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  • imbecile12

    sorry, I don't engage with actual imbeciles

    I love how you're too stupid to understand you're too stupid. Education: US:1 UK:2 Romania: 47

    or shitheads from England

    as he continues to engage with an imbecile!

    fuck this fucking dolt :D

    • https://www.qbn.com/…imbecile
    • lol mate you're too stoopid to know when you're stupid?

      I don't care about your existence you tiny little frog

      going for a beer
    • here I even upvoted you because you're too priceless in your stupidity around heregrafician
    • oh and next time when you post you can just screenshot the replies, not copy paste them in a barbaric way

      guess you can
    • are you so stupid you don't know what stupid is? is that the case? let's push this to the front page with your stupidity.imbecile
    • I said first you're too stoopid to know you're stupid, you can't say it back you idiot :))))grafician
    • but sure, promote your stupidity on QBN's front page with every ocasion :)))grafician
    • https://www.beeradvo… you might want to get an import. Romanian beers don't even rank in the top 250 beers worldwideimbecile
    • promote my stupidity? says the only person to screenshot a quote in this thread? control issues much, dipshit?imbecile
    • https://c.tenor.com/…pango
    • you're trash, grafician. the forum knows it. You're so idiotic, you think calling me an imbecile has an effect. you can't even keep up and you think I'm dumb...imbecile
    • chill dude, nobody cares anyway LOLgrafician
    • You guys seem to disagree about which one of you is stupid. I might helpdrgs
    • wha waa my country is better than yours. Key point is, if you are loaded and can afford to live in St Johns Wood or Dorobanti life will be good.shapesalad
    • its all one getto man.. a giant gutter in outer space https://www.youtube.…neverscared
    • focus more on the real important stuff http://o.aolcdn.com/…neverscared
    • @neverscared what year was that research released and sample was used?sted
    • not me .. otherwise austria would be number 1 on that chart...neverscared
    • lolmonospaced
    • So, according to that chart, Romania isn't doing so well in the dong department:

      RO: 12.44 cm/4.9 in
      UK: 13.97 cm/5.5 in

    • lolfadein11
    • i guess the UK build all their hyper elite snoby universities with the cash they got from exploitation fru their colonies...neverscared
    • they both have pretty much the same inequality index - gini 34,4 - 34,8neverscared
    • better not look at the eco footprint data...neverscared
    • ... well this is an Out of Context post.MrT

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