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Show Yo Dog 2012

Groaning and swimming laps


worst client ever.

here is the example of the worse client you could ever get.…


why do you drive (to work)

compared to public transport, vice versa, etc.

in my city, and in particular where i live in comparison to the cbd, the difference between driving to work and public transport is 30 minutes drive and 1 hour 30 minutes by public transport each way.

so thats 2 hours a day extra. and its actually cheaper for me to drive too. of course theres the whole environment thing too. but when i look at cities like hong kong, they have extensive public transport for much lower than private transport.

what do you do? how far is your commute?


troll feeding ground

this place is a troll feeding ground. trolls are well nourished and will sleep well.


new york

So I might fly out to NY next month for semi permanent. What else can I do there that is design related, and holiday related? Might have to go alone :/


whats the best brand...

you've worked on?


what's the opposite of

a sausage fest?


lindsay lohan

since shes been talked about here abit lately, and you are all fans (:P) i thought you may find this interesting.…


google banner

Today's one is quite neat.


< grafuck



Anal report crit…

No formatting has been done to text yet, and the images are just placeholders. Any ideas or comments on this annual report draft?



fever sucks!

I've had a fever for over a week now, not very fun days. Running out of sick days at work too.

What do you do to combat fever?


my new photo gallery

todays productive day at work has brought my new photo gallery!

its just in its infancy. but here it is:…


pitbulls vs bull…



ahhh summer

for those in australia... ahhh its a beatiful day today. welcome summer! days at the beach and bbqs are ahead! now i just need to take some holidays :/


logo / brand / signage crit…

any comments / suggestions / thoughts / blah, would be very greatly appreciated


Ad Crit…

Ad for symphony orchestra booklet. Can't be product orientated, just showing support. We are a sponsor. Anyway, need to kind of include orchestra, and what we do too.

Any other ideas? I had a violin with a plane cut out of it instead of the air hole. Didn't really work.



24 year old Ogilvy China employee dies from 'overwork'

as per my fb post, in brisbane, we don't work nearly this hard. but surely the culture and expectation is there. sad thing is that people in advertising don't speak up.…


new Y&R logo

and the old one

hmm i think i prefer the old one. had some character.


dual citizenships

dual citizenships rock!

just applying for finnish citizen (my parents were born in finland) so I will be able to move and work in any EU country. woot!


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