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  • Nairn8

    I want an RTS game based on Lego, with tech trees that sort of follow Lego's evolution, with an aesthetic emphasis primarily concerned with 70s/80s space lego, but ultimately anything goes. You want to mix duplo red block with some ninjago (?) and some 80s lego flowers as a radar jammer? go right ahead!

    You build new units in game as you would normal lego and 'somehow magically' various bits turn into guns or scanners or eyes or whsatever.

    Something like this could be a low-mid level hover tank unit, for instance

    • And obviously when they're attacked they fall apart into their respective lego components, which could be harvested for re-use.Nairn
    • this is more of a million dollar idea. special parts could be included in builds to give them their "powers" or characteristic. combine for fun². inspiringimbecile
    • bridge building would be key. but just custom units but custom structures that could be blown upcannonball1978
    • They tried to make a Lego open world Minecraft rip and it failed once. Maybe again.monospaced
    • This isn't that, but this is at least partly inspired by what Minecraft promises, still, after all these years..…Nairn
    • @c1978 - you're quite right, the entire environment should be lego... although small tanks would judder like a mf'er over all those bumps :)Nairn
    • Yeah I know this isn’t that. This would be better than the Lego game they tried rolling out that failed.monospaced

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