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  • formed

    No posts yet? Is anyone getting this thing? I really don't care for it, but now that the Note 7 looks dead there's nothing out there that supports vr.

    Phone looks boring as hell, but at least the camera looks to be the best on the market.…

  • dbloc0

    I'm actually intrigued, I'll wait for reviews first though

  • HijoDMaite3

    ive had three notes. i never thought I would get another phone.

    But now I have Galaxy s7 edge.

    its the shit and does support vr.

    waterproof up to 5 ft for 30 minutes. best screen and camera in the market. im done.

    • Bonus: Pocket fireplace functionalitydetritus
    • I sent mine back. Lovely screen but fragile as all hell and battery didn't even last until the evening with normal use, which isn't much if I'm at work.set
    • yea im noticing a battery issue compared to my note 5. still not sure whats up. maybe it will improve with some software updates.HijoDMaite
    • my galaxy 7 is awesomedbloc
    • too much curve for me, the Note 7 was perfect (still hoping they quickly make a Note7s or something)formed
    • it is extremely fragile i agree, awkward to hold in hand but I have a couple phone cases on the way which i always use a case anyway.HijoDMaite
    • If you have an S7, get EZ Disabler. It allows you to disable a ton of the shit Samsung install on their phones - boosts battery life like a motherfucker.face_melter
    • thanks face i'll check it out. havent even had time to set up the edge functions. will it disable them? i'm hoping to put the to use. I already love to peekHijoDMaite
    • at my phone in bed and see all the info. :)HijoDMaite
    • It has an automated 'bloatware' setting which can stop some essential packages from running - I went through the list and did it manually. No problems.face_melter
    • Thanks Face!dbloc
    • yep one issue with all samsungs I have had is with the bloatware - I get rid of that shit right away.fadein11
    • is there a list somewhere of everything that can be removed?dbloc
    • My 6p battery lasts 15 hours with consistent use for web, text, Email and couple of vids 10-15 mins eachHayoth
    • dbloc, it depends what your usage is - I binned Facebook, Instagram, and the MS Office apps, along with Whatsapp etc.face_melter
    • Just got the s7 edge, what a great phone. Looking forward to s8.yuekit
  • face_melter1

    I watched the presentation, just for curiosity and was filled with a feeling of complete indifference. We have reached the point where every phone is pretty much the same - I picked up an S7 a couple of weeks ago as my admittedly great Z5 Compact was becoming *too* compact and I needed something with a larger screen - but not humongous. And that phone is the balls, the tits, and the shit.

    Fair play to Google for deciding to take control of their own products and pushing a more professional, lifestyle-orientated line - the Nexus brand folded into the realm of the Android geekhole a long time ago, with shit hardware and utterly bland software. But the Pixel is merely average - bland design, no SD card slot or hardware perks, and the same vanilla software. The prices are well fucking mental as well. Google (or Alphabet) have more money than God, so if it bombs they'll pick it up again in a couple of years under a new name.

    • yupmonospaced
    • strange - as it's had universally fantastic reviews.fadein11
    • same vanilla software? what you on about - its pure Android (the best kind of Android) - add what you like.fadein11
    • it comes with free unlimited cloud storage for pics and video including 4Kfadein11
    • agree 100%, they had a chance to hit the market with something special, but it looks like last year's iphoneformed
    • ^ yet with a better camera and the best version of Android. God iphone users are blind to the alternatives. give em a whirl - they are much better.fadein11
    • Best is entirely subjective when it comes to Android - I think Sony's offers more while keeping the apparently beloved 'stock' feel.face_melter
    • I can't get past the Roboto-infested interface. Although Apple accepted the race to the bottom with their San Francisco.raf
    • I've never used Android before but space shouldn't be an issue is you use Google Play for music which is free up to 50,000 songs.CyBrainX
  • section_0142

    ^^^ No SD slot? That's one of the best parts of having an Android based phone. Pretty major fail there.

    The only interesting part of that phone, or the more expensive Android phones, is the VR capabilites. Otherwise, they are all the same now. ALL THE SAME.

    My $180 Moto G is every bit as capable as everything else (aside from VR). Processing power and camera capabilities don't matter nearly as much as the phone companies make it out to be. Processing power is way more than enough to check facebook and text (90% of users). And, most phones have more than capable cameras for your fucking selfie. If someone is SO interested in photography, by a real camera.

    • it comes with free unlimited cloud storage for pics and video including 4Kfadein11
    • So what? There are reasons to have extra local storage.section_014
    • its got enough in the bigger model - 128GB ffs... how much do you need on a phone lol?fadein11
    • how long is it going to take to back up a 4k video?! That's pretty unreasonable.formed
    • I haven't used an SD card in 5 years - perhaps it's just me then.fadein11
    • You can get a decent 128GB card for, like, $40. How much is the price difference between Pixels?face_melter
    • ^^^ Exactly. It's way more than $40, for sure. Point is: SD card slots are useful, and easy (cheap) to tack on to a circuit. Why omit it?section_014
  • utopian2

    Google Graveyard?

    • we will see - seems like their best smartphone yet - never really liked the nexus ones.fadein11
    • I'm picking one up. It's the first time you can get android through a carrier w/o all the extra crap thrown in.voiceof
  • sarahfailin0

    $649 - $749 price tag
    i suppose they're trying to seem like an iphone competitor, but of course I would prefer something more like the OnePlus models which offer great phones for $299-$399

    • seem like? it got better reviews than the iphone7fadein11
  • pinkfloyd1

    I have the S7 and Gear VR. Works fine for me.

  • dbloc0

    who uses the OK Google functionality on android?

