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  • milfhunter6

    is this the world you would like to live in uan?

    • hahaGardener
    • ouchcherub
    • The Onion ?tank02
    • Fucking hell, lolNBQ00
    • What is the logic behind these descriptive introductions?stoplying
    • nah, seen enough corporate world in my life. hope I can avoid it forever.uan
    • omg! they're trying to be considerate to visually impaired people. what a bunch of dicks.pango
    • SNL skit?Krassy
    • I’m Niko I have brown hair and a 12 inch cock_niko
    • Why not do this on conference calls too? *ring *ring "Hey Rick, Jan and Tina—before we get started why don't you tell me what you're wearing? You first, Rick!"PonyBoy
    • “Traditionally occupied by” .... Traditional is not the correct word here lololnb
    • Welcome to country and acknowledgment of unceded lands is standard practice in Australia.thumb_screws
    • Why are they telling what they are wearing?drgs
    • Cuz they're bunch of pussies catering to the visually impaired. The strong don't care for the weak!pango
    • The slaves shall serve!drgs
    • Ok. Wow. Hopefully these doesn’t spread across corporate life.shapesalad
    • I wonder how this works with ugly people. “I’m Dan... I’m a slovenly dense load of fat wearing green pants. I’m bald, pimply and my beard is unkept.”PonyBoy
    • If this spreads to corporate, I'll have a really long introduction story, where I describe all my physical ailments, thoroughly and in detaildrgs
    • tho i'm sure the visually impaired appreciate that, but still it is too inconvenient for us. they don't know how hard it is to see just fine.pango

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