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  • imbecile2

    The last boy to shoot up a school and kill innocent people was simply exercising his self induced right as a human to do whatever he wanted. It’s something quite common we see in everyday life, the selfishness of another to the detriment of those around them is boringly cliche in its presence throughout society. Then, in return for those actions, the state will exercise their right to kill a human being as well. Neither side is wielding the power they have with any compassion or control, one side simply has a heavier fist. Things are going as they are intended to, free. Free to choose. Free to make mistakes. Free to kill when humans become upset. If a sane state of human conciseness can kill people with lethal injection and electricity, the issue here isn’t the sanctity of life as much as it is a use and abuse of power in an attempt to feign justice through vengeance.

    • Consciousness not concisenessimbecile
    • if you accept the death penalty as being sane and rational, which it isn't.Fax_Benson
    • perhaps free will is an illusion. we're just duped by our biology into thinking that we are responsible for our actionsGnash
    • Relax we live in a simulation. You can tell by looking in a mirror, your image flipsrobotron3k
    • At this rate, you Yanks will soon have mass shootings as its own movie genre ...BustySaintClaire
    • This is all predication on believing in the illusions of fairness, justic, and safetycannonball1978
    • ...Been happening 4 years (since the 90s in communities of color). We are acting like it’s new.notype
  • detritus1

    Was just looking at a client's site, as I did a small job for them and they had exposure at a recent media event, so was curious to see if there was any mention.


    It weighs 52Mb.

    Fifty. Two. Megas.

    I've dropped her a line to suggest we have a chat on the phone so I can offer advice on how to reduce things a little. I hope she doesn't take it as my mansplaining or pitching for work (I specifically said I wasn't pitching, and I don't really do web for other people any more.. although with stuff like this, I wonder whether perhaps I should).


    • homepage? 52mb is nothing across a large site, times have changed.fadein11
    • not being rude but if a site with lovely retina imagery that's pretty normalfadein11
    • "I hope she doesn't take it as my mansplaining" lolpinkfloyd
    • Homepage. Sorry, 52Mb is ridiculous for a single page. And, if that IS normal for retina displays (it shouldn't be) then there should be media-queries for my PCdetritus
    • yeah google hates that shit, whats the point of a beautiful site if no one sees it.moldero
    • yep homepage of course it is, how lol?fadein11
    • read my original post "52mb is nothing across a large site", I asked if homepage. post a link and let's have a lookfadein11
    • its a CMS where the client uploads print ready 300dpi images usually.fadein11
    • i'm still on dial uppinkfloyd
    • Lol @ mansplaining fearcannonball1978
  • OBBTKN12

    QBN is on my bike rides now...

    • *insert sexy whistle herecapn_ron
    • Has anyone ever said. Dude, you're on QBN?dbloc
    • two things in life... death & qbnnudes
  • PonyBoy-4

    holy shit... baby Zeppelin? ...just teenagers and pretty badass... and actually playing instruments?!! Bless their parents. :)

    • yeah these guys are pretty dope_niko
    • Timeline I already consumed them and regurgitated themHijoDMaite
    • No but seriously I like them, just wish they had more than 8 songs out.HijoDMaite
    • and that was the worst fucking crowd reaction of all time lol._niko
    • why are bass players always kinda creepy?Gnash
    • why the downvotes?notype
    • ^ not sure - talented ladsGnash
    • haha!PonyBoy
  • Bennn3

    just bought an Instax Fuji camera for 25 bucks on eBay and a pack of 100 shots for 12 bucks!

    Always loved those Polaroid pictures. :)

    I will take portrait of all my family with it, I like the nostalgic feels of Polaroid pics.

    • I have a mess of polaroids. 3 sx70s, 4 land cameras, a passport camera, and a ton of accessoriesGnash
    • I still find bulbs at garage sales occasionally -- i must have around 100 saved upGnash
    • http://www.polamad.c…Gnash
    • cool :DBennn
    • The one model that has eluded me is the, Polaroid 195, and 195 NPC. They were the "Pro" models with f-stop controlGnash
    • I would love to have one of thoseGnash
    • the Fuji Inxtax mini are super cheap. check it outBennn
    • I bought one for my daughter. they're cute. the pics are too small, thoughGnash
    • Yeah but its cheap. I didnt want to put too much money on it. The 100 shots I bought will equal 6 cents/shot with is the better you can getBennn
    • it comes from Asia with like almost 2 months of shipping... but it's 1$/shot if you buy the film here.Bennn
    • The pics are small but once scanned, its cool for the web, you can up scale emBennn
    • true thatGnash
    • Gnash are you me? I have a shit ton of sx70s, spectras, lands, etc. Two passport cams. You have the 2 or 4 lens version?garbage
    • ha. 4 lens :) and have polaroid slide gear http://www.profilmdi…Gnash
    • oops
    • and a bunch of legacy film in the fridge (actually, in my parents basement fridge)Gnash
    • do you have the 195 NPC?Gnash
    • also have the Big Shot:
  • HijoDMaite1

    You let your dog sleep on your bed? Yes or no?

