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    45 years ago this month I went to my first gig, My memories are not too hazy, considering I was 14 but I do remember being impressed by the size of the hall and I had quite a good view. I would return over the years to see Pink Floyd (twice including the first shows of The Wall and Oasis) Queen were underneath a giant crown which lifted up to reveal the band who blazed into Tie Your Mother Down, it was just brilliant!
    My abiding memory though is of my Dad taking me and my friend Ilya to our seats and telling us "I'll be back soon" and he didn't return for the rest of the entire gig. However we eventually tracked him down at the bar completely pissed where he confessed he thought "they were rubbish and too bloody loud" cheers dad!

    • haha!! great story about Dad... thanks for sharing this <3

      I wasn't even a year old yet when this went down.
    • it was a good job we went down to London on the train, dad was known for driving over the limit - it was the 70'sGardener
    • A story worth sharing!nocomply
    • Just took my daughter to her first concert. Hoping it has a similar impact on her. Wish It could have been Floyd or Queen though.bogue
    • Good times! I saw Pink Floyd w my folks. Would have loved to see Queen.formed
    • How are old are you?utopian
    • 60 in a few weeks, just got a kitten as an early bd prezzieGardener
    • Taking my kids to their first ever concert tomorrow. Not sure it will have the same cultural relevance to them but hopefully they will remember in years to comedee-dubs
    • nothing like concert memories :)
      my first was David Lee Roth, but my fav of all time was Pink Floyd, Momentary Lapse Tour 88... god it was incredible.
    • all hail sylvester!imbecile
    • haha, cheers man!Gardener

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