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  • CyBrainX1

    "Adobe releases final Flash update with stronger language asking users to uninstall the app before its EOL."

    What is EOL and why to people insist on using acronyms to make themselves sound important when they're only failing to communicate?

    • Was it too much work to type nine characters "end of life"?CyBrainX
    • EoL = End of Lifed. Pretty standard jargon in tech circles these days and ZDNet's quite an established tech outlet. But yes, journalists should never assumeNairn
    • Whoops. How did I not even see your own response above? haha.Nairn
    • gotta use them TLAs to establish credibility, see?hans_glib
    • “Why do people use acronyms to make themselves sound important?”, he asked on Q.B.N.nb
    • Flash isnt really dead right? It lives on as Animator? Is it just the flash player that is dead?dkoblesky
    • Yeah, the player and the .swf many of us Flash devs didn't use the Flash IDEkingsteven
    • IDE. There's another one I don't know what it stands for. I assume it the development platform but that's only from context of hearing it so many times.CyBrainX
    • I don't want to delete the player, what if i want to check out my old work from years ago in a moment of nostalgia?shapesalad
    • This is why I'm deeply jealous of the artists and craftsmen behind the stone/ceramic/wood works you see in museums.shapesalad
    • Their efforts, skills, creativity and gift of time lives on, whereas our generation have spent hours slaving away to manipulate a magnetic field on a HD.shapesalad
    • Only for the work to be unseen and obsolete with an update, EOL, or malfunction. Just wasting my life clicking a mouse button....shapesalad
    • at least you weren't wasting your life typing "End-of-Life" and "Integrated Development Environment"kingsteven
    • @shape In your amazing future there's a Flash Louvre with a Winged Victory of Samothrace that flaps its wings if you hover nearby.garbage
    • As @dkoblesky said, it lives on as Adobe Animate.fadein11
    • My company has a looooot of legacy flash widgets floating around the site that are bricked. It’s a major issue the company was not prepared for at all.jtb26
    • If only they'd had some notice!Nairn
    • lol nairn, indeed. I haven't had a client request or had to update anything Flash related for years.fadein11
    • Man, I remember trying to ween managers off of talking about/requesting Flash-based things in 2014! And it's still (barely) ticking.evilpeacock

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