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  • Hayzilla0

    What's this streaming thing all the cool young kids are doing these days and people send them in money? Like here...

  • Continuity1

    With a mere six pantry ingredients and 30 minutes of my life, I've just successfully recreated a spot-on-tasting version of KFC gravy, which I have a horrible weakness for.

    I feel at once elated and filthy.

    • :/monospaced
    • I know. How low can a guy go, right?Continuity
    • Nah that’s fine. We all have that thing. I always found their gravy to be one of their worst offerings, personally. To each their own. Congrats I guess :)monospaced
    • I used to drink it straight from the cup with my zinger tower burger at 3 am, slurring my words and telling strangers how tasty it was. Those were the daysset
    • telling strangers to fuck off**set
  • M01XXX-13

    I feel so depressed. In the past few weeks it feels like I've become a beta-male. No sex drive, no testosterone, no libido, bored with everything. Maybe something is wrong with me and my hormones. Maybe my thyroid got fucked like Jet Li's? I don't feel like going to the doctor just yet but it sucks feeling down every day with no drive for anything.

    • Drink cranberry juice.soundofreason
    • turn off your computer and get out to exercise...OBBTKN
    • if this is not working, yes, you've become a betaOBBTKN
    • j/k...

      proly you're suffering spring asthenia, check your hormones, get a sun bath...
    • Might spray your ass with vinegar, the next time that I see ya bro bet your ass still won't be tight.soundofreason
    • werent you 14? you have not reached puberty yetdrgs
    • https://www.medicaln…pablo28
    • go to the doctor! tell him how you feel. get some meds and give yourself a break. sounds like you need it.sothere
    • If you are not going to the doctor there are some things you can do at home:
    • you got a bad dose of the qbnshans_glib
    • Bet you have kids. that'll do it.Hayzilla
    • Maybe it is that you feel the need of being an "alpha-male", a ripped being, fucking everything by three that is within reach. It's OK not to be this one, man.mekk
    • What were you getting upto when you thought you were an alpha male? You probably just need to go outside and walk about.PhanLo
    • Yeah right...Salarrue
    • time to get help online...sign up for some new accounts!uan
    • +1monospaced
    • isn't facebook the place for you? there are groups that will help you.fadein11
    • lol uanGuyFawkes
    • Address your diet. Make changes in your life. list things you want to do and reasearch each area and make adjustments.mugwart
    • think we all have been there. I have only just stepped out of depression myself. Not fun. Keep at it ;-)mugwart
    • Put your penis in an electrical socket. If it fits, youre in.docpoz
    • @mugwart - no diet gonna fix -7 downvotesfadein11
    • ^ I feel a bit bad about this. Someone is asking for help here.mugwart
    • @mug. is he though? really? I doubt it personally. Have you not followed his time here?fadein11
    • ^ yes I have. He does seems desperate to fit in, but you all are a very cool bunch (no sarcasm just british)mugwart
    • It's hard to be this cool in my 40's I tell thee.fadein11
    • you own it!mugwart
  • detritus0

    I've just put the frights up some middle aged woman who nearly ploughed through me and a pram-pushing mother on a zebra crossing. We were half way across when this silly bint drove straight across, looking off to her left somewhere in the middle distance. This is the second time in the last few days some oblivious fool has done this - on the same bloody road too, so I lost it.

    I ran after her and stood in front of her car and reminded her, in my fairly Scottish-mouthed fashion and perhaps a bit loudly, that she's supposed to be in control of a ton or so of metal and she could easily kill someone if she doesn't pay attention.

    i think she thought I was going to pummel her when I all I wanted to do was berate her for her stupidity.

    She looked a bit shocked. Not as much as the pram-pushing monther did though.

  • SteveJobs0

    damn.. :(

  • hans_glib0

    is qbn gdpr compliant?

    asking for a friend

  • Bennn0

    Receiving a lot of email of privacy policy agreement thingy since a couple days. Seems like every company out there are sending this out. Its a law in the US or whut?

    • Same here in EU tooOBBTKN
    • It's a change to EU privacy laws.i_monk
    • EU GDPR legislation.fadein11
    • Because Facebook.monospaced
    • How can one be on the internet daily and yet so obliviousset
  • canoe2

  • notype0

    Do you treat a person how they treat you (in return),
    ...or how you'd like to be treated?

    What's the "right way", without getting used?

