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  • sted12

    • oh god nomonospaced
    • As efficient at converting electricity to heat as anything else. If you just didn't have to keep it on all the time...kingsteven
    • lol okaymonospaced
    • 1 watt = 1 joule/s mono. Kinda makes it seem ridiculous that we wastefully turn electricity in to heat without processing something!kingsteven
    • suremonospaced
    • surekingsteven
    • i buy it when bitcoin s at 5000, thats about in 3 years.neverscared
    • lol, just waiting for you to realize I never even challenged the point you’re arguing.monospaced
    • the pointless, unnecessary mansplaining is funny thoughmonospaced
    • surekingsteven
    • ;)monospaced
    • Why bother with this when bitcoin mining is going to turn the planet into an oven anyway?face_melter
    • as the old saying goes…neverscared
    • mono is an energy vampire even on the weekendsGuyFawkes
    • :))) i think we should use him as a heater instead of this.sted
    • still laughing at @kingsteven trying to explain that this product has a reason to exist :)sted
    • bitcoin saves lives!Beeswax
    • crypto is dead.neverscared
    • Ha, i don't know how pointing out that it's only completely retarded because you can't turn it off counts as supportkingsteven
  • Hayzilla15

    I tell you what I like most about Cryptocurrency!

    It seems to have totally taken up all his spare time that graficiain used to use posting shitty gifs in every thread here. Keep it up my man. Crypto 4 Eva!

  • Nutter6

    Get rich blog-chain schemes can backfire... who would have thought it...…

    • Wanted to post this, but I'm already wildly hated by the QBN Crypto mafiagrafician
    • hated? more concerned about you to be honest.fadein11
    • @fade oh really care about me? really?
      better be concerned about Beeswax tho', he's about to put it all down
    • it's a bit of an obsession that has crossed over into insulting members here. You seem permanently angry on here.fadein11
    • @fade You seem to care a bit too much about what I post, mind your business will you?grafician
    • lol graf, business? you are concerning me toomonospaced
    • ahaha @graf.I've been in investing world for 10+years. I was in Forex, I created trading bots, I'm still in stocks in and started crypto in '17.Beeswax
    • I dont want to tell how much I made and show off here. But I have a lot of stories. Not a new kid in these waters. Cant wait to put all in cryptoBeeswax
    • Lots of scams out there, yes. But overall things are really shifting in a massive way. Crypto is not only buy/sell/trade pump and dump.Beeswax
    • @bees yeah man, I figured you wouldn't know who that guy Raoul was otherwise

      @the others LOL guys damn I need to put /s more often, why would I be angry
    • @mono it's hard to depict the tone in these comments, I'm just laughing myself of here
      trying to keep posting on a serious tone
    • @bees about trading bots, apparently this last bitcoin slip was actually an arbitrage bot messing up kind of situation? Know anything about that?grafician
    • It's all gambling, why is everyone getting angry about it? I was 3 minutes away from 127k on Biden/Trump. I cold-footed. It's whatever.garbage
    • @garbage yeah it's gambling if you know it's gambling, but often the ppl investing in Defi don't know that?grafician
    • FUCK YOU MOONBOIS crewgrafician
    • i think that's it exactly graf... you think people don't know they're gambling/ taking a risk, they do. i've even watched some of NBQs loss porn and they knewkingsteven
    • and if they didn't, who cares? nobodys forcing your gran to buy crypto (or maybe they are) anyway, my point is your gran is stupid.kingsteven
    • Well, at least they put an exit message on their site unlike the other rude scammers who don't.NBQ00
    • so if someone's cash got stolen, that makes all cash a scam?Milan
    • Cash is not the scam, it's the bait. You're being scammed right now.
      Wake up sheeple!
    • it´s all an scam on us, when u look at the ecological destroying component and we all gonna pay for it .... sadly also the people who are not involved. historyneverscared
    • repeats itself... again and again and again...flippin fools.neverscared
    • Y'all out to make a profit but won't out those who profit from y'all.palimpsest
    • It’s not all gambling. Only ignorant noobs say dumb shit like that. Or those who are flat out not even investing. If it’s gambling, why do I win 90% of the timemonospaced
    • Cause you're counting cards, Raymond.palimpsest
    • Because mono knows best :)NBQ00
    • Mono with your win rate you could be a billionaire in no time. You just have to do compound trading and with a win rate of 90% its easy peasyNBQ00
    • considering you know nothing of my "win rate" I'd say it's easy to conclude you're full of shit on the subjectmonospaced
    • tip, don't invest, you clearly have little grasp of how numbers work ;)monospaced
  • bainbridge2

    Not proud to admit, but I put $1,000 into crypto, spread among Doge, Shib, and otherr smaller ones, just to see what would happen.

