joshua davis bashing by CR

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  • MrDinky0

    All I can say is that JD has been the guy who was in forefront in flash starting back in the days and still do but more in artistic sense.

    i think commercialization is inevitable. Warhol had is factory and Koons have Koonies to realize his work. Not to say JD has an army. Bruce Mau said once that good designer do good work but great designer sell good work as great work.

    I think what it comes down to is that digital art tends to treated as lesser of an art. After over 10 years, web / interactive is considered still not real design or art. And I think it still has a long way to go. Remember video artists?

    Regardless I prefer crit to group love. I find group love doesnt get you anywhere. Personality wise, I expect anyone who is good to be a self absorbed ass (well except Sam Dallyn).

    P.S. This post does not make sense, a mere brain dump.

  • francoisfido0

    mr davis, in relation to your production as an 'artist', could you elucidate your conceptual practise, for us non-believers?

  • PrayStation0

    francoisfido... my Major at Pratt was Illustration. YES.

  • Khurram0

    Yeah exactly Joshua Davis.

    What has happened here with your emotional reaction, and everyone elses, is that youv'e taken it out of context of the original CR article. Which was quite funny and you were only mentioned in two sentences and it was one man's experience of a typographic show.

    I can quite see why he said your stuff looks like a desktop screensaver and is "stale". Cos it is a bit dated, and there is a thing as being dated otherwise we'd still all be into pop art and surrealism, but we're not cos we move on.

    Thats not to not give you fair doos. Cos like when i saw your stuff and Yugop's stuff back in the day, i went out and bought Friends of ED Flash 5 Foundation and taught me sen action script and was well nerd into it (i've since reinvented myself as a cage fighter and have no business here).

    And you know, you're a successful dude and trend whore marketeers pay you dolla dolla bills to design things, and well done!

    But the dude went to a typo conference to be enlightened with typo stuff and all he got was you with stuff that looks like desktop screensavers, it's not even that clever really. So i guess he said it was rubbish in a funny way.

    • We've moved on from Pop Art? Have we? Did I not get the memo?Horp
    • fucking lolfrancoisfido
    • Every generation expresses itself in its own way, Tim.Khurram
    • Pop Art was not a moment Khurram, Pop Art is a thread weaving through popular culture. Its not in the same campHorp
    • camp as time defined artistic moments.Horp
    • Khurram, stop being a idiotceiling_cat
    • But you know what i meant. The hay-days in the 50s/60s. Same with impressionism, abstract minimalism etc...Khurram
    • It's more conceptual now, though you can clearly weave a thread going back to the beginning, that's trueKhurram
    • bwahahahahaneue75_bold
    • "taught me sen"
      Absolute class LOL
  • MrDinky0

    Its always easier to be critical of someone when no one knows who you are.

  • Horp0

    Khurram, you seem really keen to push this new self perception as professional cage fighter. May I ask exactly how many professional cage fights you've engaged in, and how you have faired so far. If no professional bouts yet, then maybe some amateur ones?

    • do i sense some tension between us? Cos that would make me sad :(Khurram
    • No not at all, but this is a JD vs CR thread and you've mentioned Cage fighting loads in it so I'm curious...Horp
    • Khurram, nobody likes youceiling_cat
    • to know if you've made headway. You just seem really eager to talk about it. I thought I would ask.Horp
    • That's not true ceiling cat.Horp
    • Ha. Ok. Yeah, i've had several Muay Thai inter-club fights. I'm training in submission wrestling nowKhurram
    • taking it to the next step yo!Khurram
    • (maybe the tension you sense is because I've asked an inconvenient question) = DHorp
    • though i was being facetious with the references, as is my wont.Khurram
    • Good to hear. So do you plan on making it a career thing or a life-thing (I don't want to say 'hobby')Horp
    • nah, just your other comments in this thread. I'm sensitive cos your my favourite *hugz!*Khurram
    • fucking LOLMau
    • "facetious with the references"... yes, exactly why I was being facetious with my question.

      = )
    • < A smiley face dropped off the bottom of that note I'll have you know.Horp
    • supergaybrandelec
    • A life thing i guess. I had a quarter life crisis lol, i could get all pretentious into why i do itKhurram
    • i did it for a few weeks, just for fun, and it got into my blood, and now i'm obsessed, basicallyKhurram
    • though this is waaay off topicKhurram
    • Its okay, its notes, who cares. Film a fight and post it up POST IT UP MAN!Horp
    • More like a Bum Fighter.Jnr_Madison
    • Ha, ok, i filmed a training compilation with a mate, i'll put up when i get a chance!Khurram
    • I'm sorry i hurt your feelings when i said you were a rubbish internet dweeb, Jnr_Madison.Khurram
    • LOLHorp
    • haha, yeah that's it.Jnr_Madison
  • LOKi0

    Joshua Davis may not be the most talented traditional designer, but what is that supposed to be anyways these days?

