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  • fredddddd

    Has anyone ever had a home break-in or robbery?

    With all the gun nuts and home alarm system commercials, you'd think we were living in a post apocalyptic world.

    Anyone who doesn't live in a dangerous area?

  • chossy0

    Yes I live in a safe country.

    ---------------- End of thread ----------------------

  • nylon0

    Check out the short movie 'GUN' by Spencer Gillis.

    It showcased at Sundance this year...


  • mikotondria30

    When I was a student, one summer my roomies had all gone back to their home towns and I was there, living on my own in this awful, crummy house. I was 19, and it was the first real house I'd lived in away from home, so it was actually pretty awesome to be that independent there. I came home from work one morning to find the front door chain was on - which struck me as odd. Then I heard movement inside and realised someone was in there, and dashed round the side to see a guy scampering up the garden and down the alleyway and round the corner. I set off after him and thought I saw him in a car that sped by me as I got to the other street.
    Had some trouble getting back in, and ended up squeezing through the cat flap. Bastard had stolen my Sony Walkman (with super X-Bass), turned the beds back and gone through the drawers. Swine.
    They arrested the person who owned the car I'd seen him in, but there was no evidence to be found or matched.
    Slept with a massive iron bar next to me for a few nights.

  • mg330

    An apartment of mine got robbed several years ago. They came in the open window we had above my cat's litter box and stole all our DVDs, loose change, and a watch from my roommate and one of mine.
    I had renters insurance, but was really afraid of them coming back because in my bedroom there were computers, guitars, recording equipment and other electronics. I was afraid they'd come back and clean is out. Luckily we moved out 3 weeks later because the ceiling was breaking and my closet wall collapsed.

  • BusterBoy0

    If you live in South Africa, worst thing you can do at home is take a pee in the middle of the night.

  • moldero0

    One really hot day in SF I was home alone, all my windows were open upstairs and my office (no windows) was located downstairs, I went upstairs to grab a bite to eat when I noticed some "brothas" casing my place, 1 guy was checking the perimeter and the other dude was looking right into my dining room window from across the street but when he noticed me, he quickly looked away and acted like he was just admiring the view in the sky, very obvious. I wasnt sure if they were going to come in or leave or not, but just in case, i went to my office and grabbed my 12 guage loaded with 00-buck and went back up to the dining room. My plan was to sit in the dining room (only open window with no screen) and sit there and wait, the way they climb in, they had to use both hands, its pretty high up (2nd floor) so it wouldn't be possible to hold a weapon and climb, My plan was just to sit there by the window but close to the floor, wait for dude to poke his head into my dining room window, me put the barrel up to his face (but not too close for him to reach it) from a low angle and just say "climb right back down there buddy" but they never came in, I guess when they seen someone was home they figured it wasn't an easy score.

    • What neighborhood?instrmntl
    • ingleside right by brotherhood waymoldero
    • that was about 10 years ago, that area was kinda fucked up back then, better now thoughmoldero
    • crazyinstrmntl
  • utopian0

    Freddd any relations to albums?

  • FawnDog0

    Here is my robbery story.
    I subscribed to ADT and when I moved out they told me my contact was not up and charged me $800.00 as a buy out. Fuck ADT !!!

  • GeorgesII0

    once in quebec,
    luckily we weren't home

  • cbass990

    got carjacked once. that was fun.

    • yeah me too, on my motorcycle when i was 16moldero
    • brand new ninja, not even 1 month oldmoldero
    • Bike jacked by a month old Ninja...deadly quick and small!goldieboy
    • HAHAmoldero
    • wow. that's nuts. i had a guy jump in my car while i was paying at a parking lot...cbass99
    • told me he was being chased by cops, had bunch of drugs on him..told me to drive him out of city..cbass99
    • didn't know if he had a gun or was gonna harm me, so i took him where he wanted...cbass99
    • he stole all my money and stole my pager..yes, this was in the 90's.cbass99
  • boobs0

    I got mugged with a gun to the head when I was vacationing in Turks and Caicos one time.

  • Fax_Benson0

    I once had a freshly baked pie stolen off my window ledge.

  • UKV0

    Once was woken up at 2am by my dog growling. Went downstairs to investigate, and there was a person in my living room facing away from me, with their head down and swaying back and forth in a trance like state. My dog had "him" cornered (140 pound alaskan Malamute - total bad ass of a dog). Pretty creepy methinks, so I grabbed my .45 and let out a shout. When I hit the lights with my weapon drawn, realized it was a 19 year old asian chick wearing next to nothing and blitzed out of her mind. She looked at me and mumbled that she thought it was her house and that her friends dropped her off. My wife came down when I told her it was clear, and she just ran off. Still wonder to this day how she got into my place, but think I must have left the front door unlocked.

    A pic of my dog at the time... not a typical Malamute. Very protective / agressive with strangers (he was a working dog, huge difference over family dogs).

  • moldero0

    oh I got robbed in Nassau by our limo driver, new years eve y2k.
    they use old limos as cabs down there.
    he didnt use a weapon, he merely pulled up to a really bad neighborhood, i mean really bad, then told me and my girlfriend, if I dont give up all my cash (then he pointed at a certain house and said) ill have the Rastafarian's in there fuck you up, as he pointed to the house, a dude walked out of the front door with his shirt off but holding it tightly to his head that was bleeding A LOT.
    so yeah I gave him some of my cash. i keep my cash in separate pockets just in case.
    I still remember the fuckers name, John the limo driver. and no its not the dude from the Howard stern show, that's Ronny.

