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NT Mugz revisited!

I dare you! Post up your hideous face!


Movie frame of the day


draw something

here's mine



anyone on here sneaker obsessed ?
im on the hunt for these currently.



Looks like they went with the current trend of flat design ...…



i've been waiting forever. hoping that it'll be worth it. anyone else going to be watching tonight?


listening to...

Delerium - gateway


God and Jesus

are not the same



Official 2005 MLB Thread

Go Sox!


Art of the Day Thread

thought i'd start a 'Day Thread' about Art old and new, your favorites. stuff you've seen lately etc..

here's a few of mine

Cy Twombly

Tessa Farmer

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Kader Attia

Antoni Tàpies$file/Tapies_B_2.jpg


Your Last Concert

What was the last concert you've been to?


Chicks and Cosplay


2009 QBN Mugs

Just starting a new one - like Meeklo's original post

1) Each member should only post 1 photo of themselves, not of anyone else.

2) Your photo should have your face visible, hopefully only of yourself, so there is no confusions.

3) Avoid adding artwork/ typework/ graphics.

4) You can only post 1 photo, so make sure is recent!

5) Everyone can comment on the photos as many times as you want, let's keep it civilized, no insults!

6) Please, no penis, no boobs, no ass, no lol cats, no fails, or anything like that, just a photo of yourself. If you don't want to show us your photo, then don't but keep it clean!


Kanye West Hate Thread

He apologised....


iraqi vote...

ladies and gentlemen,

today is a historic day. With nearly 8 million iraqis voting today, the middle east has witnessed the first steps in its very own renaissance. dispite a few violent acts, the people of iraq stood up for freedom and democracy, something that has never had a place in their country. The people of iraq stood up in the face of tyranny and threatened violence and chose to make their voice heard.
grab a newspaper today, it is a historic event that will mark the turning point for the middle east. this is the iraqis declaration of independence. enjoy it.

here is an image that pretty much sums up the day:



RIP Michael Jackson



What watch do you want or own?


Torn Heart

anyone every just about get to that point where you're able to make it through the day without giving that old 'someone' a second thought - and then BAM!... they up and burn you a cryptic CD and leave it on the seat of your truck - filled with lame-ass music you'd never care to listen to... but are forced to because the CD contains NO NAME OR INFO as to who the burner is...

... and then - every song on the CD tells you to move on.

... I thought I was - you don't need my permission to move on yourself. God, my heart hurts now.

Flag me - boot me - remove this thread... it'll be proof that no one loves me --- not even QBN. *sniff.

someone give up a little hug, huh?


Premier League 2007/08 ...

Need a premiership thread for the new season.
(Aug 8 07, 09:56)



the guy before you

A pretty simple game, if you will.

Write something about the guy/gal who posted before you in this thread.

I can't write about anyone because I am the first to post.
But the next person writes something about me, and the person after that can write something about the one who wrote about me.

Does that make any sense?


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