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  • _niko2

    Are republicans and people on the right humourless? Do they take things way too seriously and lack a sense of humour?

    It takes a certain level of intelligence to not only be funny but to also appreciate it or and be able to have a good laugh.

    You think about right wing politicians, business people, religious leaders etc, they seem so fucking uptight and serious, lacking empathy and humanity really.

    Think of comedians, humorists and entertainers, they are overwhelmingly liberals probably 99% or so, so what makes conservatives unable to have a good laugh?

    • Although, SJW on the left are a pretty daft, humourless bunch of cunts too but they are at the extreme left I think_niko
    • To be truly funny, you have to be loose, to go with the flow. Conservative people judge too much and don't know how to have fun.omahadesigns
    • Why did obama cross the road?
    • Because something racist!moldero
    • plenty of funny up-tight neurotics. I'd say uptight is a naturally funnier predisposition than 'loose', so long as it's self-deprecatingFax_Benson
    • if the left cant laugh at black face who really is the side with no humor?deathboy
    • fuckin obama mic dropdeathboy

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