    It's now worth $250.

    Should I sell or hold?

    • Invested at the peak, last fall.bainbridge
    • Sell to BTC. Hold.shapesalad
    • Hodl that shib!YakuZoku
    • why u no buy ethereum hrmm?cherub
    • shib=shitcoincherub
    • buy moreGabriel
    • It's only 1k. Some invested their life savings and took loans to buy at the top.NBQ00
    • i only started looking into it in the last year and bought about £200 total worth of ETC, BTC and a couple of other small ones. lesson learned i guess.scruffics
    • unless you're broke, if its now only worth $250 might as well just hold itYakuZoku
    • weill never go up above 20k ever...neverscared
    • You should slap yourself in the face, you daft bugger.Nairn
    • +1 Gabrieloey_oey
    • buy more lose more....this goes only one way... downneverscared
    • https://img-9gag-fun…pango
    • see you at the topbabydick_
    • see u at the top of losing... buy some more...neverscared
    • Lulz, well I currently have an unrealized loss of around $55k so let's meet up when the shit hits the fan and top ourselves together *smooch*5timuli
    • 5timuli, life savings?NBQ00
    • No, but I did invest aggressively between Feb and Nov last year, and in hindsight I should’ve taken it much slower.5timuli
    • At the peak in Nov I was about $40k up, but I didn’t sell. It’s been a great learning experience.5timuli
  • GuyFawkes5

    • Time to get that nice new bedmicrokorg
    • You know I've always loved you, right?Nairn
    • Sell.monospaced
    • serious question guy, what if you transferred in in time and there was nothing you can do about it? what would you do with all that money?_niko
    • I'd buy an island and throw a big bash for my fellow QBNers. I'd get Simon to invite the girls and I'd get Scarabin to curate the drugs :)_niko
    • haha beat me to it_niko
    • but seriously, I have no ideaGuyFawkes
    • looks like an error. 1000ish XRP at $.80 per does not equal $21 million. sorry to saysarahfailin
    • ^^^ 1st thing I would do is hire _niko as the party plannerGuyFawkes
    • yeah it was a glitch, I didnt see XRP go up anywhere else after the factGuyFawkes
    • you know whats funny is I posted this… 1st THEN started the 'try to cash in before it disappears' processGuyFawkes
    • ^ it shows my love for you guys, but also that I'm an idiot.GuyFawkes
    • lol I was thinking the same thing...if you only didn't waste precious time updating QBN, you'd be rich as Bezos!_niko
    • and as official party planner, besides the island and girls and drugs, I'd give each member still on here a million bucks._niko
    • That's only like $40 million, a good number of accounts here some whale trolls are HODLingGuyFawkes
    • We should raise it to 5mil eachGuyFawkes
    • Ha, I was thinking there were a 1000 of us, so yeah $1 billion / current active members_niko
    • We should stock up on QBN usernames while registrations are still open, do some trolling and when registrations close, those accounts will be worth billionsGuyFawkes
    • That's a huge gesture in these difficult times, thank you for financing for kerningman 202%!sted
    • fuckforsted
    • kerningman, nice!GuyFawkes
    • chump changeutopian
    • problem with data feed, you are not that rich.shapesalad
    •… LOLshapesalad
  • GuyFawkes8

    "This wallet bought roughly $8,000 of $SHIB last August.

    It's now worth $5.7 billion.

    From $8,000 to $5.7 billion in roughly 400 days.

    We may actually be looking at the greatest individual trade of all time."…

    • I pre-downvoted myself, I want to be a cool hater tooGuyFawkes
    • yeah but can he cash out? can he easily convert that to real currency?_niko
    • No he can't, crypto is for wankersi_was
    • He can buy NFTsi_was
    • Probably forgotten they bought ithardhat
    • its a fakken TOKEN.sted
    • Sounds too good to be true. Is there enogh liquidity to even cash out $10-50 Million at once?NBQ00
    • No_niko
    • Buterin burned and gave away 1B worth to a covid relief fund in India https://finance.yaho…grafician
    • ^ Wanna bet nobody cashes out lolgrafician
    • everybody selling, it's down -16% and countinggrafician
    • yeah make that -22%grafician
    • its back up now, and FYI, thats how it works, it goes up, it goes down.GuyFawkes
  • sted3

    Interestingly, those who don't have the balls to participate always start to get loud when prices fall. Typically when things are going well they are the ones who can't contribute any meaningful thing.