  • instrmntl0

    All That New Google Hardware? It’s a Trojan Horse for AI…

  • Peter0

    Bit of a bump.

    Any of you guys and girls got the pixel -and hardened it?

    Copperhead or similar.

    Thinking of making the leap to pure f-droid.

    • The best phone out there.Bennn
    • I tried to order one twice, but they ran out instantly (I was on the wait lists). Now I have an S8+ on the way. Both nice, but the S8 design is years ahead.formed
    • Have you flashed it?Peter
    • sold out? They are competing with Apple.CyBrainX
    • Yeah, Google has stock issues. For a supposed legit iPhone rival it is only available in, like, 3 territories. Watch it go to the wall like most Google productsface_melter
    • no stock issues in UK (cannot comment on elsewhere) and best phone on the market - do it.fadein11
    • don't think they are trying to compete with Apple iPhone tbh. Or they wouldn't have stock issues lol.fadein11
    • They're pumping nearly a billion dollars into LG to encourage capacity for screen-manufacture, so it looks like they're going for something at least.detritus
    • http://www.theverge.…detritus
    • stock issues was stupid, whether it's pr or actual supply issues. They would have them for 1-2 days, then out, then 2 weeks later 1-2 days, then out...formed
    • that's just a lousy way to inspire confidence. I do wonder if they gave up and are putting everything into the P2, which looks like an i8, which copies an S8formed
    • Google are absolutely half-assed at handling their own hardware. Nexus' and GPE phones were other OEM's responsibility.face_melter
    • Tech people actually use? Easily bored until the next thing. But hey, designing and building balloons filled with internet? All over that shit.face_melter
    • still best phone I have ever owned so couldn't give a fuckfadein11
    • @det - terrible anti google article that.
      Hardware is not their core business - really do not think they are currently trying to be an iPhone killer - possibly
    • in future though.fadein11
    • The Verge is consistently amongst the shittest online journalism out there todayfadein11
    • tbh i searched "LG Google OLED Investment" and one of the top responses. The Verge is 'anti-everybody' .. depending upon who is is feeling attacked.detritus
  • jmckinno1

    I bought a Google Pixel Phone a couple of months ago. After 3 weeks, it just stopped responding to me. I couldn't make calls or even use any basic functionality on the phone.

    I was pretty pissed.

    But I contacted support over a messaging service in the phone. They sent me a DHL shipping label, i sent the phone back and in 2 days had a brand new phone. No questions asked.

    I haven't had service like that before. It was pretty good.
    When I had an iphone, I fucking struggled to get issues fixed. But with Google it was easy.

    I'm really happy with the phone. The only issue is that it's constantly listening to you. If I were to have a conversation about going to the baumarkt, It would later show me the nearest baumarkt without me asking. Kind of creepy.

    • er, wut? That last paragraph isn't just creepy, it's a get the fuck out of here deal-breaker.detritus
    • yup. i'm done with google. (except maybe picture search). "do no evil" - riiighthans_glib
    • oh, and except gmail.hans_glib
    • oh, and except maps. sometimes.hans_glib
    • *shakes fist in frustration*hans_glib
    • Everyone listens, unavoidable. Dunno, I want a new phone the minute it goes down. 2 days w/o a phone would really hurt my business.formed
    • They meant "don't be evil...we're watching."yuekit
    • One of the reason to go for custom roms.Peter
  • zaq0

    Got Pixel as present from a friend who works for Google. Best phone I had so far.

  • canoe0

    I can't wait to go to Central America in May and... leave my phone at home. People spend way too much time with their vices and devices...

    • but what if you have a great hair day and need to document it?kona
    • Or you could exercise self control. Whichever's easiest.Peter
    • Can confirm, there are no phones in central America. It's just a big jungle.yuekit
    • Trees!jaylarson
    • lol xDsea_sea
    • F'lol konadetritus
    • HA!canoe
  • robthelad2

    I got a Pixel XL on release. And it's generally the best phone i've ever had. It's fast, responsive, screen is crystal, has handy simple UI stuff like integrated weather, night dimming, touch awake, etc. The finger scanner is in a great position for me. The camera is the best. And it's clean.

    Just a great phone, no nonesense.

  • jagara5

    New smartphones is the worlds most boring subject.

    • Sure, but this thread is 6 days old —
      Why bump it, if so?
    • 6 months / not daysdbloc
    • Sorry,last posting was 6 days.
      I *KNEW* I should've said that.
    • loldbloc
    • I just wanted to say that
      new smartphones is the worlds most boring subject.
    • save the cellphone hate for the Apple thread, where its rightly deservedmonospaced
  • oey0

    My phone smelled like burned from the USB connection again...and I can not charge it anymore.

    Checked for a new one and thought "Fuck it! I'll buy a Samsung J5, it's more than enough."

    Costs around 150€. Not much but this month has been a bit rough, my own fault though.

    Anyway, found a guy selling the same model I have for 59€.
    Just ordered it.

    Ah! I have a Galaxy Nexus I from 2011 given to me by my housemate. Love that phone and I actually I don't need more.

    If I want to make photos, I have my Sony Cybershot always with me.

    I really can't understand (actually I don't even try to) why one would pay more than 200€ for a phone , which is already a lot of money.

    • that's some bad English right there. don't need to thank me.oey
    • I still have my Galaxy S3...dmay
    • you replaced a Google Pixel with a Samsung?monospaced
    • No, sorry mono. I had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus I that burned and instead of buying a new phone I got myself the same.oey
    • I was looking into Pixel but damn...mucho dinero. I thought maybe the Samsung J5 is more than enough but I really like my old Nexus so lets keep it like that.oey
    • hence my apology for the bad english and confusing story.oey