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  • doggydoggdog0

    Thinking of getting a new car. Maybe do 12,000 miles a year.

    Any reason not to lease?

    • If you don't mind giving away your money and never owning a car, get a lease... pro(s), you get to have a brand new car every 3 years.Maaku
    • financially, i think a lease equals a very high interest rate. I've heard it is not financially smart to lease. Also, buy a car outright, no payments at all.capn_ron
    • If you buy a car, it loses money the second you drive off the lot.doggydoggdog
    • Leasing is like throwing money away. It's like rent and you get nothing at the end.monospaced
    • buy a 2 year old lot and let someone else take that hit.capn_ron
    • also, cars lose money every day generally. they are expensive things.capn_ron
    • I would lease a fancy car. generally, i'd purchase even though it's a depreciating asset.dorf
    • the car i bought had under 5K / year. they're out thereimbecile
    • Leased 3 before, own one and lease one. Lease = full tax write off & milage. Usually cheaper payments. You can always buy your lease afterwards.ArmandoEstrada
    • @armando, do you use a cpa or file your own taxes?dorf
    • ^yes, I would like to also know lolfuturefood
    • Lease if you want something brand new every few years. Like Armando said, you can always buy after the lease is up, and if you lease a car that tends to keep...lvl_13
    • ...its value, it's a no-brainer. Just make sure you negotiate that final purchase number if that's your end goal. That way you can purchase for a good price...lvl_13
    • ...and you know how the vehicle has been treated/repairs needed in the lease terms. Buying used is always a gamble. Not always bad-not always goodlvl_13
    • I am oldschool, I like to keep my fixed costs low thus I only buy. But never new. As mentioned above: Let others lose money with the write-off.Longcopylover
    • be aware of unexpected high costs when returning the leased vehicle.mekk
  • doggydoggdog1

    If you got $50,000 extra, is there anything safe you can invest in to make a few thousand extra?

  • Continuity0

    @maquito, my point is as follows:

    I find it absolutely irresponsible, for the reason that a parent's job is to actively protect their offspring from harm. This is the main thrust of my argument.

    What people are doing when posting their their photos and full names is, basically, doxxing them. There's a reason we, as adults, use handles and nicks online. It's to protect our privacy ... our right to which shrinks more and more as time passes. Any statement to the contrary is a load of shit, otherwise you would all be using your own proper names as handles.

    I simply can't conceive that a parent would put their precious little geniuses at risk like this. There are — believe it or not — paedophiles out there, for example, and they also know how to use the internet. And with the seemingly-routine leaks of user data here, there and everywhere, the point has been drilled home to protect what's left of our privacy. To me, it's mind-boggling to say, 'Oh, it's OK, the risk is really low. If something happens, well, we'll deal with it when the time comes.' Eh?

    Consider ...

    Example 1:
    'Honey, do you think we should get some insurance for this car?'

    'Naaaaaaah. On the off-chance we crash, we'll get it then.'

    Example 2:
    'Hm. We should probably get some anti-virus software for these servers, yeah?'

    'Pffft. Whatever, man. If we get hacked, I'll get some then. Otherwise, really low risk.'

    This is what you're basically saying when you post Junior's full name and photo.

    To drive the point home:
    • mg33 has his given name, initial of his surname and city in his QBN profile. No chance anyone could out his address because he's not given his full surname, right?
    • Oops! mg33 Jr's full name is in a post associated with him! Hey presto, someone interested into doing something nasty now has just about all the info they need to make it happen.

    Anyway, this is the last I'm going to say about it because, apparently, the consensus is it's absolutely OK to dox your spawn, and it represents acceptable risk. In the end, it's your collective problems.