    • Nope.aslip
    • nope.fadein11
    • Absolutely. Under the covers when it's cold.BusterBoy
    • No. Cat yes.pango
    • Woke up this morn 30min before alarm and couldn’t go back to sleep. wife, daughter and dog all on the bed. Over it.HijoDMaite
    • lolpockets
    • Definitely nope.MrT
    • I would (if I had a dog)Gnash
    • We don't have dogs, only cats, but they sleep down in the garage... Your situation, Hijo, is normal family life for me, enjoy it :)OBBTKN
    • yesPonyBoy
    • Yes.maquito
    • No to all animals in the bed, unless it's just a nap.section_014
    • You can't call women this in this day and age ... show some respect Hijo ;-)mugwart
    • ^^ lolHijoDMaite
    • yup. the dog is only 8 pounds and takes up 1/2 the bed using its' little legs to push me around.capn_ron
    • my dog and I spoon and snuggle up every morning in bed. i love herbliznutty
    • yukshapesalad
    • HahahaHijoDMaite
    • maybe.notype
    • If the dog washed it's ass and brushed its teeth and didn't recently sniff ass, lick wee or eat feces then yes.shapesalad
    • If dog is cold but clean then maybecannonball1978
    • tall bill shapenotype
    • The clean one does what he wants. The bulldog gets shoved off if she tries.garbage
  • shellie3

    I've just been added to Sketch 201 at UCB starting Monday and a bonus sketch workshop this Sunday. I am pumped. I've not been so enlivened about something I'm doing in so long and feels great!

    • did not have a clue what the fock you were on on about until I googled it. congrats.fadein11
    • Comedy writing at Upright Citizens Brigade. Polishing my packet for 2019 writing fellowships at various TV networks. Going for it, bruh.shellie
    • nice. good on you, all the best.fadein11
    • oh, that kinda sketch :) good luckGnash
    • thought you meant sketchapp too. so awesome.notype
  • canoe4

    I can't believe I've been a member of this site, using some moniker of sorts, since 2001

  • face_melter0


    My favourite band of The Now, Chemtrails, are playing Stockholm next month.


  • inteliboy0

    A junkie tried to break into my house today whilst I was home. Caught him slashed through the widescreen and trying to pry open the front window. Scum. Scurried away down the street like a rat.

    Weird thing he was wearing a bright pink polo top.

    • Is H a big prob down there?HijoDMaite
    • Helicopters?set
    • Horse, smack, dope, Mexican mud, brown...HijoDMaite
    • Helium, it's a bitchGnash
    • Home and Away. It’s a terrible drug.MrT
    • Preppie junky should no better.fadein11
    • He probably stole that shirt from your neighbors.robthelad
    • Polo shirt? Probably some cancerous YouTuber bro filming a 'prank'.face_melter
  • PonyBoy-3

    kid's pipes will MELT YOUR FACE...

    • sorry... had it queued up at the end when I copied :/ jump back to 12:33-ishPonyBoy
    • its a fukin kniferobotron3k
  • pockets0…

    .design ltd free for a year..

  • pockets4

    requested a custom feature from a shopify expert and got a quote of $4000 for the feature...

    coded it in 2 days myself...

    proud? yes.

    also pissed off that i will only see a fraction of that for my work.

    • what was it? can you sell it as a monthly add-on? you'll make your money back and then some_niko
    • become a shopify programmerimbecile
    • That expert has to pay his bills too ;)studderine
    • Was a good and honest quote then. External dev needs to set up your project, code your stuff, test it, deploy it, iterate changes, be prepared for problems..mekk
    • well, if you didn't have 2 days to spare, or the technical ability, paying someone 4k is reasonable.shapesalad
    • 4K tax expense for your own services ;-)Krassy
    • I'm currently strippnig the sjopify site an 'expert' made for us (at cost). He'd included 8 fonts, 2 of which were used. Each font = ~80-120Kb.detritus
    • he has two separate scripts for carousels with pretty much the same functionality; and a 250Kb script to include socMedia icons (~8kb pf graphics and html).detritus
    • he cost a fortune and I'm getting the impression didn't have a clue what he was doing. shyster cunt.detritus
    • a little worried about asking after this weeks mild spats but why on Earth did you need a Shopify developer when it's easy to customise an existing themefadein11
    • You have coding/web knowledge. It's easier than customising a Wordpress theme. I run 2 sites on Shopify and never even thought of hiring a Shopify "expert".fadein11
    • Because at the time Shopify dev was a pain in the ass on PC (mac is diff) and also, I didn't personally have the time then. Also, he looked 'good'.detritus
    • Even hacking at it now, I find it quite convoluted - don't know if I'm simply missing 'something'. Sure not as easy as WP, imo.detritus
    • Ah yes, that was it also - we needed some particular clever thing doing with collections vs. products which I simply couldn't work out how to do.detritus
    • ...i'm not sure he managed it in the end.detritus
    • fair enough, playing with the functionality as opposed to the look is harder but I find it's quite intuitive compared to other systems. and they are so goddamfadein11
    • helpful, the best customer service I have ever experienced (apart from wp-engine a wordpress host).fadein11
    • Yeah, skinning and layout's fine, hacky functionality is a wee bit beyond me.detritus
  • Bennn1

    Just learned I can have -30% on my phone bill with my job.

