Signs your getting old?

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  • sausages4

    On principle I will no long pay for haircuts or car mechanics and instead do both myself. I look like shit and my cars are in a perpetual state of unroadworthiness.

    But my kids are happy I guess.

    • I shave my head, now. I did, however, find a good mechanic. My wife says the hair looks good, so that's all that matters at this age.lemmy_k
    • Bought hair clippers at the start of UK lock down. Used them ever since.comicsans
    • I used some blunt kitchen scissors at the in-Laws to chop my hair down at Christmas. When MiL saw she complimented me "You're not right, are you?"Nairn
    • Last year I put my clippers I'd used for a decade away and bought an electric head shaver. Magic, I wish I'd done it sooner. I use it every 3 days, but it takesskinny_puppy
    • ... 5 minutes and there's no mess, no hassle. Can do it as you're headed out the door if you need a quick shave.skinny_puppy
    • I cut my own hair during the lockdown, it came out fine, but I spent 2 hours at each sessiondrgs

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