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    • I wish I could conjur this level of certainty for some of the nonsense that goes through my head.Nairn
    • WTF is that?jmckinno
    • lol at the cement section: "And that's why the 9 year old girl was actually 27 years old, officer"_niko
    • *dies at 35*scarabin
    • Don't you mean 105?palimpsest
    • Today I was extra hungry for lunch. I cut my sandwich in half and had two meals instead of one.
      I'm not crazy, you're crazy.
    • This guy is a wizard. He's tricked us into believing he divides his day in 3 when he's actually dividing it in 4.
      *Mind blown.
    • i was listening to this guy last week and thought fuck that. You can kick my ass all day long but you'll never be a fucked up creative like me!Ianbolton
    • can't arrive to an appointment on time, no idea what day the rest of us are on.imbecile
    • What calendar is he followingdrgs
    • Is this crack or bath salts?Akagiyama

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