    • on this note, i'll be on stealth mode for a few wks-- gonna pick up some pieces.notype
    • Be polite but set boundaries, except in cases of close family or rare individuals.robotron3k
    • family mostly and 1 friend who i think it may be time to let go.notype
    • thanks robo.notype
    • narcissistic personality disorder is on the rise, just saying...robotron3k
    • treat everyone like your friend till they do you wrongpockets
    • or lie to youpockets
    • then kill themGuyFawkes
    • </end>pockets
    • then goes go buy tons of bleach and lemons... and a barrel.pango
    • Always the right way, only one time a guy realized he was being a total asshole and apologized, but this is not the question... if they feel fulfilled this wayOBBTKN
    • Study the fuck about narcassim, then be nice to everyone. If they cross a line back then shut the door.mugwart
    • ... sad people.OBBTKN
    • It's incredible the amount of mad or psycho client or bosses I've met in those 23 years of career... not goodOBBTKN
    • do as you would be done by. alwayshans_glib
    • I feel psychological conditions (psychopath, narcissist, sociopath etc) need to addressed worldwide as it is on the rise & is the biggest threat to our futuresmugwart
    • IMAO!
      @no - hope your okay and not suffering so much
    • Treat them like I want to be treated, then an eye for an eye if they turn out to be assholes.Maaku
    • Things are much better mugwart, lots of things shifted over the past couple weeks here. Thanks for sending your good thoughts. Eyes are slightly more opened tonotype
    • what I'd been inviting into my life. Healing up, feeling a bit more empowered to deal with shitty people more affectively & set up boundaries.notype
  • docpoz-1

    Ok last blog o the day:
    I may start a qbn liveblog from the bean in LES while drawing because I can. If K has an issue just lemme know. Maybe we can sit down and matrix into the laptop during the day.

  • HijoDMaite1

    Wtf the whole office is getting non-stop Chinese robo calls. They’re just going down the line.

    • I get a couple of those a day sometimes. always starts with "ni hao". I heard someone say it's a scam about the chinese consolate and a fine or something.monNom
  • Hayzilla0

    @ UK Peeps
    Looking for a place to print a 40pp hard back photo album of my family. Used the Apple one before which was good quality. There must be a cheaper good option out there. Looking for recommendations please.

    • Blurb is good. Use ProLine Uncoated. Image Wrap Cover is lovely and ProLine End Sheets are nice touch. U can also remove logo for a fee.microkorg
    • Thanks Micro. Looks good.Hayzilla
    • Yup. That exactly!monospaced
  • Bennn0

    I sent an email to a local bakery saying that I prefered to tell them directly instead of leaving a negative message on their GoogleMap page. The owner answered me like a total douche, so I went on GoogleMap and leaved my negative comment there also. That will teach him.

  • M01XXX-12

    What's the point here... there's probably 20-30 active users daily on QBN, maybe 50'ish at most. It's basically a small circle jerk group that loves downvoting me.

    QBN is imgur lite. Not worth my time anymore, especially if I'm not welcome.

    • do you ever stop whining?fadein11
    • don't be quitin' on us son.utopian
    • everyone is welcome here, the crazier the better!fadein11
    • i don't understand why downvotes upset anyone. it's not like there's a "QBNr of The Month" competition to win or owt...hans_glib
    • and you only get downvoted because everyone knows it bothers you.hans_glib
    • i gave you an upvote by the way. i thought you were suggesting we were all 50ish, which seemed fair enoughhans_glib
    • I don't think anyone gives a shit about downvoting you, they just do because you constantly beg for attention. Why, exactly?detritus
    • another fake quit from resident snowflake I presume? attention receivedmonospaced
    • It's a long kept tradition to downvote any post mentioning downvotes.pango
    • Don't give up just yet. One of your chick of the day thread has 2 upvotes!pango
    • lol pangofadein11
    • It's not always about you M0robotron3k
    • Everyone, upvote this post!utopian
    • why bother?pockets
    • oh, just fuck off already!renderedred
    • every few days i have to look at your whining posts, wtf man. deal with it!renderedred
    • and the whole point of qbn is YOU not getting the point...renderedred
    • Why do you feel like such a troll?docpoz
    • Ha, imgr lite. Thats funny.docpoz
    • That is some thin skin you got there.garbage
    • I dont like this side of qbndrgs
    • ps upvoted you so you'd stop your fucking bitching and moaning. How do you make it in the real world?garbage
    • There's a saying in Spanish that translates something like this..
      "Those that say goodbye many times, are those that in reality don't want to leave"
    • i think drgs got a strange bonerutopian
    • So participate or just log out.sea_sea
    • Post in QBN Mugs 2018 and you'll get lots and lots of upvotes!Krassy
    • Keep religion, politics and very personal opinions aside, and you're welcome :)Maaku
    • Post some work. I think this used to be a design forum.PhanLo
    • So you’re not leaving? Sighmonospaced
    • Top of front page drama on QBN.Continuity
    • Complaining since 1979.i_monk
    • exactly @ i_monkGuyFawkes
    • Yep @imonk thats the 79 shtick, anywaysdocpoz
    • LOL docpoz.
      You're the little engine that could.
    • https://media.giphy.…ernexbcn
    • Huh? Wuttdocpoz
    • We should have an award for the most downvoted user on QBN.err
    • I don’t think I’ve ever downvoted your posts.Ramanisky2
    • @M01XXX dude, please don't leave! U have a sense of humor -- this was hilarious:…Krassy
    • You are welcome, just stop the damn baby crying :)futurefood
    • See something, say something:

