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    The inventor of the PCR test himself, Marry Mullis (Nobel prize winner) is on video record multiple times saying that his test cannot be used to diagnosed infectious disease. He's on record saying that if you run it at enough cycles you can basically find anything in anyone.

    The inventor of the test has told you, if you're smart enough to research and educate yourself, that it doesn't work for what they've been using it for. The test doesn't work. Yet your all in here saying that you've had covid. It's hilarious how utterly empty headed the general population is.

    The UK gov were running it at so and so cycles, to deliberately give false positives, and as soon as they started vaccinated people that dropped the cycle rate by about 50%... To give the illusion that the vaccine was working.

    The fact that most of you are still completely under the illusion of this false narrative, easily provable, it's proof that humanity is truly, truly fucked and our time is near.

    Flu rates dropped 99% worldwide in 2020 because they rebranded flu as covid. Hospitals were getting commission for every covid death they marked on death certificates. If someone died of a car crash or a heart attack, but tested positive on the tests that don't work, they put the cause of death as covid. You can check all of this yourself if you have the inclination to educate yourself, it's all out there in public record.

    The elite have been talking about the over population problem for decades and this is how they are sorting that problem out. Invent a pretend deadly virus which is in truth just another variant of the common cold, plaster it all over the news and from the government incessantly, falsify the death record to create the fear, and then market the highly profitable vaccine to the people that can't think for themselves. As much as I hate to say it, it's the perfect plan to eradicate the world of the idiots. The vaccine, which isn't a vaccine, is designed to destroy your immune system so that over the next few years you'll die of whatever is the weakest link in your chain and it won't be easily traceable to the vaccine.

    Not only that but if you took the mRNA you're no longer legally considered a human being so if you survive you can't take them to court because you no longer have human rights. You cannot legally patent and own, say, a tomato... because it is created by nature, or God, whichever way you're inclined. But if you genetically modify said tomato you can then claim it as your own creation and you can legally patent and own the rights to it.

    That's what they've just done to a large portion of humanity. They have genetically modified you with the mRNA technology so that you are no longer legally considered a human being and can be legally patented and owned and cannot claim human rights in the court of law.

    This is what's just happened and not only are most of you bewilderingly ignorant to it, you're still on here ridiculing those of us that know what's just happened.

    You're a disgrace. Fortunately for the rest of us you don't have more than a few years on this earth.

    Use your time wisely.