    • your opinion sucks.
      just fyi
    • Well, what can I say. If you want, as a parent, to live up to your QBN nick, that's your prerogative.

      just fyi
    • LOL!oey
    • please don't fight. lets all be friends, mkay?oey
    • Has there been any incident where someone's baby photo put anyone in danger?pango
    • LOL @ some resultsoey
    • LOL @ some resultsoey
    • http://www.nytimes.c…oey
    • Most of the articles are about people criticizing parents posting photos of their babies. Or parents criticizing people posting photos of their babies...pango
    • I guess posting photos of babies is dangerous because you are going to get criticized. But no actual harm for the babies...pango
    • I wonder whatever happened to this baby. http://i.dailymail.c…pango
    • your inability to deal with views other than your own is quite toxic for those around you. You probably take to the internet because no one listens in your lifeimbecile
    • go ahead and attack my nickname, low hanging fruit you're swinging at. your opinion still sucksimbecile
    • Wat?pango
    • not you pango, continuity, this is for him too -…imbecile
  • oey0

    a friend of mine once said that if someone masturbates thinking of her that someone should get her a valentines gift.

    • did you get her one?drgs
    • hahahaha! good question drgs. no I didn't.oey
    • lolmaquito
    • maybe I should. fuck. if I do it she will know. if I don't she won't. maybe it works out for me.oey
    • that's a lot of awkward giftsimbecile
    • hahaha...good point imbecileoey
  • Ramanisky23

    A crew of 4 CUNTS just tried to jack my car ... just as we're having our 9:30 stand up design meeting ... my buddy went out there like a champ and spooked them. These guys were already being hunted by police there was even a police chopper overhead ..They broke into a house around 8:30 a.m. this morning and have broken into a bunch of other cars this morning. According to someone on Nextdoor the APD helicopter is looking for them .... most likely trying to ditch that Chrysler and take mine sweet new precious, FUCK that some scary shit.

  • Gardener1

    I did buy a few records (see RVF thread) at the weekend
    but these were the other things

    songbook from '73 now I can actually "play away, way, play away, play away," etc

    all the Bond films on Blu Ray for £20 at the boots yesterday,
    he wanted £1.50 each but I am a haggle-master!

    • haha, every time I go to Italy my missus borrows the Bond set from her BFF's Old Man, just for little ol' me who needs a bi-daily English language reset :)detritus
    • You just know that Hamble and Jemima were metal as fuck. They had that look about them. Also, major shoutouts to Derek Griffiths.face_melter
  • oey-1
    • if children had rights, hitting them as a form of punishment would be illegal.imbecile
    • though it does remind me of the case of the guy that sued the doctor who removed his foreskin.imbecile
    • it is illegal to hit children where i live. in all three countries where i lived.oey
    • "if women had rights, hitting them as a form of punishment would be illegal." Putinoey
    • In many countries, corporal punishment IS illegal, FFS: https://en.wikipedia…Continuity
    • in the UK it's ok...LOL!oey
    • LOL @ down votesoey
  • Continuity4

    I don't know what it is ... maybe it's because I'm not a parent, nor do I intend to be. But I really don't get you people: what the fuck are you thinking, posting the full names and photos of your spawn on a public website like QBN, where it's search indexed for, like, ever? Are you fucking nuts? What is wrong with you?

    This, to me, is like the digital equivalent of dangling them off a balcony. Or letting them wander off on their own in a crowded shopping centre. You're supposed to be protecting them, not exposing them like this.

    Fuck me.