      Stop looking for positive reinforcement on qbn. get on the bitter train or you are going to have a bad time.
    • who is this guy? fucking every second post is by m01. go get some fresh air.inteliboy
    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯pango
    • http://fc03.devianta…dbloc
    • So, what's it going to be, then? Stay or go? Shit or get off the pot, son.Continuity
    • since1979 left and came back with his old username on the same day. Now he's rocking the upvotes on the Mugs thread!
    • weren't you guy that said nothing really matters?sothere
    • hey, yuri!maquito
  • zarkonite1

    Why do people care about the up/down votes on their posts? if your'e one of them, can you please explain it to me.

    I don't have an opinion one way or another, but it's just so completely foreign to me to care what anonymous strangers on the internet could possibly want to tell me by liking, upvoting, etc.

    I care when someone engages with the content by responding and conversing. What's the real life equivalent of a like? Someone driving by and yelling "NICE ASS"? who gives a fuck...

    Thank you for your time.

    • >…
      and no more scores
    • Did you just use CSS to create a safe space? ;)zarkonite
    • yep where detritus has a different color and yurimon is gone.sted
    • social media syndromeMaaku
    • some care more about others perception of them. they don't know how to deal with it so they express their discontent publicly. some passively, others less so..SteveJobs
    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯pango
    • It's catch-22. If you care about downvotes, you'll get more downvotes.DRIFTMONKEY
    • chukkaphob has enough extra accounts to help upvote all of the downvoting haters.utopian
    • dopamineimbecile
    • I, for one, have not been getting as many down votes as I used to. You girls are slacking...robotron3k
    • that's because you're only active in notes.pango
    • because people are social beings, even if down-/upvotes are a simulation of feedback they matter as long as you are not a robotdrgs
    • Downvotes Simply Because annoy me, because they're the shitty smear marks of spineless dogs. I couldn't give a hoot for upvotes.detritus
    • I think once you're being constantly negged it means to kill that username offdocpoz
  • HijoDMaite1

    The way we hold our smart phones.

    Under 50:

    Over 50:

    It never fails. WHY??

    • https://cdn01.vulcan…SteveJobs
    • You think?HijoDMaite
    • https://images.csmon…BabySnakes
    • I'm not over 50 and hold this slippery bastard like in the second image...OBBTKN
    • I'm more of a one-hander, one-thumb kind of guy. Swype makes it possible.sarahfailin
    • i'm over 50!? D:imbecile
    • I must be over 50 then cuz i never use my phone with my thumbs. My thumbs are too big to type like this, I hit 3 keys at the same time if i try.Bennn
    • one hand all the way!pango
    • one hand, 10cm from face, squinting, visibly inconvenienced all the way!kingsteven
    • Smart phones have the power to completely FREEZE someone over 50 in the street. Cannot-use-it-and-wa...microkorg
    • I hold it like the second image and use swype typing because tapping with your thumbs like an eager twit is so datedset
    • I get my texts to my desktop and use mechanical keyboardhotroddy
    • Guess I've been over 50 since I was 34.Continuity
    • Under 50 are on Blackberry?
      One handed swype FTW!
    • ..licks finger before swipingsofas
    • lol sofasset
    • set I saw that briefly mentioned in the "high maintenance" show (highly recommended) at a sort of "tech. for old ppl" class, wouldn't be surprised if it happenssofas
  • M01XXX-18

    Ok I apologize for venting earlier. I love you all.

