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    heh, I think I'd rather not admit just how much time I've spent in there since I bought it the other week. Suffice to say, I've been doing a lot more of my daily work in the evenings recently.

    I think the following page has a good descriptor of what Minecraft is all about.. http://minecraftporn.com/09/what…

    It can "best be described as an autism simulator".


    I just can't help but feel it's the shift towards a much deeper (scuse the pun) and long-overdue way of looking at environments in games. These kind of environments are exactly what multi-core processors should be doing with their time - fuck trying to eke every last explosive particle from the graphics processor - spend time instead calculating what knock-on effects happen between different 'pixel' type encounters.

    Make the world itself engaging, not the veneer cladding it.

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