Self-critique your own work

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    There's a reason I've only ever put my work up here on QBN once in the eight years I've been a member.

    My actual work is pure, utter shit, it embarrasses me, and there's far, far greater talent here.

    So, yeah. I do compare my work to other people's, if only to remind myself that I'm just a hack, and to keep myself firmly planted in reality.

    • LOL! yeah that's me too..HijoDMaite
    • And I'll tell you something else: the *only* reason I had shared that project here was because it was a collab with chrisRG, and — bless him — he'd managed ...Continuity
    • ... to polish my turd of an idea.Continuity
    • we are all hacks. and the older we get just makes us older hacks...and I'm okay with that :Dlvl_13

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