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  • e-wo27

    The absolute dumbest thing I've made this year:

    • I LOL’dmort_
    • haha. Gross AF but amazingIanbolton
    • This is going to make you so much money. Well done.mg33
    • He’s not doing it for the money. He’s doing it for the children.mort_
    • This is next level. I posted to reddit but it immediately got downvoted haha.mantrakid
    • : ) I have no idea how this will make me anything other than bannede-wo
    • The Yellow River Boys would be proud. Tim Heidecker fans will get it. And fuck you, garbage (know your place, trash)babydick
    • was gonna downvote simply on the subject matter. Ended up voting after watching it.hotroddy
    • your lady friend is easy on the eyes too.hotroddy
    • waterworld opening scoretank02
    • "Dribblin' down m'chin." And agreed, hotroddye-wo
    • This is amazing.garbage
    • whta did you use for the piss you genius?StoicLevels
    • Small world, you’re good friends with my partner Stef, e-wo, haha. Random that qbn has made this connection.refunktion
    • Various concentrations of apple juice. Hell yes! Stef is wonderful!e-wo
    • After 17 years, your piss song is my first time connecting qbn to real life. Thank you, haha.refunktion
    • e-wo
    • the piss looks good. congrats.StoicLevels
    • I"m really racking my brain itemizing the grown adult men I know who will and won't crack up at this.mg33
    • LOL I have watched it dozens of times and just realized that she mouths "like Brandywine"while spinning in it. LMAOmg33
    • AwesomeGuyFawkes
    • mantra kid wins the comments with "next level." seriously, I might be laughing at that more.mg33
    • lastly e-wo, I think you need to make it landscape, and add the words "PISS" at the end, big happy pillowy font, and add the words "from time to time" under it.mg33
    • ^ I wish I could, but I shot this for tiktok (who immediately banned it), and only have portrait.e-wo
    • hahahah its just so fucking weird and funny and well produced hahahamantrakid
    • Well, I've sent it to at a least 8 friends and everyone has been f'ing cracking up.mg33
    • Lolzscarabin
    • not going to lie, the lady is doing all sorts of things for me..autoflavour
    • ^ Agreed. Me too.e-wo
    • Liked and shared multiple times. :-)
      Well funny.
    • SubbedGuyFawkes
    • Just seeing this now. Completely made my day! This is my brand of humor. Well done... This is GOLDEN ;Daslip
    • Requesting a sequel with a buddy. Envisioning long-time bros appreciative of the piss with slo-mo beard pours.aslip
    • Is this a new Budweiser ad?utopian
    • Banned for a joke about piss??! I’ve seen so much worse get by no problem.monospaced
    • Yeah, Tiktok is fickle if you're not already a big account.e-wo
    • I'm delighted that y'all dig this at all. Wasn't expecting it. ♥︎e-wo
    • that's tremendous. shame tiktok banned it or we could have all added to some giganto qbn-collab like that shanty postmanhans_glib
    • Why did I not think of this?NonEntity
    • The funniest part is that you thought to post it in “making beats.“mg33
    • Sonofabitch. I've watched this like 8 times. The music has such a great late 80s TV show theme vibe about it.Gucci
    • You can sing for suredrgs

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