    • 'balls to participate' lol, how very beta.Nairn
    • lol this is qbn not some financial advices forumNBQ00
    • sure i could say spectators, bystanders, lookers or beholders :) but that doesn't changes the fact that they are all couch warriors ehhsted
    • OK, chief.palimpsest
    • lol drgs that ain't u :Dsted
    • You should've traded some derivatives on crypto instead of holding lol
      Not that hard chief
    • Anyway, I hope Bennn is ok, getting a little worried about himgrafician
    • I longed log support in september, I shorted the top, but exited both trades way too early. Every minute, every day, I thank God for letting me get away with itdrgs
    • seeing QBN struggle so hard to undestand the most basic concepts in the crypto and NFT worlds is laughable. well done.cherub
    • op is mad lolpinkfloyd
    • lolmonospaced
    • imagine gatekeeping techbro Ponzi schemes and magical fairy dust moon money.face_melter
    • Big dick energy!palimpsest
    • Does anyone want to discuss Tether, wash trading, Mt. Gox, Willy Bot, Price Manipulation, Unregulated Exchanges now?jonny_quest_lives
    • Or was sharing any sort of skepticism about investment in a non regulated crypto economy the last year not contributing a meaningful thing?jonny_quest_lives
    • @jonny ppl mad about their loses man...some of them might need to open onlyfans accounts soongrafician
    • @grafician losing money sucks i get it... Today is Tether's deadline to submit their first real Audit to the NYAG of their holdings.jonny_quest_lives
    • so it could potentially get really bad or the markets stabilize for a bit as Tether Runs the clock againjonny_quest_lives
    • https://web.archive.…jonny_quest_lives
    • @jonny Hehehe yeah I knew about that, waiting for the next wave of sales to begin after many bought back the dip in the last hour or sografician
    • Nope @sted, I've been saying *poof* since this all started. There is no value beyond hype and supply/demand, when that shifts, *poof*.formed
    • that went well :D
  • Hayzilla-1

    Is today a good day to get DOGE?
    Feel like I'm missing out on all the fun!
    Shall I get £100 worth?

    • YesSlashPeckham
    • no.inteliboy
    • Perfect illustration to retail buying the topdrgs
    • So that's 1-1. I'll go with the first to 3.Hayzilla
    • Yup, DOGE has topped then. Thanks for heads up, Hayzilla.NBQ00
    • Hayzilla, do it as an experimentdrgs
    • If you can afford to lose $100 and want to do it for the fun, then do it. I got $30 worth at 6c and thought it was just a silly fun thinghardhat
    • Went up to 8 then dropped and I thought “oh well, that’s that”. Spiked ages later to 36c (and then dropped again) but figured I might as well just play the gamehardhat
    • At this point, I wouldn't go near it. Wouldn't surprise me if it dropped substantially by the end of the week.Continuity
    • I too think it’s gonna spike w/ Elon on SNL and then go south. But then I decided against buying a rig to mine BTC ~10y ago bc it was gonna cost £600...hardhat
    • ... so what do I knowhardhat
    • Linkchain FTWshapesalad
    • buy and hold_me_
    • If you're going to spunk 100, give it to a homeless charity or buy things for a food bank. Not this silly fucking shit.face_melter
    • $50 into doggy coin, $50 into lottery tickets, it's pure gambling eitherwayformed
    • i bought 34 Doge yesterday just for fun. One Doge closer to my FerrariBennn
    • face_melter makes the most sense.Hayzilla
    • maybemilfhunter
    • listen to @formed do a @face_melter if you win back the $100sted
    • its just fun to buy crypto and push shitloads of co2 to burn down the planet, dont u get it? wow so much this fire everywhere.neverscared
    • hmm, this gives me an idea, I'm going to start a new crypto currency called NERO, so people can fiddle with crypto while the planet burns :)_niko
  • shapesalad7

    Have your opinion about crypto either way, but you can't deny, Vitalik is inspiringly smart.

