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    Crypto firm with links to parliamentary groups appears to have vanished
    Apparent disappearance of Phoenix Community Capital leaves some investors fearing they have lost large sums of money

    Phoenix Community Capital established itself last year as a cryptocurrency project and investment scheme, which it said at one point was valued at $800m (£665m). It was a sponsor of one APPG, and its co-founder, Luke Sullivan, spoke at an event for a second APPG , as well as appearing as a panellist for events hosted by peers in parliament.

    However, the company appears to have vanished in September last year, with its website going offline and the investment portfolios, known as “nests”, becoming inaccessible to an estimated 8,000 investors after that date.

    Some investors, including a former Premier League footballer, claim to have lost tens of thousands of pounds each.…

    • A forward-looking statement predicts, projects, or uses future events as expectations or possibilities. These statements can often be misleading, as they can bewhatthefunk
    • mistaken for factual statements, while they are actually speculation.whatthefunk
    • So everything crypto = scam go figure

      I don't even bother anymore posting this shit
    • Again you never needed to. Also, for those of us who bought crypto and then sold it for profit it wasn’t a scam. So...monospaced
    • Yeah that's how ponzi schemes work
      A few can profit, the rest get scammed
    • Crypto is just a tumour on the side of the cancer that is fiat. Money as a concept has become so messed up due to fractional reserve banking.shapesalad
    • No one knows what our currencies are, why there's inflation, where money comes from and goes and what backs it. It's all a house of cards.shapesalad
    • USA dollar is the backbone of global economic action, as the 'eurodollar' which is nothing more than a ledger entry. Meanwhile USA has a debt of $31 TRILLION.shapesalad
    • There has yet to been a central bank in all history that has not debased its own currency... until given time, it collapsed totally to zero.shapesalad
    • what mono said, I nearly tripled my investment. If people got greedy that aint my problem.fadein11
  • AQUTE8

    im buying, little more each middle of the month

    • *POOF*formed
    • drain the swamputopian
    • Invest in yourself... buy better food!OBBTKN
    • @OBBTKN
      What kinda boomer advice is that?!
    • you misspelt cryingdrgs
    • midmonth-life crisis..neverscared
    • @pal... was'nt a bad advice, and mondays I feel older than the rest of the weekdays; Therefore, I reaffirm what has been said ;)OBBTKN
    • "I'm dying, little more each middle of the month"NBQ00
    • Why?Nairn
    • while at it, waste some money on NFTs as well. It's all the rage . LOLKrassy
  • shapesalad0…

    USDC investor shells out $2M to receive $0.05 USDT trying to evade crash.

    They forgot to set ‘slippage’, while swap within a liquidity pool, which led to a maximal extractable value (MEV) bot netting $2.045 million in profit after paying $45 in gas and $39,000 in MEV bribes.

    • I felt like I was having a stroke, reading that last paragraph.Nairn
    • Be your own bank, your own bankruptcy attorney, your own restructuring counseldrgs
    • I am my own smart contract.

      Which is to say, dumb af.
  • grafician-2

    ^ lol exactly that %

    • sorry bro but if you have moneh in crypto you're an idiotgrafician
    • or in banks stoncks but that's another story for another threadgrafician
    • or in all kinds of tech stoncks

      unless you're in cash or treasuries rn, you're an idiot sorry to bother you
  • shapesalad0…

    "Stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) lost its dollar peg and slumped to an all-time low on Saturday before recovering most of its losses after Circle, the firm behind it, assured investors it would honor the peg despite exposure to failed Silicon Valley Bank."

    More cracks appear in the crypto sector...

    • I hope anyone that still had any crypto got out this past year. Looking like it's going to near-zero soon enough.formed
    • crypto it's all a joke nowgrafician
  • neverscared3

    World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee calls crypto ‘dangerous’ and likens it to gambling

    Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, called cryptocurrency “dangerous” and likened it to gambling in an episode of CNBC’s “Beyond The Valley” podcast published last Friday.

    Discussing the future of the web, Berners-Lee said digital currencies are “only speculative” and compared it to the dot-com bubble, in which internet stocks, often without a solid business behind them, were highly inflated.…

    • no shit bra...neverscared
    • Captain Obviousfadein11
    • you can also liken stocks, bonds, treasuries, even a pension as 'dangerous' and 'gambling'. Plenty of people have lost their savings big time with those.shapesalad
    • it's all a rigged game, if you're not doing the rigging, you're the mark._niko
    • @shape but stock values are based on actual companies, products, services, people, management, forecasts, history, etc. not as much of a gamble.monospaced
    • unlike crypto you can often guess what a stock might do over a certain timemonospaced
    • wait till he hears about gambling websitesinteliboy
  • grafician0

