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  • shellie2

    My friends new boyfriend has pissed the bed drunk many nights in a row completely ruining her mattress and waking her up and requiring her to wake him up too because hes still asleep in his filth. I say she should get him to get her a new mattress while hes still feeling embarrassed and guilty and then dump him. Mattresses can be expensive. No way he's going to man up and replace her shit if she breaks up with him before he makes the purchase. What kind of 30-something man still pisses the bed, anyway? That's "out of control of your body" drunk and to me, that's a big sign with flashing lights on it, "Caution, this man is really 3 toddlers stacked on top of each other in a trench coat." I've honestly never experienced anyone close to me doing that. But I assume my knee jerk reaction if someone wet the bed beside me more than once, i'd lose my cool for sure.

    • Dude can't handle his alcohol, time for your friend to set some serious boundaries. Cut way back on the sauce or gtfo.HijoDMaite
    • That's quite depressing. Dude needs help.DRIFTMONKEY
    • I just feel like these are problems you come across when you're in your 20s and just learning how to party. At this point he's just an alcoholic. She has a kid.shellie
    • Im sure she wants to create some sort of family but id say keep looking.shellie

      1/10 ,would not pee in her bed ;)
    • I'd dump him and take the loss. Unless he has prostate cancer, he's trash and should be taken out... he should have OFFERED to replace the mattress like anyzarkonite
    • decent human being.zarkonite
    • I'm not sure I've been so drunk that I pissed myself sleeping. *licks finger, scores air*detritus
    • had a friend who used to do this loads - wasn't an alcoholic. Now a Doctor. Don't be so quick to judge.fadein11
    • He had always been drinking when it happened though.fadein11
    • I have friends who would get hella pissed and sleep piss in cupboards, on sofas, etc. But they were in their early-mid 20s, and it was occasional.detritus
    • As a fairly moderate drinker myself, if I pissed myself more than once in a year from booze I'd have major klaxons going off in my head.detritus
    • @Detrius but did your urine filter through someone else's bed for your unsuspecting girlfriend to roll onto? I cringe at the thought.shellie
    • When new mattress is purchased, throw a mattress protector on it. And get a Casper - they rock!stoplying
    • As I said, shellie - I've never been so drunk I pissed myself or a bed.detritus
    • lol. poor bloke doesn't know we are all discussing his bad habit on here.fadein11
    • of course he should pay for a brand new mattress, and of course she should reconsider letting him in her bed againmonospaced
    • drunk or doing crack? never heard of a drunk person peeing the bad for being really drunkernexbcn
    • At least he didn't shit himself. That's a thing too.cannonball1978
    • it might be okay, I read somewhere, women don't like "nice guys" they prefer bad boys... a guy pissing in bed is pretty badrobotron3k
    • Signs of alcoholism, not just handling your alcohol.Hayoth
    • what a piss boy, signs of an immature fucking cunt.utopian
    • if he's not offering to buy a new mattress just out of common decency then he's a cunt and needs to be given the boot... drunk or not!dee-dubs
    • he probably was sleeping at her place because he pissed up his bed completely.robotron3k
    • Or, change the mindset and think of it as a waterbed. Of sorts. A piss-stinky one.detritus
    • New mattress and give him the boot.garbage
    • lol, robo, you pee the bed too, or are just into making bed-wetting adults look cool?monospaced
  • pockets0

    moved servers to media temple, dedicated wordpress...been a dream compared to site5

  • wagshaft2


    Our team pulled down four ADDYs in Seattle. Hangover once again included.

  • i_monk0

    In my next life I'm coming back as a lighting designer.…

    Look at the price/part breakdown. $260 just for the bent piece of metal. $50 more for the bent piece of metal that attaches it to the wall. With $46 screws.

    (Paolo Rizzatto, 265)

    • doesnt come with bulb?robotron3k
    • $2 bulb.i_monk
    • believe it or can make this yourself.utopian
    • Certainly. Or find a copy for 1/4 the price:…i_monk
    • break down misses: bank/accounting fees + designer fee + producer fee + manufacture fee + assembly fee + storage fee + website hosting fee etc etc etc.fruitsalad
    • Ikea etc can do it cheaper as they have the power of scale + extreme cost cutting on their sidefruitsalad
    • Or China. Here it is on Alibaba for 90% less:…i_monk
  • pockets0

    prolly a thread for this but what is the best export settings for HD video uploads on youtube for adobe premiere?

    i got a gopro and have been using premiere (pc) but my final uploaded videos look like shit

  • stoplying3

    Later this week I fly to San Jose for a bts shoot at the legendary Tippett Studios in Oakland. Tippet is the man who animated the chess scene aboard the Millennium Falcon, the Taun Taun, designed Jabba the Hut, devised the animatronics for Jurassic Park, animated the bear in the TED movies, and countless other amazing accomplishments in visual effects.
    Can't fucking wait!

