive and cheap access to the drugOBBTKN
    • Probably the politicians is not going to do it for themOBBTKN
    • I guess fentanyl hasn't arrive there yet. It's even worse. We had 134 people OD on the welfare check day... I have an addict friens as well. Thank god she's onpango
    • Party drug.pango
  • kona5

    Laugh out loud moment at work a few minutes ago.

    We're in a meeting and there's this one guy included who always derails every, single, meeting.

    We're discussing our Home Thermostat UI and I'm explaining what the 70° mark is and what would happen should the user increase or decrease the temp.

    I'm about 5 minutes into the conversation and this guy interrupts with "... wait, wait... are we talking Fahrenheit or Celsius here?" and I busted out laughing (inside).

    1) We're in the U.S.
    2) 70° C would equal something like 160° F. Who's fucking house is ever set to 160° F?!?

    This fucking guy.

    • lolfadein11
    • He doesn't know the diff between Fahrenheit and Celsius? Is he the boss' son or something? :)renderedred
    • lol rendered.kona
    • and then you looked him directly in the eye, and with the most serious tone you could muster, you answered, "celsius."monospaced
    • lol, we're still laughing about it over here. Fucking celsiuskona
    • if the dude is a greengo than yeah its silly. If he isn't, it's normal. 90% of the world's population can't convert celsius to fahrenheit or viceversa.VectorMasked
    • lol. It's considered common knowledge here as it's a huge part of our company. thermostats are some of our top products.kona
    • Then you got on your pied Piper box and posted to qbnHayoth
    • disagreeable people are easy to fuck with because they question their own intelligencemoldero
    • People like that have no value to add. They are insecure and feel the need to say anything in any meeting. If the cause a distraction, they justified themselvessofakingback
  • inteliboy1

    crypto currencies.

  • bklyndroobeki1

    Completed Startrek TNG series finally.
    The final ep was excellent!

    • This is gonna piss of some trekies. I tried but couldn't get into star trek...pango
    • Nice! I am getting there, mid way through season 6.BabySnakes
    • Nice. I can pinpoint when my GF was able to get into TNG. Season 3 "the best of both worlds". When Riker says fire! That was it, she was hooked.eryx
    • When I saw that episode I had to wait a year to see "the best of both worlds II" and find out what happened. Longest year of my life.eryx
    • agreed.. All good things, was excellent.Al_dizzle
    • rarely do you come x a show that alters the way you perceive the world :)bklyndroobeki
  • PonyBoy0

    I'm not a Graphic Designer, but I play one on QBN.

    • you too??sarahfailin
    • Pfff I'm not even Asian. I just play one on qbn.pango
    • If we're doing confessions: I'm a writer, photographer, and video editor.garbage
    • i keep waiting for my boss to find outscarabin
    • i like turtlesplash