    "Tron's Justin Sun Launches $100M AI Development Fund"…

  • utopian1

    Cryptoqueen scammed investors out of $4 billion, the FBI says. Then she boarded a plane and disappeared.…

    • probably enjoying her new life in Moscow since many years like that Wirecard guyNBQ00
    • Or somewhere in Dubai - there's a radio series on the BBC:…SlashPeckham
    • Someone I know was in some investment group and they all got crypto scammed, the scammer fled to Dubai. It's amazing how little you can actually do.inteliboy
  • Krassy3

    Bahamas Regulator Says It Seized $3.5 Billion in FTX Crypto Assets…

  • sted0

    WILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- FTX Trading Ltd. (d.b.a., and its affiliated debtors (together, the "FTX Debtors"), today announced the FTX Debtors are sending confidential messages to political figures, political action funds, and other recipients of contributions or other payments that were made by or at the direction of the FTX Debtors, Samuel Bankman-Fried or other officers or principals of the FTX Debtors (collectively, the "FTX Contributors"). These recipients are requested to return such funds to the FTX Debtors by February 28, 2023.

  • grafician0

    • One way to make your customers not be able to withdraw fundsNBQ00
  • NBQ001

    Well-known crypto investor NFT God, owner of one messed up looking mutant Bored Ape NFT who they call Henry, has had all their cryptocurrency and other digital assets stolen after clicking a sponsored download link on Google for popular streaming app, OBS.

    "I lost a life changing amount of my net worth" reads the top post in a thread (opens in new tab) on NFT God's Twitter account. Here, in this space where they post "Daily tips on personal growth", the thread goes into some rich narrative detail about the incident.…

    • Crypto = Be your own bank = Be your own victim of a bank robbery.shapesalad
    • If a bank is robbed of a million, for example, and the next day you go to the atm to withdraw 100... guess what? 100 comes out of ATM.shapesalad
    • If your crypto wallet is robbed of 1000 and it only contained 1000, and you try to withdraw 100, guess what? It's all gone. Zero security, Zero insurance.shapesalad
    • But hey... be your own bank, cool! wow! great!shapesalad
    • A few moments later...

      CNN: "N. K orea. testing new ballistic missile"
    • oh no, his monopoly monies are gone? *sad bored ape face*Krassy
  • grafician-5

    After the dust settles it will be very very hard to name even one totally legit entity in crypto.

    Seems like everything in crypto was a scam or grift.

    • Yeah we know. You don’t have to keep pointing it out. It’s okay. Let’s move on :)monospaced
    • You know you were wrong all along?grafician
    • Same as all the Fiat?shapesalad
    • Who was wrong? Not me. I made my profit and got out. Everyone knows it was a bubble. Lol.monospaced
    • I don't think the bigger crypto projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be called a scam. A bubble yes but scam implies bad intent.yuekit
    • @monospaced I was talking about SCAMS not bubbles you fucking bragging toolgrafician
    • And yes WHO THE FUCK KNEW FTX was a scam for example? Right.grafician
    • "Yeah we know. You don’t have to keep pointing it out. "

      I was pointing out because it's all unravelling, and I WAS RIGHT not you
    • Half this fuckint thread is me telling you crypto is bad lol
      But what to expect from a "designer" forum knowing shit

    • At least stfu if you have no clue and act like an idiot, leave others to tell you things work and might learn something newgrafician
    • But yeah sure keep downvoting, that's all you know lolgrafician
    • Yes. Half this thread is you repeating yourself. But it isn’t necessary. Nobody argued with you.monospaced
    • Also I’m not downvoting you, and obviously it’s not just one person. I’m also capable of far more, obviously, especially as a designer.monospaced
    • Insisting everyone else is clueless is exactly why people can’t stand you. It’s tiresome having you act like you’re the only one who knows. You’re not.monospaced
    • Once again, it wasn’t some mystery that the value of crypto was a classic bubble and was built to scam. Your insight isn’t unique. Get off your pedestal ffs.monospaced
    • @yuekit Bitcoin is a failed project and ETH tokens are basically securitiesgrafician
    • @monospaced stay on topic or stfugrafician
    • but you can't stay on topic 'cuz you know fucking shit about any topic around here

      at least start by reading the posts you reply to
    • jesus christ, like I said years ago, stop trying so hard, you spew the bovious daily. Almost like a bot. I doubt you are a nasty person, but get help with thefadein11
    • weird obsession with stating the obvious. You're arguing with yourself on a design forum. V.oddfadein11
    • @grafician I posted years ago in this thread that crypto isn't what it claims to be and instead serves only as a speculative investment. I'm not sure that makesyuekit
    • every project a scam on the level of FTX or Mt Gox. It just means it's a speculative investment..and just like gambling, playing the lottery, buying meme stocksyuekit
    • or weird collectibles, there's a huge market for this kind of thing even if most people lose out.yuekit
    • @fadein so you're saying it was obvious EVERYTHING in crypto was a scam - wow :)grafician
    • @yuekit sure, but meme stocks are not scams, those have real companies behind them, gambling also very regulated so...grafician
    • But not everything in crypto is a scam. Derp derp.monospaced
  • Krassy2

    Thiel fund sold all crypto while touting?…

    • How it's donedrgs
    • Bilking the littles.Nairn
    • Sell when you say it's great. Buy when you say it's shit.shapesalad
    • later, suckers !Krassy
  • zaq6

    We have officially passed the bottom. Get ready for the next bull run.