    • Thet'll be fine
      Someone make a Baby of the day thread, already
    • I tend to agree - and aside from any potential dangers it's just a weird thing to do...set
    • Children are like dreams... no one else wants to know about them.set
    • Too right, but that aside, it's shockingly bad parenting.Continuity
    • If my parents had done something like this, and I found out about it, I'd be fucking furious, for violating my privacy and exposing me to risk like that.Continuity
    • I post pics of other people's kids and pretend that they're mine.Fax_Benson
    • I think you're overreacting a little bit. While qbn is a public site, people here posting amongst friends, even if most of 'em are cuntsGnash
    • Another weird thing is what happens when they 're old enough to find your online profiles? Lots of potential embarrassment.Fax_Benson
    • 'shockingly bad parenting' says the guy who's not a parent...! :)detritus
    • see yer da's been posting wank pics in COTD again.Fax_Benson
    • I wouldnt post my kids here.. if I had any. Just saying.sureshot
    • This is the weirdest thing to get angry about? What risks exactly?face_melter
    • It is weird to get mad about, but I also hate kids and will never have any on purpose. My dog suits me just fine.garbage
    • "shockingly bad parenting" from "I'm not a parent, nor do i intend to be" lol, get over yourselfimbecile
    • lol, detritus already said it!imbecile
    • I also think that parents posting their kids pic is not correct. there's already people suing their parents cause of stuff like that.oey
    • I'm not going to say it's bad parenting but parents are the guarantee of minors rights. those rights include privacy rights.oey
    • I'm also not going to say it's irresponsible but people who can not express or defend themselves and their rights should have it guaranteed.oey
    • also, saying that someone can not say bad parenting cause his/she is not a parent him/her self is not a valid argument under my opinion cause...oey
    • only musicians can criticize music, only politicians can criticize politicians, etc...?oey
    • whatever, personally I would not post my kids pics if I had any in any website, social media, etc...oey
    • some people might say it's my kid i do what i want. it's a human being not an object or some kind of possession. and if the kid is yours protect his rights.oey
    • some people might say that's ego bullshit, I can see it as people sharing with other people a joy. I can understand but I can be critic about it.oey
    • You done yet, oey?detritus
    • i'd not do it, it's a bad idea imho, but it's got fuck all to do with parenting, so it's daft to criticise it as 'bad', especially from one who has avowed neverdetritus
    • to be a parent.

      Anyway, continuity's cool, just a bit over-wrought here. x
    • sorry detritus don't need to get upset cause I have a different opinion and I didn't call names or judged anyoneoey
    • or maybe my english is so fucked up you didn't understand shit. sorry, my badoey
    • I'm upset here? *looks in mirror, sees no red-inflamed bundle of berzerking rage*
      You sure?
    • no, not sure. are you? maybe you come from iceland and you don't get red when upset. how's your heart beat?oey
    • Yeah, calm your shit detritus - you fucking maniac! This has the smell of tumblr drama all over it.face_melter
    • LOL!oey
    • http://www.aveleyman…detritus
    • dr. house?oey
    • Get off my lawn.Hayoth
    • I find this post and comments supporting its criticism a lot more disturbing & fucked up in its context...chukkaphob
    • ...and timing, granted it's in response to a couple of QBN memmbers sharing their joy of becoming parents. Insensitive and inappropriate. SMH.chukkaphob
    • you're right. continuity should have posted this before anyone posted the pictures of their children.oey
    • There is no such thing as a perfect timing my dudes.sureshot
    • +1 sureshotoey
    • that's the thing. they could share the news without pics for example. but if we had a chat or email contact in QBN they wouldn't need to post it.oey
    • I already suggested this. it's all QBN's fault.oey
    • LOL 'bad timing' ... boo-hoo.Continuity
    • http://www.jokefile.…pockets
    • .... What danger?pango
    • this thread stays.sureshot
  • bklyndroobeki-7

    vote up: long wide huge gorgeous apt; absolutely no pets. meh' area


    vote down: 2 room (520ish sqft) apt, by the water in the city, pet friendly. amazing area.

    • do you like staying in or being out?dorf
    • I like bigger space...pango
    • Better area for me...would hate living in a dive of a neighbourhood and never will.BusterBoy
    • If you're antisocial without pets the question answers itself.imbecile
    • do you have a pet? If not go with quality of life.mugwart
    • If you're buying - is the 'dive' area somewhere that might not be quite such a dive area in ten years?detritus
    • he didn't say the area was a dive -- probably just boringGnash
    • Are the walls thick cement? If no, NEVER the pet friendly.section_014
    • i cant decide either
      hope it helps!
    • Like staying inbklyndroobeki
    • The meh area is about 5 blocks from the happening strip- lots of art and young ppl (bars and shit)bklyndroobeki
    • Meh=dog shit, broken glass, no great produce ;) qoob your voting was clear... water here I comebklyndroobeki
  • oey0

    Apart from the discussion about child pics posting I want to congratulate the happy QBN'ers and send them the best wishes and hopes of a healthy and happy life.

  • maquito5

    @Continuity, this made me think a lot a while ago, since I have friends who refused to post pictures of their kids until they where "old enough to have their own Facebook account"; how old, you may wonder, does a kid need to be to have an own Facebook profile?