    What I love about Lex's videos is this: you could go to the pub with some work mate and spend 2 hours talking nonsense: telly, football, women.

    Or you could listen to a Lex interview and grow, learn and be inspired. And thusly... I tend not to have too many friends in the real world as I rarely encounter people of equivalent intelligence as Lex or Vitalik.

    • Sorry if that sounds snobbish, but many times I've sat in a pub with work folk, thinking internally "when is it socially ok to go? I'm super bored".shapesalad
    • ^Why not just jump on QBN for a quick intellectual hit, we got it all from crypto to ufos!grafician
    • Thanks for sharing that. I've seen the video in a few places, but I didn't get a chance to watch it. This is the content I'd like to see shared here more oftenzaq
    • Lotsa folks just repeating FUD from the bears in here. Nothing of concern. Thanks for the link.DRIFTMONKEY
    • This channel is interesting. He has some legitimately smart people on, but also Sam Harris and GSP lol.garbage
    • Steer the bar convo that way, you’d be surprised how interested and engaged people can be but are maybe too shy to feel snobbish as you say :)_niko
    • Talking about tits and football from time to time is good. You don't lift weights everyday. Also, fuck Sam Harris and The Cider Cuck of doom Peterson.babydick
    • Vitalik is just a programmer that can talk for 15 min without actually saying anything valuable, running a payment network without any financial skills, oh wellgrafician
    • Also funny that listening to this guy Vitalik is like listening to Adam Back aka Satoshi - he again can talk for hours only nonsensegrafician
  • sted8

    Visa Partners With 60 Crypto Platforms to Let Consumers Spend Digital Currency at 80 Million Merchants…

    • just a ponzi bubble though bruthashapesalad
    • I thought crypto wasn't supposed to be spent though. I was told, earlier in this thread, it was a "digital gold" sort of investment. Not for spending.section_014
    • Can't wait to see what the fees will be. Looks like time to buy some Visa shares and watch that sucker line grow!formed
    • they partnered with different banks a while ago...I got a visa from my crypto bank like a year ago. it went free with my account. no fees.uan
    • it came free* with the account. the cashbacks you get from spending money with the visa are paid in crypto.uan
    • what does visa cryptos...what do I want...just give visa small amounts of cryptos when the price is high and use those €/£/$ to buy stuff.uan
    • This won't work. Crypto = speculation, so most will not buy pizza with crypto. Again.grafician
    • it's an interface to convert cryto into normal money, so you can spend it irl. it works already.uan
  • shapesalad7

    From a reddit post.

    "On may 24th CEO of one of the largest bank in the world - HSBC publicly said that crypto lacks transparency and later it's UK branch started to block payments to Binance. Yesterday same British HSBC branch has been fined £63.9m by the UK's financial regulator for money laundering!"

    • So the take away here is that transparency works?Nairn
    • HSBC the same bank that were cool laundering cartel money? LolPhanLo
    • the fincen filessted
    • The crypto industry has racked up $2.5 billion in fines since bitcoin was launched... so who is the better crook ?! one more in the game with crypto then.neverscared
    • and its just starting to get regulated.. phew .. there is shit to come for the cryptobrosneverscared
    • https://markets.busi…neverscared
    • I wonder if those are the paid or the issued fines?sted
    • I know cunts in HSBC big in to cryptokingsteven
    • Oh the transparencyAQUTE
  • Krassy3

    Soooo, was Arena a good move? And Matt Damon promoting it? 10 year name lease? lol

    • *Crypto.comKrassy
    • A $700,000,000 deal for the naming rights for only 10 years....LOLutopian
    • seriously! bahahah!Krassy
    • Dotcom level mania.shapesalad
    • they gathered 50Mio customers in 6 years...they want to be number 1 in the future, so they sponsor lots of stuff.uan
    • Lol yeah exactly. Might as well have gone with Kimdotcom arena_niko
    • matt demon is the future... is he still running on homophobic slur or did he finally stop it...neverscared
    • Woke woke woke!Hayoth
    • what does crypto have to do with woke? as per usual, hayoth's way off the point.pango
    • i think matt damon homophobic slurs are ok with him...neverscared
    • I just threw an event there.monospaced
  • scarabin7