    • but it's their #, no?monospaced
    • Call center manager?Maaku
    • their # ?
      Not, i keep my # and everything, i just get a -30% on the bill because I work where I work (gov)
    • ah ... my company will pay my bill, but it then becomes their phone and # (when/if I leave). I don't do thatmonospaced
    • can you get them to cover your Adobe subscription too? ;)monospaced
    • I tried, it didnt work :PBennn
    • Government hand out!!pango
    • You better not talk to much on the phone! I'm not paying for that with my tax money! :)pango
    • I still get a 20% discount for my AT&T account from a parent company I've not worked for since 2013.mg33
    • just received the answer, -16,20$ from now on. Yeeeah!Bennn
    • so you can now get basic Adobe subscription free of charge?fadein11
    • FUCK ADOBE ?Bennn
  • bulletfactory0

    Gotta go to Amsterdam next week for a company conference. Will have some downtime after. Any AMS QBNers?

    • I used to live in A'dam. Enjoy! There's some nice tips in Amsterdam thread in QBN.oey
  • freedom-1

    Do designers at Google use Apple computers?


    The weather forecasts are giving sun for all the weekend... I bet you that friday comes an unexpected cold front...

    If so, I'm going to bring down this stupid meteo radar

    • if your uk based I'm hearing a major cold front coming in from Russia for two weeks....mugwart
    • Ha, no rain, but cold like in Siberia for those days. I've got the winter suit, the new wheels... Let's see if i got the balls for a morning bike rideOBBTKN
    • @mug... I'm in Basque Country, mateOBBTKN
  • mugwart14

    Amazing what an 5 minute meeting can do to your life. Came out of the blue as well. For the first time in my life I can say everything is nearly okay!

    Going to focus on my writing and self health now. Hopefully save up for those Alexandra Grim tattoos I have long desired.

    Thanks for putting up with my moaning and outbursts.

    • +1renderedred
    • yes!OBBTKN
    • your moans are never annoying, good stufffadein11
    • i havent been following the moans, what happeneddrgs
    • apparently nothing! Realised in defending someone's right to believe what they want to (though stupid) that I was burnt out as fuck. Managed to sort it outmugwart
    • Tits!robotron3k
    • a happy goth? who even are you mug? :)capn_ron
    • its okay capn ... give it time ;-)mugwart
    • What? Did you quit or did you defend a flat eather?pango
    • nar not quit, nearly. Work "sorted me out" which helped balance my life out a lot. I did defend the right of free Will though! Silly as they aremugwart
    • good to hear, mugsGnash
    • Good to hear, be positive bud!eryx
    • Glad things are looking up, mug :)PonyBoy
    • health firstsince1979
    • Always good to hear! I honestly don’t recall you being one for outbursts or moaning ; )MrT
  • Morning_star6

    @ Sea_Sea

    Maybe instead of a gun you should consider alternatives. For instance, a security camera system is the most effective way to deter burglars. Homes without security camera systems are 300% more likely to be invaded. Most intruders will seek other easy targets if they find your home is protected by a security camera system.

    • i like the machete idea -- it's very, Fox Force FiveGnash
    • I like it Gnash. "Three tomatoes are walking down the street..."Morning_star
    • Create a spaced perimeter fence made up of blood and shit clad dildoes.detritus
    • Why not a perimeter of Claymore mines?OBBTKN
    • Thanks for the suggestion morning star.
      I'm all about the machete as well. lol
    • i have 6 katanas and 1 machete in my office, i think the machete is the lost intimidating even though the katanas are far superiormoldero
    • katanas are kind of nerdymoldero
    • how about a gun that fires bees?scarabin
    • or an actual morning starcannonball1978
  • notype0

    Weapons on my wishlist.

    • Zombies will eat you as soon as they see that you are tired of transporting those toolsOBBTKN
    • And, if you're a designer... I srly doubt you can lift themOBBTKN
    • Whereby... bad idea mate ;)OBBTKN
    • lol I am a designer. You'd be surprised... I don't want to kill but mame. I actually don't think I'll ever have an issue, for aesthetics only ;)notype
    • but that’s a log splittermoldero
    • will use the other side to bludgeon.notype
    • ^ props for spelling correctly on first try.notype
    • ok... I'll recognize that iI feel you; when I chop wood for my chimney, a wave of zombie-killing-desir... runs through my body... lolOBBTKN
    • worst zombie weapons evercannonball1978