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Students Kicking OFF

Just watching the News and Bloody hell it's all kicking off in London at the Moment with the students and Tuition Fees.


20 Years of Adobe Photoshop

Good look back on Photoshop over it history, has it really been 20 years, DAM!

I got a good look at photoshop in 91 at college, but didn't really start using it until 96. It was the first programme I really got my head around and found it just so intuitive to use.…


After Chimp Attack

Bloody hell this is fucked up. I know chimps are dangerous and may be not the best idea for a pet, but this women got seriously messed up by one.


Drunk QNB

Post here, YES

Here is a



You have not lived if you have not been Arrested once in your life, hahaha. Carry On.


New Logo


I Need some advise please. I am redesigning my logo and I have made a abbreviation play on the W & G, but I'm a little worried the logo reads as WIG and not WG.

What do you think.


The Road

I watched this movie over the weekend and all I can say it was bloody depressing and uninspiring. film?


Contact QBN

Does anyone know QBN email as I need to contact them about my account.



Home Alone

A six-year-old HIV carrier, has been living alone since his parents died of AIDS. The boy, known as Ah Long, does his own washing, cooking, studying and raises chickens. He lives in his parents’ house at the foothill village of Malu Mountain in Liuzhou in Guangxi Province, China. Ah Long has an 84-year-old grandmother, who visits him quite frequently and cooks for him despite not living with him. A local primary school was forced to turn down his application under pressure from parents of other children.…


New Wool Mark Logo

I'm really glad this logo did not get destroyed in the redesign, nice job.…


Beagle Dogs

Anyone here owned a Beagle Dog before, I have too look after the new family dog for 2 weeks, she is only 9 weeks olds, any tip for surviving puppy power, it already has a thing for shoes, it killed one of my mum nice go out shoes which really pissed her off. hahahaha

1: Must hide shoes


F$%king Let Down!

So I had 2 short term contracts come in last week from different agencies, seeing as there short term I work on a first come first served bases. So I agree on the first contract that get's to me, and agree to start on Monday, this then get's pushed back to Wensday, and today I find that the contract has fallen through, I have now lost almost £2k in revenue, and lost the other contract.

I just do not understand how these agencies can contact you to say the work is there with a start date, for them to then get back to you and say that there still negotiating on price and there has been a problem. I'm just a littel bit pissed off right now.


Woo Hoo!

So I Got a phone call today to say I got a full time job, at long last. I been out of full time work for a couple of years due to family concerns. This is so good news because money was getting very tight, and life is not mush fun when all you have to worry about is paying the bills. So happy right now, beers I'm having tonight.


Time Running Out.

If you have the time then please read, Need some advise please.

So I have been out of the design industry for about 5 years now, the reason for my leave was my father got diagnosed with terminal cancer and being his only son, and only family, I had the responsibility of looking after him which turned into a full time job, I had to leave London and move down to Kent where my dad lived, as you can understand there is not mush of an advertising industry down here, so design work can be hard to find, plus I could only do part time work due to me looking after my father most of the time.

So last year I have been trying to get back into web design which is where most of my experience is at, I have had lots of interviews but I am finding it really hard to nail down a full time position, I have been trying now for over six months with not mush luck. I'm thinking to myself maybe I just have not got what it takes anymore, five years is a long time after all. I suppose what I am asking is a review of my portfolio to see what the people on QBN have to say. The worst part of my portfolio is I have no live links to any websites at the moment which is not helping me find a job.

I am at a time in my life where I am not young anymore 38, maybe I should face facts and get on with something ells if my design work is not on pace with present web design.

What do you think.


F1 2012

Anyone here into F1, the last 2 races have been brilliant. My mate got 66/1 odds for Alonso to win Malaysian GP, the lucky sodd walked away with £1500+, Fucker. And a great result for Sauber, I just did not see that one coming. Looking forward to the Chinese Grand Prix.



Anyone here watch the new drama, Luck on HBO, I managed to catch the pilot episode tonight and it was bloody good, it has a great cast including Dustin Hoffman and Michael Gambon. Micheal Man directs the first episode.…


Bitch From Hell

Hi, how are you all doing.

So I started a new job about a month ago, and I have upset one of my coe workers who did not know Photoshop, and did not like me asking why? Anyway she went on holiday in my first two weeks on the new job but come back to work this week. It turns out she is a bitch from hell and is really starting to get on my nerves. Any ideas on dealing with her, I have tried the nice approach, but that is just falling on death ears, and pissing me off even more.


Sorry, WHAT!

So I started my new job today, only to be told that we design all are website pages using Indesign, FFS. Turns out the person who has been working on the websites and other marketing materiel just used Indesign because that what was used when the Graphic print department was responsible for the updates. And to make thing really difficult, she does not know Photoshop. Really!

I had to disagree, but got on with trying to use indesign which I have not touched in 2 years, not frustrating at all then.



Fuck you Adobe. There products on mac are fucking second rate at best, and there just taken the piss out of us, today I pasted over some code in dreamweaver CS3 and for some reason it decided all by itself to alter my CSS and completely fuck up my website I'm working on, then yesterday I tried to embed a simple Flash Video player and it turned into an hours dilemma trying to figure out why it's not fucking working in dreamweaver or in Flash.

Funny how everything work on a PC, sorry rant over, working on the weekend is no fun. :(

Fuck you adobe.


Dummy Design Brief

Bloody hell there are some jokers out there. I enquired about a design position yesterday and the company replied asking me to do a test design for a dummy brief. They want me to spend the best part of a day designing a home page and HTML CCS build work to make sure I can build and design a site. And they guarantee not to use the design for any other purpose. OK Then.

There's me thinking my online portfolio would give a good example that I can build and design a bloody website.


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