  • Bennn2

    I started mining. Currently making around 150-250$ /month

    • revenue or profit?sarahfailin
    • dont know precisely yet. But electricity is really cheap here.Bennn
    • What are you mining, Bennn? BTC, LTE? I'm staking a few different alt coins with APYs ranging from 5% - 12%.MondoMorphic
    • Bennn gonna get a second Lambo!Krassy
    • Thanks for ruining the planet and best of luck.grafician
    • Sweet, tell us moreGuyFawkes
    • Are you buying up all the GPUs or are you doing a gaming laptop off to the side 24/7 kind of thingGuyFawkes
    • Which currencies Benn?Wolfboy
    • iam using NiceHash and Iam using my main PC while I use it (0 problems) and a dedicated gaming PC who only mine. I also started mining HeliumBennn
    • dont worry grafician, i dont have those big rig that take shit ton of electricity. My rig is ultra small and doesnt take much. Also, its hydro electricity hereBennn
    • Does profit fluctuate or disappear if the value of the coins you mine plummets?monospaced
    • and the heat that my computer produce are heating my office a bit. And my main PC is sitting by a window and will get chill all winter by natural cold.Bennn
    • ha! that is the ONE vaguely justifiable use case for crypto generation energy wastage - heating your home.Nairn
    • So you're mostly heating your home and calling it mining crypto, got it LOLgrafician
    • OkBennn
    • Is $150 before or after your electric bill?monospaced
    • Don't let 'em bust your chopsGuyFawkes
    • Where im at power's cheap tooGuyFawkes
  • drgs7

    May 5

  • autoflavour5

    GAH.. everything is going down.
    $750 down at the moment..

  • Krassy5

    Crypto is "Decentralized?" Nah, it's more like "centered around Elon's Tweets." He sends a tweet and the sheep follow in herds.
    He is playing god and enjoying it.

    Power to the people? Yet crypto value is manipulated by the wealthiest person on Earth? Ironic, no? Am I missing something?

    I dunno. What's happening is all very hype-y and surreal.

    Not sure how all this will play out long term.

    • to address your last point: the rich will become richerimbecile
    • he is expert in ai,industry,producti... can crunch all those numbers in a ml black box.uan
    • It'll be a drop. not now. Learn to deal with it.isaca
    • I don't think anyone claimed crypto is going to bring about equality. The originators were libertarians who believe in a Ron Paul or Ayn Rand sort of worldview.yuekit
    • Decentralized however is a different issue. In order to make good on decentralization there needs to be a further step where exchanges are eliminated.yuekit
    • Truth. There's no way something that can so easily be manipulated will ever last.formed
    • The decentralization and ease of transfer is great, the lack of any backing /control /stability is a killer.formed
    • ^ .Krassy
  • grafician4

    • Hayzilla?drgs
    • Bennn?Krassy
    • what should she do? buy an island in the Caribbean! she's got it made.sarahfailin
    • "I took away his card and his phone, like the time when i took his balls away"GuyFawkes
    • Bennn. He is too quiet these days :Dsted
    • Take away the vagina.cherub
    • Should’ve sold when he made 8k.BH26
  • neverscared0

