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  • Krassy7

    • Why the hell did she get a trolley?
      Especially wearing tight PVC for so few items
    • she'll be picking up a propane tank on the way out. she's on her way to a performance art show.imbecile
    • well hellopango
    • all i see is 0-24 woodsted
    • I have definitely been this dressed up for a party and someone texts me on the way to ask me to pick up some shit at the grocer and what are you going to donb
    • pics or gtfo, nb.Nairn
    • Guys, the trolley is to take me on it to her homeOBBTKN
    • BTW, that's not 6 feet apart, and she's not wearing a mask!Krassy
    • ... you all think that's a "she"... *gigglePonyBoy
    • That's actually Steve from Produce... he's just got back from spraying down the figs and prunes and hasn't taken off the rain gear just yetPonyBoy
    • she needed a bum shelfcherub
    • My wife's been watching Selling Sunset, pretty sure this is the one chick from the show.ben_
    • she ? this could be a malei_was
    • Aha, this is Germany. The pink box behind her is labelled 'Apfelmus' (apple sauce).
      I'll let you know if I run into her locally.
    • wow, so much blond bimbo...neverscared
    • I just am surprised that is considered a grocery store. Yeeshdeathboy
    • @Continuity Aldi irgendwo :)jagara
    • Ja, aber vielleicht Netto oder Norma. Definitiv nicht Lidl oder Penny.Continuity
    • Working with these requires a lot of silicon oil (not water based) and refreshening it every 15 minutes. Pain in the ass.SimonFFM
    • ^ very Germani_was
    • @Nairn, because she doesn't really know what she's doingi_was
    • It's in a german Aldi. Could be the one close to Reeperbahn. Nothing extraordinary there. (Yes, I've been there often.)Longcopylover
    • Picking up some Apple Sauce before hitting up Berghain?Krassy
    • The floor is disgustingi_was
    • @Continuity hellblauer Warenkorb sagt Aldi ;)jagara
    • Ach du Scheiße, du hast recht. Hab' nicht gesehen.Continuity
    • Did she really buy a jar of TANG®?boobs
    • lol u guys :D Continuity where r ur glasses?
    • https://twitter.com/…SimonFFM
    • Bless you, Simon, you actually managed to find out who it is.
      So, next issue of PB, then?
    • uh sheeshottsted

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