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  • BusterBoy0

    Just it possible to use Wordpress as the underlying CMS but use react for your UI...and also the UI for a custom admin system? So there's no hint anywhere of Wordpress for anyone actually using the site?

    On my project, there needs to be an area where stakeholders are able to load data into the site...loading up classifieds per se. But I wouldn't want them knowing it's Wordpress.

    • Possible maybe, but not easily.monNom
    • Wordpress probably the wrong choice for users uploading data to the site anyway. You'd want security/segregation as one of your core design requirements.monNom
    • So what are the most robust type frameworks sitting under react?
      Noob alert.
    • Not react but vue nuxt + wp REST api can do this. wordpress isn't necessary though. Look into static site generators, so many out there.sausages

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