    I flip/flop a lot regarding his type of work. I remember fist coming across it 10 years ago and being completely blown away, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. Less than a year later, I did a pencil drawing in the style that took me a month to draw because I was so sick of trying to emulate his shit on the web. As we can clearly see today, his "decorative" approach has consumed the mainstream, in one form of the other, so you can't deny his influence.

    Whether you like his work or not, the guy's got a great story and, imho, deserves a great deal of respect for the way he managed to cut his teeth in this industry.
    and my post about it many years later:…

    • Flip flops. That's all I got, then my mind wandered.Horp
  • brandelec0

    remember there will always be haters. and that's what they do, they hate

  • MrDinky0

    I dont think its about haters.

    Its traditionalist / purist vs new wave. So to speak

    • Define the new wave?Horp
    • non traditional medium designers / artist. Shit thats not tangibleMrDinky
    • Print vs web homeboyMrDinky
    • yup purist vs digitalbrandelec
    • So, the new wave is 'web' 30 years old and counting, and the traditionalists are 'print'... still evolving?Horp
  • Khurram0

    niggas be hatin'

  • Jnr_Madison0

  • PrayStation0

    Khurram... I don't think I took the article out of context I read the whole damn thing and he hated everybody... with the major exception of the *person* who worked on the Obama campaign... he even made the article more about Obama than the designer - "Obama saves type conference" NO "Sol Sender saves type conference"

    "it seemed as though TYPO Berlin had been hijacked by the worst kinds of Americans." I wasn't even singled out... so was Esther Dyson... Chip Kidd, etc.

    YES that's my problem... 1 guy goes to a type conference and his opinion is not SUM of all in attendance. so what's valid ? a media publication that reports non-biased on the SUM of all in attendance... or the opinion of 1 Wanker with a chip on his shoulder ? this isn't just a blog post it was in the mag.

    I guess I'd take it better if it came from someone within our respected field... like M. Place... Davis is a douche... shit... it's true then... better throw in the towel for Cage Fighting.

    • An American said "wanker". I find that velly interlesting.Horp
    • Don't do cage fighting they hit you so hard in the tummy it hurts yo!.chossy
  • neue75_bold0

    I don't think it's a case of anything vs anything here, we're just rapping, killing time, avoiding the inevitable... isn't that what we do here day in and day out?

    • Exactly, this is the most design thats been talked here everKhurram
    • But I want some more drama. ...MrDinky
  • dibec0

    I don't get it. I have always felt art to be subjective, you know "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Mr. Davis has been a pioneer in his field and done so very well. It's not for everyone, my father would prefer Monet or Renoir, my wife Frida, and I ... well I pretty much love art especially anything special or different. Jill Greenberg (photographer) has found a style and people/clients pay her big monies to obtain that look. It is no different for Joshua's work. He is making a living off what he does best and loves it.

    Summary: Be it design, art, photography, etc. people will love or hate.

  • harlequino0

    A number of years ago I friend to a friend's experimental music concert. Being a fan of many things avant garde I had no real expectations. But I hated it. Really hated it. He asked me later what i thought, and I was honest. Instead of being bummed out, he actually beamed at me and said "I'm so happy you had a strong reaction." That always stuck with me.

    What I actually think about Mr. Davis' work is irrelevant. Almost as irrelevant as my own work so far in life. But hot damn I am endlessly impressed by someone who finds something, anything, that somehow resonates with a larger population. How incredible that must feel. It must feel that way becasue every time i see someone who has acheived that level of recognition for whatever reason, and no matter what I think of it, I still mutter "motherfucker" under my breath. As I am sure most everyone else does. Jealousy makes no exceptions for taste.
    I'll take getting trounced in an industry rag over a mild pat on the head from a client any day of the week.

  • PrayStation0

    cheers LOKi.

    "Whether you like his work or not" "Whether your blown away or lose interest" "Whether it's trendy or dated" "Whether people are tired of hearing about it or not"

    I'll be right here... still making work.

    • more than welcome man. seriously, musch respect.LOKi
  • Khurram0

    Furry muff Josh.

    You said something inspirational one time about a design you sent to Korn and they said don't send us this, all that matters is what YOU think not what we think.

    That is true.

    But his opinion sounded quite valid to me. It's just an opinion, but some of us agree with it, some of us don't. We don't need grand theories as to why our opinions are correct, but for me your workd doesn't inspire me like it used to.


    I hadn't actually thought about it, but when the writer said it was like a desktop screensaver i thought "that's true! Why is this more clever than a computer generated screensaver?"


    Not that that matters. And not that what CR said matters. But some of us agree with it, some of us don't.

  • Horp0

    So anyway, Josh... I haven't actually done any work yet, but... when I do, can I put you down for a piece?


    Okay, I'll let you have it for 6k.

  • PrayStation0

    harlequino... wow. well put.

  • GeorgesII0

    except that I don't care about this thread, I like the work of JD, I believe he inspired lots of designers to get serious and do something, I remember biting his stile 8 years ago, why should I bitch now.

    he's good, he got successful, why the hate