    • Cool man, Tippett is a legend and seems super down to earth, I always admired him, his current santa look makes him look older than he is.
      Have fun!
  • detritus0

    Just spent the last 40 minutes swearing at myself and a client I don't particularly like (he never looks me in the eye in conversation and he's a cheap wee cunt with poor chat to boot) as I left a pain in the ass job for as long as I could... but he's back in the country tomorrow so now I need to get it done.

    Despite having explained to him how tricky the job is and how important it is that it's prepped right so that I don't have to waste oodles of time fart-arsing around to get things to fit, he obliviously relayed when he dropped his stuff around "I got these done on the cheap". Alarm bells. I did a cursory examination whilst he was here and realised some redeemable problems, but not quite the full extent.

    So now I've left everything to the last minute I've realised how badly done his cheapness is and now I've got to spent extra time fucking around to compensate for his cheapery.

    So I'm annoyed at him, because he's cheap, but annoyed at myself more because if I'd realised the problem a week and a half ago, I could've with full self-satisfaction told him I'm not going to bother doing his job because he ignored everything I told him and got it done on the cheap.

    But it's too late for that now. Far too late.

    I'm an idiot.

    God, I really dislike him.

    I've wasted an extra five minutes whinging about him here now too. God, so, so irritated.



    I've had to scan this three times to ensure I've not mentioned anything specific that could tie me to him. Can't have a repeat of public spaces abutting with the personal, whatwhat. :|

    • Now I know I'm going to find anything else to do and leave this shit 'til tomorrow, so I can end up in a REALLY bad mood with myself/him/others.detritus
    • What's the bets on him just happening to be a QBNer now?detritus
    • On HER sorry, HER.detritus
    • In moments like this i like to daydream that I send the client a jpeg of a shit or something equally offensive and/or terrible and offer it up as job done...dee-dubs
    • "what do you mean it wasn't what you were expecting? I thought this is what you were looking for??" - prob career ending move but would bring huge satisfactiondee-dubs
    • So you're saying i should turn all of his, sorry her circles into penises? I'm not against the idea.detritus
    • Yes... it's a great way of firing him/her/neutral with a giant 'fuck you' to boot!dee-dubs
    • I ended up finding a neat, but time-consuming solution to this.detritus
  • shellie0

    Speaking of mattresses, I'm moving out of my sublet and into my own place this weekend. I think it's time to retire my old spring mattress that's in storage in California and not bother to ship it out here to new york. If i remove some old things from my shipping costs the savings will allow me to buy new for not much more.

    I know caspar is pretty popular and i like that they come shipped in a box which is so much more convinient than a traditional mattress. But, I've never slept on one. I do like a firm bed though and a thin pillow top. Now there are all these competitors to caspar popping up. Would love to know your reviews on the bed in a box game. Any of you made any new purchases you either liked or regretted?

    • why don't you just buy your friends mattress from her?utopian
    • The Caspar is great, amazing cust experience & 100% refund. Sleeps firm but bouncy enough for activities ;) a mix of memory foam and reg foam, firm, soft, coolrobotron3k
    • they deliver in a day and have a store now in SOHO close to the apple store. I just saw the competitors, seems like around the same price range.robotron3k
    • I'm probably going to go with that robo. It's just too convenient. And being as I sweat like a feaverish toddler, a bed that was cooler would probably be bettershellie
    • Have a Casper and love it. I like firm too, and this isn't necessarily "firm", but so, so very comfortable. It took me two nights to get used to it. Go for it!stoplying

    I had not done allnighters for years, but this week i need to, ok, let's go

    • oh boy - good luck. Every time I do one of these nowadays I feel my ever-increasing years!detritus
    • I don't think I'm capable of an allnighter anymore.i_monk
    • I did 48 hours right before Christmas. Thank God for the holiday because it took me out for 2 days after.shellie
    • In the same situation, pulled 16 hours yesterday... prob similar for rest of week. I'm too old for this shitdee-dubs
  • Bennn1

  • HijoDMaite7


    I made these a few months back in my living room and they have just been perfect. super easy to buy everything at home depot, have them cut the boards, then sand and stain the wood. one day project for sure.

    if it's in the budget for you use the red oak!

    • By the way all those boards are loose and able to be rearranged.HijoDMaite
    • Hijo this is beautifulbklyndroobeki
    • I used to purchase these columns way back. my dad helped me install this in my studio way back. good memoriebklyndroobeki
    • (Not my pic btw) i dont think i even own that many books.HijoDMaite
    • I came across these earlier. We had something similar when I was a kid, I just prefer the idea of using wood for the uprights. OTOH, adjustability is a bonus.i_monk
    • Nice one. I actually just made the "copper pipe" version of this from Home Depot (but with cheap as chips Hemlock from a local upstate lumberyard)hardhat
    • Poor men's vitsoe?
    • I quite like Ikea's elvarli system as well you can really drill holes into the wall.…pango
    • "... As well if you can't drill holes in the wall..."pango
    • fabulososofakingback
    • I thought it was Cadovious I've got this stuff in my house :
    • Nice!!!set
    • Ikea Elvarli…
    • I might go this route in the bedrooms. I wonder if my dad still has all those shelves... the uprights were brass I think.i_monk
    • the uprights come in three sizes at home depot. also in brown, black, bare metal or white. just find the studs and drill.HijoDMaite
    • Read Oak was already 3/4 inch thick by 11.5 wide, so just have them cut to the length you need. My top shelf is all books and ended up being about 64" long.HijoDMaite
    • Post a pic already!i_monk
    • sure. when i get home from work I will dust my shelves and take photo for you guys.HijoDMaite
  • detritus-2

