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    Are you guys worried that in the future designer viruses will be a thing?

    A lab needed to produce such viruses costs no more than $1 mill, about the price of a yacht. Some Arab group makes a virus which only affects jews, for example -- I'm pretty sure it will be possible.

    Science progresses quickly, people remain savage -- that's how civilizations end


    • I don't think there is a genetic parameter that makes you jew or arab.uan
    • jews and arabs are probably genetically identical. But jews and arabs might target people who eat pork maybe? lets come up with better evil plansBeeswax
    • lets target ppl by hair or eye color?uan
    • Ashkenazi jews are genetically distinct, bottom of the page:
    • ^ there is the "cohen gene" yes, but 2/3 of palestinians have it ;)renderedred
    • Yep. Been a concern of mine for about two decades, as I had a few friends in genetics.Nairn
    • You could target all swmitic people, then only offer the cure to the group you da our, for example. Or just target gingers...Nairn
    • Fucks sake typing on a phone. 'Group you favour'Nairn
    • This is worth a watch, if you haven't already…
    • Target everyone with cancer. Fuck medicine trying to save lives. They're breathing air that's not theirs.palimpsest
    • Neither Jewish nor Arabic people eat pork you absolute muppets! XDProjectile
    • Arabs and Jews do eat pork.
    • Only if with their $1m they make a vaccine at the same time, for themselves. Else they are welcome to try to eliminate me and thusly themselves.shapesalad
    • There's Projectile completely misinterpreting posts again.Nairn
    • IQ selective or morality sensitive viruses might not be badBeeswax
    • Given what biohackers are doing in their own homes with relatively DIY or OTS hardware, I doubt you'd even need a million bucks.Nairn
    • And this is why aliens don’t want anything to do with us besides the odd anal probe now and then._niko
    • they also kill our cows and ruin our fieldsmonospaced
    • I'm not sure how realistic this is. It's not enough to say you can point to some genetic difference between Jews and Arabs (or whatever)...yuekit
    • A virus isn't like a computer that is scanning your genetic makeup and making a decision to infect you or not. It comes down to interactions on the cellularyuekit
    • level, and our cells aren't really that different. Look at SARS virus for instance, it can infect humans but also cats, dogs and other mammals.yuekit
    • i am half jew and i eat pork :Prenderedred
    • "Target everyone with cancer", found the teenage edgelord.garbage
    • Yeah, targeting the Jews is much more mature.
      Get hooked on phonics, kids.
    • > Target everyone with cancer.
      What do you think this last year and a half's been about? We've all been injected with subscription-based cancer
    • Pay extra $ dollar each month to activate the 5G upgrade. $$ for on-demand magnetism.Nairn
    • Oh fuck, I think I got whooshed. Target the whooshed.garbage
    • what movie is this?sted

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