    • His name is Karry Mullis, not Marry :)
      Thank you auto correct.
    • I'd have more compassion for you all if you hadn't spent the last few years hating and slandering and ridiculing those of us smart enough to educate ourselves.Hench
    • I lost my girlfriend and most of my friends simply by trying to warn them not to commit euthanasia, so my patience and compassion has been limited. Forgive me.Hench
    • Alex Jones on QBN. Nice.tank02
    • Hitler liked coffee so I guess you're Hitler?Hench
    • Clown logic knows no bounds.Hench
    • Tank would you like to correct me on anything that I've said that isn't true? You're more than welcome to, rather than ridiculing... I know that's your defaultHench
    • defense...Hench
    • Start with the PCR test. Then go on to correct me on whether a tomato is still legally considered a tomato once it's been genetically modified...Hench
    • ... and we can go from there...Hench
    • Sorry to hear this stuff has destroyed your life.PhanLo
    • That's very kind but ultimately it didn't destroy my life at all, it eradicated the chuff.Hench
    • Much like what the ruling class have just done...Hench
    • This is the boomerest thing i’ve ever readscarabin
    • With all your knowledge of this secret society murder rampage, who would you kill if you could? To make a differencePhanLo
    • Even the briefest of searches reveals your whole patenting people and “not legally human” claims to be geriatric facebook cloud-yellingscarabin
    • Ohh, this is a schtick. You’re doing a schtick and i fell for it. Lol. Carry on.scarabin
    • This is beautiful.palimpsest
    • First of all is cute that you people still take the first thing you find on Google as confirmation bias, while we're living in an information warHench
    • ... and Google are the thought police. Secondly, I'm still waiting for one single proof that anything I've said is false.Hench
    • so you infiltrated QBN after Mullis quote started to be misinterpreted? interesting.oey_oey
    • Scarabin what guff have you read? It's an indisputable fact that if you genetically modify something you can legally own the rights to itHench
    • No yeah mate you’ve got it all correct.
      Wink wink
    • Still waiting for facts and evidence rather than ridicule...Hench
    • Thanks for the heads up.thumb_screws
    • Found the super-spreader.Nairn
    • Facts and evidence please, Nairn. Ridicule is the response of clueless fools...Hench
    • I didn't wear a mask once, social distance, still shook the hands of my homeless friends, who by the way never got sick, and I haven't been sick in yearsHench
    • When was the last time you were sick? And please don't forget my request for facts and evidence rather than ridicule...Hench
    • Go back and read your schpiel and count your ridicule.Nairn
    • Still waiting for facts and evidence. Should be easy if I'm so wrong, no?Hench
    • You're response is literally 'NO YOU!' and you genuinely believe you're on the right side?Hench
    • The evidence is right there but you're the type that chooses to ignore it. Easily provable in the excess deaths metric, and the flu has never..garbage
    • Excess deaths of which year? Suicide was up 500% during the lockdown. Millions of people denied treatment due to covid restrictions...Hench
    • ..overwhelmed hospitals to the point where workers were quitting from overstress. You're getting insults because you're ignoring easily provable facts.garbage
    • I had a friend who had a breast cancer scare. She wasn't allowed to go to hospital because of covid bullshit ...Hench
    • How many millions of people worldwide were too scared to go to hospital for their ailments because they thought covid was writhe?Hench
    • It's an old song for your type. lol at "I lost my girlfriend and most of my friends" and me thinking it was due to COVID.garbage
    • You're augment has no weight...Hench
    • Your :)Hench
    • In a way, it was. Persistent and determined ignorance tends to be a turnoff.garbage
    • Garbage you're doing the same as every other brainwashed cunt, trying to ridicule and insult me rather than providing evidence that I'm wrong...Hench
    • What's the plan? Genocide everyone and repopulate the world with the vast unvaccinated Central African populace?Jrdntnnr
    • Delirium tremenspablo28
    • I liked it better when boomer conspiracies were about MiBs, UFO's and the JFK assassination.inteliboy
    • Of course you did, because they didn't mean that you're potentially going to die soon because of your idiocyHench
    • Literally just gave you the simplest metric to understand that COVID is not "rebranded flu" and you somehow read through it.garbage
    • I'll give you this: You're immune to reality. I bet you're still wondering why your girlfriend and friends left you.garbage
    • the person call everyone else idiots, is usually the idiot.inteliboy
    • ^^ THIShydro74
    • So Marry Mullis died before COVID was even a thing. His comments are decades old, and the context was in regard to HIV... just saying.ETM
    • Hench is such a special boy. A handsome boy. Who’s our little handsome, smart, special boy? Who worked up qbn with weak trolling? It’s hench, hench didscarabin
    • *Troll biscuit @ hench*scarabin
    • Let’s try and get through our bullshit holiday in the normal bullshit manner- by pretending to put up with each otherscarabin
    • lol more of this please - a far better read than, what, nairn's daily Circus of Trauma and Dread or drgs' glass-brained version of The Turner Diaries.face_melter
    • Hench, you retarded cunt fuck. I hope you're sterilecrazyprick
    • oh here it it
    • ^^ Note of the year.Continuity
    • Ok.
      But why would the Gvt./Elite kill the "sheeple" (me) and let the incendiary "conspiracists"/"dis... alive? That makes no sense for them.
    • They would need the sheeple to keep them the elite.Longcopylover
    • @Longcopylover stop that. You stop that this instant. You're making entirely too much sense.Continuity
    • (I normally ignore posts like this, because it's just time consuming to argue online. But I wanted to show you some respect for all your research. Good luck. )Longcopylover
    • Maybe we could discuss this between ourselves in the Conspiracy thread. I would like reasonable answers though...palimpsest
    • ...because I have a lot of questions on my current status as a non-human.palimpsest
    • HITULFcrazyprick
    • That was a long read to get to here. ThanksIanbolton
    • Kary (not Marry) Mullins died in 2019—before COVID—but explained how PCR tests are qualitative not quantitative, meaning they detect a virus but not how much.ptrdo
    • Next.ptrdo
    • Flu disappeared because it's not very infectious (R₀≈1.5), so protocols that slowed COVID (R₀≈9.5) didn't give flu a chance. Same with colds and RSV (R₀≈3).ptrdo

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