    Shit, I just came back in to grab my phone to take a photo, but by the time I got out, she was gone.

    There was a decade-old Mercedes Estate loudly emblazoned with crap vinyl swirly text saying '' all over it. Peering into the drivers seat, there's some 50-60 year old trollop sitting there on her mobile (to her credit, she stopped to use the fucking thing, unlike a lot of cunts). On the back of the car is a full height printed vinyl of her sleazing around in a dreadful fur coat.

    At first I thought "huh, well good for her if she's ok advertising her whoredom on her car as she drives around".

    When I came back in I put in the address and, welp, she's not a prostitute per se, but she was a Page 3 glamour model at some point...

    Nut bag.


    I'll never be able to understand other people's egos.

    • tbh, i was initially more impressed by her impressive use of the tax system, as I assume she paid fuck all on her car..detritus
    • points for the effective use of "trollop"stoplying
    • Haha. Holy shit she seems like a wonderfully confused woman!Ianbolton
    • haha, yeah - the more I saw of her the more I appreciated her nutsness!detritus
  • drgs2

    good morning!

  • shellie1

    is anybody here watching big little lies on HBO? It's female targeted subject matter (housewives in the burbs most of - them rich) and something I would usually completely pass over. But, I gave it a spin while my partner was out of town and it turned out to be deeper than I expected.

    • Watching it now. I like that the male characters aren't just stupid side characters like so many female targeted shows make them.monospaced
    • watching it, its good. editing is really well done. music is really good toobrandelec
    • The abuse storyline send very realistic. I know tons of women that make countless excuses for their man's unexcusable behavior.shellie
  • Bennn2

    So sad right now, our cat is in her final days :(
    She's very old, 17 years old. She was showing signs, like lost of weight in the last month, but it all escalated quickly friday.

    • sorry to hear, bennGnash
    • sorry to hear man, 17 years is like losing a best friend. make the most of the time with her, and I hope she doesn't suffer any more than she has to. peace.BuddhaHat
    • Damn. That's a really, good, long life for a cat and you should know that you were able to provide that, spending quality time with her through her life.monospaced
    • thanks guys. She surely is a lucky one, we respect her like she's a human. She had a wonderful cat life.Bennn
    • stay strong, benn...thats tough times.stoplying
    • She had a good man / family helping her make it to 17 (that's some good pet-parenting!)... sounds like she's had a wonderful loving life. <3PonyBoy
    • Fight fire with fire.Maaku
    • So sorry to hear that benn.
    • hang on buddy. life sucks,and this is is part of it no matter how much you don't want it always does. the best thing you can do is to remember the good things..sted
    • (-is) whatever 17 years that's some serious friendship...sted
    • feelsApeRobot
  • maquito1

    I'm putting together a 324 slide powerpoint.

    Happy monday.

  • since19790

    You prop em up to tear em down.

    You tear em down to prop em up.

  • i_monk1

    I plan my day around catching Grand Designs reruns on CBC at 1.

    • Cool how can I watch this?nb
    • VPN and stream from the CBC site. Their media player isn't the more reliable, though.i_monk
    • *mosti_monk
    • Seasons one and two are on Netfliximbecile
    • Not in Canada :\i_monk
  • i_monk0

    Time to get shelves for some of these blank walls...

    "Hungarian shelves" according to pinterest/instructables, because someone saw them in Budapest.

    • (not my pic)i_monk
    • What are you doing in my apartment?!%sted
    • Standard stalking.i_monk
    • I just have a lot of milk crates on casters...pango
  • PonyBoy3

    that feeling you get when you're accused of something you had nothing to do with nor even know what said accuser is talking about... yet said accuser is so fucking livid that all you can do is gently walk away and hope said accuser gets-A-FUCKING-GRIP...


    • Is this related to a female? Then you must realize its for entertainment.sofakingback
    • Did she accuse you of cheat on her in her dream?pango
    • Lol pango, my ex did that. Woke up pissy at me for some dream he had. Turns out he actually was cheating on me himself in real life.. Facepalm.sea_sea
    • lol pango, that's a regular occurrence with my gf... she regularly wakes up angry at something I did in a dream. I just try to ignore her bad mood afterwardsBuddhaHat
    • Lol
      Some people am I rite?