    Apparently 12-13 is the age when school mates usually start, -in Uruguay-. Instagram: even younger, at 9 y/o, since it's easier to handle, easier privacy, etc.. Even if parents really want their kids off the matrix, shit gets real with the classic"everyone has, I must have, I don't wanna be a loser" ...bully fuelled kind of shit, and/or when they have access to a smartphone to create an account, not even their parents': a friend has a smartphone and lends to create account.

    That being said, lead me to wonder... what's the difference between starting your "online profile" when you're a baby and when you're 9 y/o. Or even more, it makes me wonder what kind of risk do you think this kind of exposure may lead to. Risk, danger, ...privacy violation...? Really? Maybe I'm missing the whole point here.

    How can an indexed picture of a baby with it's name on a blog can be the digital equivalent of dangling them off a balcony?

    • I think you're missing the point maquito.oey
    • But how?maquito
    • you asked it yourself, I mean: "risk, danger, ...privacy violation...?" you can research on the matter.oey
    • then you ask "really?" I can reply "yes really, why not?" but that's not a good answer. as dangling them off a balcony I think it's exaggerated but...oey
    • ...there's a certain risk, danger factor and privacy issues as well.oey
    • you're example though is a good one to raise questions where the line should be drawn. and to make all sorts of questions that come with the use of social mediaoey
    • by kids nowadays. kids wanting their pages is different from parents posting their kids pics but I understand your point and I think that's a good start for aoey
    • serious discussion. questions must be raised and things should be properly analyzed. critic is good if constructive. one can be skeptical without being cynicoey
    • about this. I understand continuity but that's not the best way to start a serious discussion still is question is legitimate to some point.oey
    • but that's my opinion.oey
    • Your kids are safe the internet is awash with billions of pics and images of babies and kids, names pics everything. I blame my wife and all her female friends_niko
    • On Facebook. It's a little unnerving for me personally and I try to get her to remove any posts of our kids but there is so much of it out there nobody bats an_niko
    • @oey, I get it. I couldn't agree more about analysing and constructive critic. It's definitely a serious topic. I also agree up a to a certain point about amaquito
    • mere danger factor, but I should research about it. I should not make an assumption just from what I think about it.maquito
    • I can not say I'm right but when friends do it I also raise that question but keep it for myself and question myself as well.oey
    • All cool!maquito
  • imbecile2

    It is scarabin's birthday I believe.

    hbd sir


    • again??drgs
    • Yeah, he's got at least seven birthdays per year.Continuity
    • it's true, i'm 252 todayscarabin
    • "seven birthdays per year"

      scarabin lives by dog's years?
    • he just wants blowjobs...oey
  • oey0

    Client is starting to have some weird requests for his Website

    Like a page with all his youtube videos embed.
    Hey said that his previous page in Wordpress had that feat.

    And that in the mobile phone (portrait mode) there should fit two videos side by side.

    Something else he requested was that in Mobile Landscape mode all page should fit in the viewport.


    Need to make a contact form for client's website.
    Already have the HTML and CSS.
    Don't know shit about PHP...

    Any online solutions you recommend?
    Like I insert my HTML and get a PHP file?

    Probably will ask a friend of mine to do it if I can't manage.

  • set0

    Nothing is really on fire. Fire is on things.

    • set you are as deep as kim's...ah whatever, you're right. set you are a ancient chinese philosopheroey
  • sureshot0

    Fucking heatwave is killing may!!!

  • bklyndroobeki0

    What's MAGA?

  • pinkfloyd2

    What do you guys think of these characters? I'm thinking about making a comic strip or something about korean food

