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    The difference probably comes down to the quality of the printing technology they use. Lots of local mom and pop printing shops just have large format Epsons (etc) which are fine enough for most tasks, but like in everything, there's better tech out there.. including from Epson.

    We use someone who has an Epson SureColor set up and it's the best we've found so far.. but then, not cheap!

    • right, the lab i was recommended is supposed to be amazing, specialises in prints for museums and renowned artists. I might just go with thatspl33nidoru
    • If a printer uses the abhorrent term 'GiclĂ©e', they're probbaly better than a Mom'n'Pop Printer shop, but the price will also go up.detritus
    • Price is also dictated very heavily by quality of stock. Archival etc.monospaced
    • Perhaps, but we always spec the same sort of stuff from Hahnemuhle and the difference in costs based on printing is ..well, considerable.detritus
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