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    Got Moderna boosted wednesday afternoon and it was the worst shot yet despite being a half dose. By Thursday night I ran a fever, had a piercing headache, nausea, the works. This morning I’m feeling better but my arm is red, swollen, and feels like it’s going to fall off.

    I’m asthmatic and my mom had a terrible allergic reaction after her first shot and can’t continue the series. For those reasons, I’m trying to be responsible but this was the almost unbearable. I can’t imagine doing this again in July.

    How was your boost jab experience?

    • about letting the millions of years of immunology evolution do the work for you? just a though.pr2
    • but for real, the most recent variant is very mild. called a "natural vaccine" by many immunologists.pr2
    • no booster for me yet, its not available where im at, I hardly see anyone anywhere anyway unless were surfing together and even then were not closeGuyFawkes
    • All my vaxxed and un-vaxxed friends seem to be catching this latest variant with equally mild symptoms.Chimp
    • funny listening to pr2 talk about anything health related when he looks like he's lacking all the nutrientsGuyFawkes
    • good old pr2's vague "many immunologists" and not attribution.

      My booster gave me a sore arm, and I was a rad tired for one day.
    • Tweets & Prayersutopian
    • The chef one of our local bars died of the vaccine last week. This is the second person I know who has died from it.Chimp
    • *of one ofChimp
    • Got the Moderna booster too. (First 2 shots were Pfizer). Was just a bit tired the next day.mort_
    • I've heard that people are requesting Pfizer boosters over Moderna but I'm not sure why and maybe this has something to do with it?nb
    • https://kitchener.ct…nb
    • I wonder what the long term effects will be.Chimp
    • I’ll take the long term effects of a vax over the long term effects of covid, any day. Bankruptcy and inability to breathe sounds like a pretty shit lotscarabin
    • More people under 50 die of suicide than COVID in Spain.Chimp
    • I guess we'll find out in a few years what the long term effects are. Hopefully they won't be too bad.Chimp
    • I had covid/flurona for the past 4 weeks. I finally felt good enough to get the booster this week. I felt fatigue and my arm and neck r still stiff.fooler
    • u had covid recently (meaning you body is overflowing with antibodies) and u get booster shot (for the body to produce antibodies)?pr2
    • dude, you live in wring epoch. time to go back to the Medieval Times so your understanding of science matches the historical times.pr2
    • wrongpr2
    • rightfooler
    • Pr2 would recommend hiv patients just fight the disease with the body’s natural defences. Also measles, small pox, malaria, Ebola and the plague._niko
    • In my best Dr Nick Riviera voice -“how about letting the millions of years of immunology evolution do the work for you?”_niko
    • My boost was about a day and a half of "oh hell naw, staying in bed, soup city and getting spoiled by the gf".garbage
    • Hoping that w/home testing & the vaccine I can avoid killing my immune compromised mother when I visit. Do not regret the jab despite the discomfort.shellie
    • Considering my asthma &the long lasting effects of covid @ the start if the pandemic I will not risk getting a bad case again even if I do have a breakthrough.shellie
    • The 2 Sinovacs were nothing. Felt like saline shots. Didn’t have any side effects. The Pfizer booster, however, was pretty much like the symptoms you describemaquito
    • I feel lucky in the fact that I didn’t really feel any side effects from the booster or the initial double jab.lvl_13
    • Oh, and I see Pr2 is still giving his widely accredited knowledge and opinions...yay.lvl_13
    • I have both shots and the boost. caught covid right before xmas. let me tell you this shit is not joke. It hit me hard for about 24 hours and i felt...ArmandoEstrada
    • ...instantly better after a day. vaccines kicked in and did their job. glad you got boosted, especially in LA right now.ArmandoEstrada
    • also had the same though stuff goin on for hours after all jabs.... just kicks different for everyone... worth it all the while.neverscared
    • First and second jab were only sore arms for a few days both times. Booster was feeling meh the day after and sore arm. Got lucky. All 3 Moderna.Akagiyama
    • I’ve heard from a few people now that phizer booster was way better than their Moderna jabs. Might switch it up iff we must boost again.shellie
    • I read that moderna is not good for women for some reason I can't recall.hotroddy

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