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  • Gardener18

    I'm quite excited about tonight's mix on my radio show
    The Garden of Earthly Delights as I have an exclusive hour
    long religious mix by Ninja Tune man DJ Food alongside a
    selection from my own current playlist. It's live from 10pm
    until the clock strikes midnight, praise be!

    if any of you sinners miss it the full show will be posted here tomorrow

    • this came about when I gave him an art book and he asked what I'd like in return, hence this exclusive mixGardener
    • oh "art book" wasn't a spank mag it was a Bridget Riley exhibition book from 1971Gardener
    • nice one!Fax_Benson
    • i approve this messagehans_glib
    • Nice! He's superbfadein11
    • thumbs up!SimonFFM
    • Good stuff. Seen him play live a couple of times. Be sure to listen in.Ianbolton
    • i like unfolded record crate idea - did strictly kev do you a cover as well? looks like his stylewoowahesque
    • yes, he's sorted this all sweetGardener
    • Ooohhhh nice! Can we request? I got a few. Snakefinger- Garden of Earthly Deli… Bad Religion- Generator…cherub
    • Cool!scarabin
    • I'm a sinner, but I haven't heard DJ Food in years.garbage
    • awesome!!!microkorg
    • my hour, which is first at 10pm will bookend his mix (at 11pm) on the Mixcloud link tomorrow but they are separate tonight - if that makes sense?!Gardener
    • This is cool, and relaxing, but I was expecting a religious theme. Is anyone else listening?cherub
    • yes thats at 11pm, I'm just warming you up!Gardener
    • Whatever was just playing at 10:45 was orsum.cherub
    • ooh ta ~ full tracklisting tomorrowGardener
    • a few of the lyrics were "10,000 years in jail" and something about spend time with me. I did a google search and google doesn't know(unusual)cherub
    • most likely Brendan Perry (half of Dead Can Dance) and his song 'You Were Barefoot'Gardener
    • Yep, that was it. I dunno what instrument that is but it rocks. This is good stuff, Gardener!…cherub
    • It sounds like the either the guitar "voice" on a synthesizer or a guitar high up on the frets.cherub

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