Self-critique your own work

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  • trooperbill2

    some times you have to consider the budget and the clients wishes. i often get to a point where things are good enough to get paid.

  • Continuity1

    There's a reason I've only ever put my work up here on QBN once in the eight years I've been a member.

    My actual work is pure, utter shit, it embarrasses me, and there's far, far greater talent here.

    So, yeah. I do compare my work to other people's, if only to remind myself that I'm just a hack, and to keep myself firmly planted in reality.

    • LOL! yeah that's me too..HijoDMaite
    • And I'll tell you something else: the *only* reason I had shared that project here was because it was a collab with chrisRG, and — bless him — he'd managed ...Continuity
    • ... to polish my turd of an idea.Continuity
    • we are all hacks. and the older we get just makes us older hacks...and I'm okay with that :Dlvl_13
  • HijoDMaite

    I have a question for you guys. When you decide to put your work out for the world to see, how self critical are you? Do you look at your own work and compare it to others and know it’s not as good as theirs? Or do you absolutely love it and put it out there with confidence.

    Or do you like what you make and think to yourself this is as good as I can do but I will get better as time goes on. I wonder to myself if the greatest artists showcase their work and think they are the best, and would be able to defend their reasoning as to why it’s the best out there. Or do they just put it out and hope enough people or the right people will be impressed by it.