    wow so much decentral

    • is this all you do all day? fixate on shit you don't like?inteliboy
    • only if iam affected by it through enviromental destruction.neverscared
    • what are decimal places?shapesalad
    • its also two dumbass questions u come up with.. but i wouldn´t expect it different from a cryptobro.neverscared
    • but i guess u like that numbers a lot.. are u one of the 0.01% ? otherwise u must be not the brightest....neverscared
    • that's not what centralized/decentra... means, thoughmonospaced
    • one of the meanings. the meaning when argument of power of a few with fiat money comes in play in comparison with crypto..the centralisation of power is worseneverscared
    • the btc decentral stuff is pretty crap . considering theres one ledger.neverscared
    • Techno feudalismgrafician
    • "fixate on shit you don't like?"
      hate is an equal source of dopamine as love, two perfectly human emotions, embrace your shadow side
    • Centralized banking means one entity produces and distributes all money. Has nothing to do with who holds most of it, unfortunately.monospaced
    • Bitcoin is mined by people everywhere, therefore it's not centralized. It's traded freely on many exchanges, also not centralized. Sorry :)monospaced
    • i hope u have some data to back that up mono.. paper states that the production is centralizedneverscared
    • https://papers.ssrn.…neverscared
    • 50% of mining from 0,1% of miners.. tell me how you would call that except central ?neverscared
    • hate is a strong word... i don´t like it is better .. the greed and ecological destruction part i should hate i guess.. because its so toxic.neverscared
    • 10% controlling 90% of production... would not call that decentralized production .. but if u think it is ...go ahead.neverscared
    • lol, back up THE definition of a centralized bank? I don't have to.monospaced
    • Just because some miners have the majority doesn't mean it's centralized or that they are controlling thingsmonospaced
    • This screenshot didn't say that 10% of miners "control" 90% of production. And if that's true, who's to say those 10% are connected?monospaced
    • They certainly can't stop anyone else from minimng, and if they themselves stop mining, production elsewhere continues. Cheers :)monospaced
    • “In circulation” lol WSJ represents the old guardnb
    • but there is still hope ... like in a lot of the early btc are dormant and keys in posession of the coders. who can counter an attack by the fbi or other bad guysuan
    • .01% is like 10,000 people.DRIFTMONKEY
    • of course the coder could totally be a super evil guy with a master plan...let‘s see how it goes in the next yearsuan
    • "U.S. officially the top destination for bitcoin miners, beating out China for the first time"grafician
    • "One-third of bitcoin's hashrate is in the U.S., according to the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, a 428% increase from September 2020"grafician
    • So BTC CAN BE decentralised, BUT technically IT'S RATHER NOT!grafician
    • mining and also owning, pretty sure those 001% are mostly Americans
      so yeah, keep arguing crypto is still "decentralised" in 2022 lol
    • would have guessed that mono is trashing experts .. since he is so proud when the coronavirus comes into.. but when the MIT says its centralised ..neverscared
    • its not for you.... wouldnt have guessed i mean.neverscared
    • fuck the researchers then .. i back what they found out... u back some fantasy numbers .neverscared
    • its the concentrated technology power of course.. thats why 10% mine 90%... ,neverscared
    • I'm not trashing experts. I'm just disagreeing that it's centralized because. It certainly has some imbalance, but it's not central by strict standards.monospaced
    • I certainly didn't present any numbers, fantasy or otherwise.monospaced
    • Technically, ANYONE can mine BTC, there is no restriction on that like there is with actual centralized banks, that won't allow anyone else to print money.monospaced
    • yes, u just blurted out some crap without numbers...neverscared
    • with a few holding that much its not decentralized .. every idiot understands that.neverscared
    • That’s more concentrated wealth than the 1% of affluent Americans who currently control about one-third of U.S. dollars, a figure that many have pointed to as aneverscared
    • massive inequality. 100 times more than FIATneverscared
    • What I "blurted" isn't crap. You're saying that the concentration is centralization, and I'm saying that's not the definition.monospaced
    • The fact that anyone can mine isn't crap, it's a fact. That's the big difference from an actual centralized bank. Cheers.monospaced
    • I'm not saying that your numbers are bullshit, either. Please don't make that misunderstanding.monospaced
    • "The fact that anyone can mine isn't crap, it's a fact." - monospaced

      then go buy a miner and let's see how much bitcoin can you mine on your own :)
    • dont u get it ? the bitcoinbros always say they wanna replace FIAT with their systems because its decentralized in power.. turns out their own system is 100neverscared
    • ^oh wait, you can't really buy ONE miner, you need to wait months or years to only buy thousands, that IF with the big chip shortagesgrafician
    • times more imbalanced aka centralized to the top then the system they want to replace... the decentral stuff that eveyone can mine is useless in relation.neverscared
    • @neverscared bro stop arguing with idiots like monoscaped, who only crash discussions to antagonise people without adding nothing usefulgrafician
    • no mono is not an idiot...neverscared
    • maybe just missinformed.neverscared
    • yes, the mining is concentrated but the say its not.... brainwashing in 101.neverscared
    • The concentration of miners is even more profound, data show. NBER found that the top 10% of miners control 90% of the Bitcoin mining capacity, and just 0.1%neverscared
    • control 50% of mining capacity.…neverscared
    • since you are so paranoid i feed u lying numbers . u can read them at the fortune article. or in the paper the MIT released.neverscared
    • i agree with _me_ , the age of the old people in expensives places in the theater ..symbolize perfect the old, aristocracy power structure now proofenneverscared
    • by public institutions inherent in crypto.neverscared