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  • spl33nidoru

    To the photo printing experts, what printing method would you recommend for large format prints of slightly grainy b&w photos, in order to get the best possible quality vs reasonable cost ?

    I'm getting requests to buy some of my work (I'm not much of a print guy) and spontaneously looked into digital FineArt printing on Hahnemuhle Baryta.
    But I'm very confused as to the price differences I found, the lab recommended to me does 50x50cm (20 inches) for 90 euros, some other labs do it for 40 euros and online it goes as low as 17 !?

    I'm starting to look into completely different printing methods such as offset or silkscreens for a less precious approach, as my 2 priorities are :

    - size, 50cm being a minimum for this visual to work best, 80 or 90 would be ideal

    - cost, there is a market for these prints to go for 300 euros but the requests I get come from a younger crowd and I'd rather keep the price under 100 for their sake

  • microkorg-4

    You could just use a service like / RedBubble to do on demand printing for you. All you have to do is upload your artwork and publicise your page.

  • BH260

    Lambda or Chromira print ( C-print on photographic paper) which can be neutral for Black and white with proper setup

    Inkjet on specialty papers can be a little more expensive then above. But can add to your final look if you wanted it more painterly or artisanal etc.

    • good call, had put c-print aside but it's worth comparing pricesspl33nidoru
  • jaylarson-1

    What about places like White House Custom Color:

    or Bay Photo:

    Probably some of the better photo-printing in the US (they would at least be able to answer paper questions and maybe direct you elsewhere if they can't help).

    • I think spl33nidoru's in Spaindetritus
    • not actually in spain and not asian either detritus ;) thanks jay, will check thosespl33nidoru
    • How dare you not tell the truth in your profile! I am actually in London, China...detritus
    • hahaha! I like to think of qbn as an intranet, but alas there's a world out there spying!spl33nidoru
    • bay photo, I don't recommend. They fucked up a job of mine, and blamed my files, even though the first test sample they had printed was fine,BH26
    • Great to know, Bryan, thanks! Was looking into them and WHCC for prints on my site.jaylarson
  • Bennn0

    I'm printing on large format HP plotter everyday and the results are beautiful! We have an HP Latex 360, printing on Satin Photo Paper.

    • cool, do you do it in-house ? how large ?spl33nidoru
    • i'm in charge of the printing shop where I work (big company 1500+ employees)
      I have a HP Latex 360 and an HP Z6100 both 60" wide.
    • nice, wish i could drop by!spl33nidoru
    • :)Bennn
  • detritus0

    The difference probably comes down to the quality of the printing technology they use. Lots of local mom and pop printing shops just have large format Epsons (etc) which are fine enough for most tasks, but like in everything, there's better tech out there.. including from Epson.

    We use someone who has an Epson SureColor set up and it's the best we've found so far.. but then, not cheap!

    • right, the lab i was recommended is supposed to be amazing, specialises in prints for museums and renowned artists. I might just go with thatspl33nidoru
    • If a printer uses the abhorrent term 'GiclĂ©e', they're probbaly better than a Mom'n'Pop Printer shop, but the price will also go up.detritus
    • Price is also dictated very heavily by quality of stock. Archival etc.monospaced
    • Perhaps, but we always spec the same sort of stuff from Hahnemuhle and the difference in costs based on printing is ..well, considerable.detritus
    • wordmonospaced
  • spl33nidoru0

    Thanks for the input, y'all.

    I'll just go ahead and make a bunch of tests with different methods, gotta learn from experience somehow!