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  • PhanLo13

    • DeepGnash
    • Robert Trujillo?pablo28
    • The winning teamdrgs
    • lol drgsNairn
    • Am I supposed to be offended?lemmy_k
    • That's awesome!MondoMorphic
    • Shirt should be pink.monospaced
    • Where's the top hat and monocle?? May a golf hat? Step it up!eryx
    • That's old and lame... and ignorant. The Redskins team name was NEVER used in a degrading way and the name was created BY native americans to describe theslinky
    • color of the WAR PAINT on the faces of the native american wariors.slinky
    • and it was mostly white people who were offended... majority of Native Americans not offended and may are pissed off they lost this team name.slinky
    • should be whiteskinsfaxion
    • I support it. Let's change the name!dbloc
    • yupGuyFawkes
    • @slinky, so, you're saying not ENOUGH native americans were offended for you to think this is offensive? WHo the fuck are you anyway?monospaced
    • are you assuming natives MIGHT be pissed off because THEY lost a team name? You're joking.monospaced
    • SLINKY! haven't seen you around in a while, was thinking the other day I wonder whatever happened to slinky and kona lol_niko
    • About a total of (10) Native Americans have every played in the NFL, lets keep the name in their honor. - signed white guyutopian
    • i'll wait for ya'll to do a little research on the name origins and history.

      So, what if 90% of Native Americans were not offended and found the name/logo
    • to be a proud symbol of their heritage? would you think you should still ban it based on the 10% or the 90%?slinky
    • and it never ever had anything to do with skin color... but i can see how someone who doesn't know the history of the name could get confusedslinky
    • and it never ever had anything to do with skin color... but i can see how someone who doesn't know the history of the name could get confusedslinky
    • would you be for or against the removal of these names as well? honest question... Chiefs, Braves, Seminoles, Blackhawks, Indians, and all other native americanslinky
    • named teams...slinky
    • red skin has everythign to do with skin color, literallymonospaced
    • all "research" points to derogatory rootsmonospaced
    • when it comes to honoring native culture and tradition there's a pretty big gap between Redskins and Blackhawks.bogue
    • your made up percentages are disgraceful, btw, as many tribes have posed issues with these names over the yearsmonospaced
    • But maybe that's just the hockey fan in me speaking.bogue
    • I just like how boring it looks.PhanLo
    • On a long enough timeline everything is offensive to someone._niko
    • oh hey its slinkypango
    • @bogue also the gap between Redskins and the Seminoles, in which Florida State actually got the OK from and works with the Seminole tribe.garbage
    • blackhawks honor a specific Native American. They only objection I've heard is yeah but there are rugs that people step on or boxers that they wear dishonourin_niko
    • ...him, but that's bullshit, 1 or two products that I've never heard of and probably don't exist vs millions sold worn proudly on Jerseys or on kids walls._niko
    • https://repository.s…slinky
    • https://www.washingt…slinky
    • and its not that the groups like the Oneida tribe is just pushing for the Redskins to be changes.. they want ALL Native American mascots to be banned, includingslinky
    • Blackhawks, Chiefs, Braves, Indians... etc...slinky
    • in contrast there is a huge population of Native Americans who are against the removal of Native American imagery in sports and in this country as they feelslinky
    • they are being erased from history.slinky
    • and some Native American schools actually use the name Redskins as their own mascot...slinky
    • such as the Red mesa Redskins
    • It's just a funny t-shirt.PhanLo

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