    • Let's all go the lobby! Let's all go to the lobby! :)PonyBoy
    • That song's going to be in my head all day now... all cuz of your cute liil Korean characters.PonyBoy
    • Did the beef fall asleep on a piece of chicken? (what's stuck to the front of him?)
      Excuse my ignorance... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • It looks like a bone to me on the beef. I love the characters. i say go for it.capn_ron
    • It's rib meat that has bones in them http://steamykitchen…pinkfloyd
    • Pretty cooooool.
      Re minds me of http://www.coolmathf…
    • make them have a small pet, a dog for example, and in every comic its a different onedrgs
    • I got some tshirts on amazon…pinkfloyd
    • Cute but I think more color differentiation would go a really long way. Really red kimchi, maybe a green dude, things like that?monospaced
    • Easier to identify visually as distinct characters. You clearly have the talent to create great characters. Nice.monospaced
    • I live only a couple blocks outside koreatown. I think Korean BBQ is in my near future. :)monospaced
    • my designs are work, thanks monopinkfloyd
    • "working"pinkfloyd
    • I hate korean bbq. cuz I always eat too much.... that it hurts...pango
    • You asked what people thought and I gave honest feedback. Trying to be constructive man. I felt that more differentiation would help. :)monospaced
    • Thought maybe a lettuce leaf or green onion type character might help expand the color palette and a brighter kimchi would give it some punch. :)monospaced
    • we gonna rock down to korean bbq!dorf
    • I love this kind of food and have it regularly. Your comic would appeal to me and my friends that's all. Have a nice night.monospaced
    • oh, you got me wrong mono, i was thanking you that my illustration motivated you to get korean bbqpinkfloyd
    • i have no beef with you, we're all good friends nowpinkfloyd
    • https://s-media-cach…pango
    • lolpinkfloyd
    • My 10 yo loves this, he cooks Korean all the Time and wants your comic lol_niko
    • you're korean pinkfloyd?bklyndroobeki
    • yeahpinkfloyd
    • Don't forget their nemesis...The Sinister Soju!ok_not_ok
    • Great idea!pinkfloyd
    • gonna torture-up qbn w/the shit that won't leave my head... enjoy!…PonyBoy
    • Nice! Agree with mono about the coloursset
    • legs/feet could be more refined.fruitsalad
    • eyes are too close together, arms too high up. you can tweak little things to get it more cute/likeable and stylish.fruitsalad
    • Let's go out to the lobby.dbloc
    • the eyes! i like embklyndroobeki
  • detritus7

    Yaay, my partner got her [mid-term stepping stone] dream job today, so as of Monday will be a producer for a BBC series. On top of that was asked in to work on a high-end brand advert/'film', so is now no more doubting whether or not she's any good at her shit (she is, very much).

    We've both been ruminating recently about whether or not we've actually wasted a decade of our lives productively, it having been a 'bit' of an up and down year, so I'm super happy for her.

    Now, my turn.


    • er.. not a 'major producer on a major tv series', i mean - stepping stone producer on a smaller thing. It's all good :)detritus
    • high five!monospaced
    • Great news. Congratsstoplying
    • +1Fax_Benson
    • good news. imposter syndrome is a bitch and ultimately a waste of time/energy. my partner going through similar mindset with her new job.lowimpakt
    • Nice one MsD!MrT
    • :)Gnash
    • what is a partner?utopian
    • x, alldetritus
    • Now marry her, and then divorce her and take 50%.OSFA
    • Congratulations! But weren't you ghey?CALLES
    • Zero had a sex change.detritus
    • Zero?! Damn mobiledetritus
    • congrats.fadein11
    • This is retarded, many people who do shit for very long time work in great agencies or firms.i_was
    • Congrats - thats no easy featmugwart
  • eryx0

    So I am getting ready to go on a flight with the family and we are picking out cloths for the flight.

    I think one should dress in nice respectable cloths.

    My wife thinks you should dress in comfortable cheep cloths because you are going to have to wash them when you get there anyway.


  • HijoDMaite1

    OMG! Two QBN babies in one day!?!?!

    • ?? Your?pango
    • sauce?imbecile
    • ohhh i think he's referring to the dad thread.pango
    • Mg33 and capt ron!!HijoDMaite
    • Cap ron too?!?!?!pango
    • Congrats guize!imbecile
    • hahaha! I have a kid? What? Why didn't anyone tell me?capn_ron
    • LOL @ confusion! I love QBN! cool cool micro-community, ya bunch a Idon'tknowwhat! (yes, I'm buzxzed)Krassy
    • Lol @ Cap Ron has a kid somewhere he doesn't know about.pango
    • Lol sorry I meant dbloc! LolHijoDMaite
    • nope, it's capn'simbecile