    This is an official announcement based on my feelings. I am so happy with these massive 24h gains. 2022 is forgiven and forgotten. Next stop 500k usd bitcoin. I've already notified my online russian fiance and she has promised to wait for me. Won't be long.

    This is the time to reverse mortgage your house. I already did in 2021 but now I've talked my parents into reverse mortgaging theirs and lending me the money at 50% interest so I can invest in crypto. Everybody wins. I am a hero.

    Besides my feelings, it is rationally certain that this is the beginning of the next bull run. First of all, it's confirmed by grafician.

    Secondly, inflation only moves in a straight line, so since it has come down a little, it will not go back up. Also, record levels of global debt have not caused catastrophic market failures, so they won't in the future. If China invades Taiwan that will accelerate the bull run because people always buy bitcoin to guard against risk.

    Now we can relax because every single one of us will be a millionaire in 2023. It's absolutely certain.

    • Crypto punishes the majority. If everyone has this sarcastic attitude, we will definitely see 500kdrgs
    • Crypto goes up when everyone is out of position or is betting againstdrgs
    • "Jim Cramer Creates Excitement With 2023 Crypto Prediction"grafician
    • https://thecryptobas…grafician
    • It's not a Bull run it's called recoveryBH26
    • when will btc above 60k again so i can make a buck because i bought when matt damon advised ... in 2064?neverscared
    • it's a short squeeze, not a bull run.shapesalad
    • lol. This is not a bull run, it's a bear market rally.formed
    • do you guys know anyone who buys human kidney?Beeswax
    • bet all on Black! no! Red. No! Black, black!Krassy
    • lol. “ diamond hands “dibec
  • grafician-4…

    "FTX Pre-Mortem Overview
    10 hr ago"


    • Someone needs to make this guy disappear, permanently...shapesalad
  • drgs2

    • lol @ "bitcoin is created by a british man pretending to be japanese?"shapesalad
  • sted3

    Eh well after going back many pages in this thread it isn't an over-saturated statement to say that half of it is grafician's malicious FOMO bullshit where he is talking to himself, and evaluates himself without even getting actually involved in crypto trading. And now he is taking credit in a not very civilized way for something what no one in the market saw clearly, because it was not possible.

    I've been bored with this for a while and I don't feel like sharing my opinion, I'm just curious who is this good for and what the hell is the point of all of this?

    • QBN's number 1 muppetfadein11
    • I'm making a "malicious FOMO bullshit" tshirt :))))))))))

    • Even shape switched sides and even you started posting hahahahahagrafician
    • I see you still have serious comprehension problems. These assumptions exist only in your brain.sted
    • Just pick one of the latest, this was posted almost a month ago, Binance is still alive and well.…
    • Well you don't understand what FOMO means and calling crypto a scam and posting a lot about it might tell you I actually know more, don't it?grafician
    • But I lol everytime you make these asumptions about me David. Just stay on your level mate, it's fine.grafician
    • what?sted
    • there is nothing more funnier than that you're talking to yourself again like you would be a recognized expert on the subject.sted
    • I only post breadcrumbs mate, if you get it you get it

      You guys keep assuming all kinds of things, I keep amusing myself, it's all good
    • An other thing that it is not customary here to call people by their real names, in your case it is again due to malicious thinking.sted
    • I can put you in a very unpleasant situation if I want to - not in the way I did before - be happy that I communicate with you in a relatively civilized manner.sted
    • Mate I know exactly who you are ffsake stop fronting and mind your damn businessgrafician
    • Yeah one of the reasons why I keep a very public profile is that muppets like you can fuck off like you just did lol.sted
  • sted3…

    More than 340,000 users of Gemini’s crypto lending program Earn have been kept away from their funds ever since Genesis suspended redemptions and new loans in November.

    The situation boiled over onto Twitter earlier this week, with Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss pointing the finger at Barry Silbert, CEO at Genesis parent Digital Currency Group (DCG).

    • "Crypto Conglomerate DCG Being Investigated by DOJ, SEC: Report"grafician
  • grafician-6

    "#BREAKING FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to US fraud charges"

    • mommy (lawyer) & daddy (lawyer) to the rescue!Krassy
    • yeah something really fishy is going on here :)sted