    • I'm only allowed 20 up votes a month with a QBN basic account. If i had pro i would give you some up votes.BabySnakes
    • See I'm being downvoted againM01XXX
    • You were only being upvoted because you said you were leaving.soundofreason
    • Lurk more. Post less.DRIFTMONKEY
    • See you’re whining again.monospaced
    • ease up off the sugar and carbs, its probably whats causing all the mood swingsGuyFawkes
    • we don't care! well I don't. just stop being a pratt.fadein11
    • stop worrying about digital make believe arbitrary votes and start enjoy your time here.pango
    • onpango
    • earthpango
  • pango3

    How was everyone's Victoria day?

    • Got some patio time in with a friend from London before it turned cloudy.i_monk
    • rebuilt dock with some nice western cedarGnash
    • I slept for the entire day...pango
    • it was kept a secretimbecile
    • woooooo downvotes~pango
  • section_014-2

    People putting albums on Youtube with like 10 ads on them are prompting me to buy more albums to avoid the hassle.

    • Adblock Plus. Haven't seen an ad on Youtube in a decade.i_monk
    • ^thishans_glib
    • for real? I gotta investigate that. I mean, I'm happy to support artists, but some of these are out of controlsection_014
    • On Chrome? I'm still seeing ads with adblocker installed... :(pango
    • can't believe some people are still surfing without AdBlock ...Bennn
    • @section_014 you know there are alternatives to AOL and MySpace, yeah?chukkaphob
    • Ugh, YouTube offers to lowest audio quality. Why bother? Go listen on a different platform if possible. Do yourself the favor.monospaced
    • Pango – Couldn't say, never used Chrome.i_monk
  • M01XXX-3

    I love life. But nothing, really nothing, absolutely nothing matters. There is no real purpose in life. Only what each individual thinks is true. And nothing is true. There is no right or wrong.

    We live on a planet that happened to be somewhere in a goldilock zone in a solar system on the edge of a galaxy. One galaxy of billions in this universe.

    If our planet disappears tomorrow nobody would notice. All our little human lives, aspirations, careers are nothing.

    We're just bacteria and even smaller than that on a cosmic scale. Average human lives are about 70-80 years while this planet will exist for a few more billion years before the sun swallows it and explodes in a supernova.

    And one day even this universe will just disappear before a possible new one is born in a new cycle.

    Life is beautiful but nothing really matters.

    • It gets better.monospaced
    • There therepango
    • There therepango
    • Thanks for the downvotes. Must've really offended you with some philosophy.M01XXX
    • matters to whom? life matters to me and that's enough. in any grander scheme or scale, or in any other context i'm not concerned.SteveJobs
    • If there's something that doesn't matter it's downvotes and upvotes.SteveJobs
    • Why do you feel like a trolldocpoz
    • you need to start wanking again if you were the person ranting about the benefits of giving up wanking as it's clearly not working.fadein11
    • if you weren't that person, my apologies.fadein11
    • Most people here are 40 and 50. They've all gone through that nilistic phase.pango
    • I don’t caremaquito
    • oh honey, you didn't offend anyone ... you're just too basic for thatmonospaced
    • It is true. So all that's left is to care and worry and stress and make it matter. Not sure why down votes.shapesalad
    • Sounds like you just need to buy more followers dude.microkorg
    • Why the downvotes?
      I like M01X's thinking and perspective here.
    • it's all a dream man.pango
    • +1inteliboy
    • we are insignificant - but when you look up at a sky lit with stars that thought can be a positive.hotroddy
    • life is only beautiful to dogs, cats and humans. everything else survives or dieshotroddy
    • We created the intergalactic robot empire so we did well, the humans.docpoz
    • everyone matters until they cease to exist.GuyFawkes
    • life is certainly not beautiful to cats.inteliboy
    • only stardust.helloeatbreathedrive
    • life shits on cats?hotroddy
    • I've always said that the meaning of life is to give your life meaning. Obviously ultimately nothing matters, look how vast the universe is...set
    • ... but of course things 'matter' and have meaning in your own life, if you find the joy and love within it.set
    • no, from a cats perspective, that is.inteliboy
    • I Agree.hotroddy
    • This post went from -8 to +2drgs
    • "I love life" your opening line is all that matters.fadein11
    • As set give your own meaning to life. Optimistic nihilism is ultimately a better way to live than following a premade religion or philosophy.yuekit
    • It's actually a great thing that there is no "big other" judging you...who would really want that given the choice?yuekit
    • There is totally a big other judging you. It's called QBN down votes.pango
    • We are the universe being aware of itself, albeit a small sliver of it. The struggles we experience are the struggles of the universe manifest in different dimetoemaas
    • damn toemass, in with the deep shit :)monospaced
    • what we decide matters matters. 'nothing' is only one option.
      it is true that nothing is there to tell you authoritatively what matters.