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  • Nairn9

    • in a world of increasing polarization.... great advice!hotroddy
    • Nobody would like their daughter to get polarized.palimpsest
    • is it polarized to not like sex trafficking under aged girls?pango
    • i thought that's just normal...
      but i guess that's too extreme for you.
    • hotroddy endorses pedosutopian
    • Wasn’t aware of sex scandal but this child’s parent was politicizing their children before sex story broke. Pic was in 2018.hotroddy
    • Matt Gaetz's is a ghoul.PhanLo
    • @Utopian if paying for sex is immoral, how do you get laid?hotroddy
    • Wow, what an utterly morally decrepit vacuum of a man you are, hotroddy. Live your dream.Nairn
    • dad?doesnotexist
    • The only take away from this sentence "sex trafficking under aged girls" for hotrody is paid sex...pango
    • As awful as having sex with under age girls is, this is far from Matt Gaetz' worst atrocities. We're in trouble if this guy isn't "polarizing".CyBrainX
    • we're in trouble if you're indoctrinating girls age 6.hotroddy
    • it's fine to have a political conversation w daughter once matured. but in no way is it conducive in a healthy society for a 6 year to behave this mannerhotroddy
    • in a pre-sex scandal scenerio.hotroddy
    • Fuck. I'm gonna get roasted for this. I take it all back! he's a perv.hotroddy
    • kids flipping finger in photo? nahhh i would be too worried about the health of a society based on that.pango
    • sex trafficking under aged girls tho. that's a more serious issue.
      get your priority straight?
    • you shouldn't raise your daughter to be political?hotroddy
    • did i say anything regarding raise daughters to be political?pango
    • the picture looks fake (daughter's arm and middle finger are shopped in) so I think we arguing hypotheticalshotroddy
    • never mind it's ligit
    • hot take, roddy.Fax_Benson
    • Keep digging, hotroddy.
      Keep digging.
    • Lolpango
    • Politically indoctrinating a child to hate Matt Gaetz is a pretty safe thing. Not polarizing at all.monospaced
    • When you're so out in your camp that even being anti pedophilia seems polarizing.
      This is one for the archives.

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