  • MrT0

    I lived in Hackney (pre-hipsters) and some twats broke in through the front window while we were all out one night. One of them cut their arm on the way in. They didn't switch lights on but felt their way around so we had trails of blood across the walls in most of the rooms. We assume they used bin-bags to get away with all the stuff, because they dumped the contents of the bin on the lounge floor. Police got them, Canning Town pikey fuckers who I hope are somewhere under an Olympic car park now...

  • orrinward20

    I've had my house smash-grabbed once. All of my housemates were at work except for my girlfriend. She popped out to the shops and after getting about 10 minutes of the walk there she realised she'd left the back door unlocked and went back to lock it. he got back to the house and all the electronics in the downstairs except for the big TVs had been nicked.
    A similar thing happened in Uni when I went to stay with a friend in Cardiff. We had a party at his place then went off to the student union. When we came back everything was cleared up and the police said junkies in the area hop over back gardens at night checking back doors, and we'd probably left the back door unlocked.
    When I was in Bethnal Green I lived in a nice new block of flats neighboring some council flats and the angry kids were always trying to rob the new rich-invasion. I caught 2 kids stealing our post and parcels one day (the postboxes were stupidly outwards facing and easy to steal from with a coat hanger) and I lost it. I remember seeing them and then rage-blackout...

    Next thing I knew I was about 50 metres down the street holding one of their faces to the ground outside the Beyond Retro on Cheshire street with blood on me. The other guy was standing and told me to let his friend up or he'd stab me. I let him up because I'm fucking scared and didn't realise what I'd done.

    They then call two mates over on bikes from around the corner and start to surround me. I scream for help and people go to their windows to watch. Two of them start trying to punch me and I keep running and screaming.

    FInally some heroes call me to run around the corner and then they jump out of their flat with makeshift weapons and the kids run off.

    I then went about my business (I was meant to be going out to pick up food) and 10 minutes later I see the same kids in Tesco on Bethnal Green Road and point out to the security guard that these guys have just tried to rob me then mug me, and one of them pulled a knife (they hadn't seen me yet). The security guard says that it's not their responsibility. I ask them to call the Police and they asked if it happened in the Tesco. I said no, so they said it's not their problem.

    When I got home I called the Police and they spent most of their time saying how I was most likely the one that would get in trouble for attacking a kid (I had no bruising from their punching etc). They understood I was the victim though and one of the officers wrote down exactly what I needed to say in my statement if the kids reported me to the Police. Something to do with using physical force because I felt my life was in danger and there was no other feasible means of resolution. Apparently not saying that magic saying means I could get done for assault.

    After that incident I was just harassed by the punk kids in the area until we left Bethnal Green.

    Wow that was meant to be a brief description...

    TLDR; Kids were stealing post regularly. I reacted when I caught them and ended up in a 4-vs-1 street not-quite-fight and no-one would come out to help. Guys came out to help. All fine.

  • sine0

    never had a break in or burglary anywhere i stayed, even as a kid. my car's been stolen though, and i was mugged twice when i was in high-school.

  • sine0

    funny story... a friend of mine's house got burgled and the burglar stole all the booze and took a big dump on the living room carpet.

  • mg330

    This thread reminded me of an old post of mine from 2005:

    Was just laying in bed asleep, and check out what happened:

    These guys across the alley, in a basement level apartment have been rather annoying this weekend, having parties, being noisy all night, waking me up here and there.

    At about 2:20 a.m. I was woken up by some shouting, so I went to look at the window at their windows.

    I hear "Who the fuck is in there!" and all this screaming, most of the lights are off.
    I see two guys go flying across the kitchen, looks like fighting.
    Hear others in the house shout "Who's fucking fighting!?!"

    Turns out, it was a break in. Apartment full of 7 guys sleeping and one of them woke up to see someone standing in the dark with their playstation.

    I'm watching and can only see through windows, but all this shouting, "Get him on the ground!" "What the fuck are you doing in my house???"
    Yelling to call 911, etc.

    From what I've overheard out my window, one of the guys there is a wrestler/fighter/ Ultimate Fighting, etc.
    The guy that broke in was armed with a screwdriver, and guy I just mentioned got control of him and the guy still got up on his feet.

    From what they've said, there is blood everywhere in there. I think they thought they may have killed the robber.
    I saw someone grabbing an iron to try and tie him up with the cord while waiting for the cops.

    Shouting at the robber "You picked the wrong fucking house!"

    The cops get there, some of the people in the apartment are outside. The cops are standing over the robber in the kitchen, and he is STILL trying to get up. All kinds of shouting at him. More cops show up, ambulance, etc. and when they bring the guy out, his whole head is covered in towels and he's all strapped to a stretcher.

    I could sort of get a view down into the room from my windows, lots of blood smeared on the kitchen floor.

    Listening to stuff out the window...telling the cops...someone woke up to see the guy in there, and finally the smashed a chair over his head to get him to the ground.

    Fucking crazy. It's 3:22 now and I'm usually asleep. I think the robber is still alive, but I think they messed him up hardcore. Like I said, one of the guys in the apartment is an Mixed Martial Arts fighter, and he got cut above the eye pretty bad. They just kept saying there is blood all over the apartment.

    The investigators found suitcases in the trash around the side of the building with other stuff stolen, and evidence that the robber had stolen that stuff.

    Just insane. Here I am thinking they're partying and they're actually fighing someone who broke in.

  • scarabin0

    twice as a kid, twice as an adult with my own place

    every time it was mostly video game stuff.

    fucking kids