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  • utopian5

    • lolDanish
    • @Krassy There they are... the ups you were looking forSimonFFM
    • Real talk, if you've never seen this in the wild.. those xpogo dudes are insane. But you're also thinking "..get a bike or a board."garbage
    • https://www.youtube.…garbage
    • It's somehow lamer than rollerblading.garbage
    • This is shocking. These dudes do the exact thing skateboarders do... so much so that they somehow they taint skateboarding to seem equally as lame.monNom
    • It’s like a black hole of corny, childish trickery that sucks in anything slightly adjacent and make it suck too.monNom
    • It's mostly that you can't inject style or culture into it.. at all. It's inherently corny.garbage
    • Same with fruit boots. Once my friends and I were riding this spot that had an impossible rail. Round, 4 kinks, probably thirty stairs, nobody ever thought..garbage
    • ..about touching it. Rollerblader comes out of nowhere and dusted it. The reaction was still "..yeah, but you're rollerblading."garbage
    • tf is a fruit bootcotton
    • A rollerblader.garbage

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